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Approaching Astral Work

“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.”
~Lao Tzu, Ancient Chinese Philosopher, Author of the Tao Te Ching

Astral Thinking

Today we have a contribution from a friend of mine named Matt who disguises himself by day as a computer-technician, super-wizard. Barely recognizable in his khaki’s and silk tie, he discards this ruse by night to become a meditating guru and overall master of the astral realms. Matthew dreams of writing his own blog full-time and being able to physically travel to distant and mysterious places. He believes in ancient wisdoms, star people, Reiki, sentient alien beings, crystal energies, being generous at all times and the power of masculine energy. I hope all of my readers enjoy his article and remember to please be kind to our guest writers.

Blessings ~Vera Nadine

What is Astral Projection?

Astral Projection is quite simply the ability to change one’s vibratory state to the point where one temporarily leaves ones body, entering a different plane of existence. Just like a knife or any other tool, it is very simple and straight forward; however what it can be used for is so much more involved and varied. Are there any prerequisites?

Yes, just like becoming a nuclear physicist, there are prerequisites. Unless you are one of the lucky few who have a natural talent, or in the case of the nuclear physicist you happen to be a genius, there are steps that need to be taken before one can start astral projecting easily or even at all. That’s right, astral projection is not a standalone skill. You need to build up to it. Astral projection is a culmination of basic skills. Just like with the nuclear physicist, you have to learn 1+1=2 first. So it is with astral projection as well.

1 + 1 = Dreams

The first step in learning astral projection is to learn the very building blocks first. The building blocks are not Legos or even Lincoln Logs, they are our dreams, or, more precisely, the ability to remember them consistently and in detail….

Many people do not make it past this fairly easy, but time-consuming step. It takes a bit of dedication and follow-through since a good majority of people only remember their dreams sparsely, if at all. This is due to many factors that will need to be addressed first. Namely, getting a good nights’ worth of sleep, and not immediately jumping out of bed and getting to your day because you have to rush in the morning. This could be further broken down to going to bed very early and also training yourself to actually wake up naturally at the time you normally set your alarm for.

Dreams and how to remember them

When we sleep through the night we have up to a minimum of four dreams. That’s four chances to remember what happens to us in our other life, you know, the one we live while lying on our back for more that half of our incarnation. Dreams are a window to this unexplored world.

In order to begin remembering these four dreams, we have to keep a journal. Yes, a diary. It isn’t really as cheesy as it sounds folks, and it helps enormously. For the first week, and maybe even the first month, do not expect to instantly begin remembering your dreams perfectly, in full and in Technicolor.

Also, a special caution, DO NOT SET YOUR EXPECTATIONS SO HIGH THAT YOU COULD NEVER MAKE THE JUMP TO GET TO THE CLOUDS YOU PLACED THEM UPON! That’s right, don’t set yourself up for failure. Take baby steps. Set yourself a small goal every night. For instance, set the goal that you will be happy if you are able to remember just one thing from your dreams, just one little symbol.

For the first week, preferably as often as you can, but at least before you go to bed, and again upon rising from bed, give yourself this affirmation: “I can and I do remember all my dreams, vividly, easily, and effortlessly.” Say that when falling asleep, as many times as you can in your head.

Upon waking, if you remember your dreams write down everything that you can remember. It is important to note that it does not need to be a word-for-word recollection of your dreams but can be just a series of keywords or symbols which will bring the memory back to you. When you are writing the dreams down, it helps to speak it as you write it. If you’re saying the words, you are that much more likely to remember the entire dream.

If you wake and don’t remember your dream, then say and write down the previous affirmation in its place. It also helps to do this same affirmation, saying it while writing it down, as often throughout the day as you can manage. The more often you do it, the less time it will take you to remember your first dream.

A word about affirmations. They affect your subconscious mind to enact a new series of programmed behavior. In simple terms, you are reprogramming yourself to do the behaviors of the affirmation to the letter. You can in fact change the affirmations given here to anything you would like that better suits you, however keep in mind that the subconscious mind is very literal and does not recognize negatives. In other words, you don’t want an affirmation like “I will not have nightmares.” What your subconscious mind will do is strip the negative “not” out and leave it with the instructions “I will have nightmares.” That is really the only caveat so as long as you’re specific and keep to a positive note, you will be alright.

Don’t worry about looking back on your journal until the weekend. You want to review it at the end of each week to see what dreams you have had and also to test yourself to see if you can remember a weeks worth of dreams. It may surprise you to find that you remember the first dream you wrote down with more detail then you could recall when you wrote it in the first place.

It may take quite a bit of time but if you keep at it, you will be able to consistently remember all four or more of the dreams you have during the night. Also, you will want to review your journal every month to pull out any major themes that show themselves as this helps divine what messages your subconscious mind is trying to send you. Once you have reached a plateau with remembering, it is time for 2+2=4.

2 + 2 = Control

You made it! The really hard part is over. Yes that’s right, what comes next is rather easy when compared to remembering your dreams. The next step is learning how to control your dreams and to become the director instead of the directed. In other words, you will learn lucid dreaming now. It is, for the most part, the same process and now a very easy one at that.

You will want to do affirmations as often as possible and with time and patience you will get there. Keep at it, the rewards are overwhelming. The key thing to remember here, and if you’ve been remembering all of your dreams for a while now you may have noticed this already, is that what you do in waking life is also mirrored and done in your dreaming world. This is very important because we can use it to trigger a lucid dream.

The new affirmation that you want to start doing is “I can and I do have control of my dreams. I always know when I am dreaming and I take control, easily and effortlessly.” Do this in the same manner as the dreaming affirmation. You will also want to create a trigger, an action that you will habitually perform as often as possible, throughout the day, from waking to sleeping. The reason for this is to make that action popup in your dream.

What you want to do is say your affirmation while you perform the action. Keep the action simple, and repeat it at least thirteen times every time you do the action. The action can be looking at a watch, looking at your hands or any other action that you can associate with the test outlined below. At the end of the thirteen repetitions you want to test yourself to see if you are dreaming, even when awake. You want to do this to make sure, since you don’t want to miss an opportunity to go lucid just because you assume you are awake. Dreams can be just as real as waking life, so what you want to do is to ask yourself if you are dreaming.

You may already know at this point if you are dreaming or not, since when you look at your watch in a dream, the readout will be totally messed up. If it is your hands that are your trigger, then they would most likely have melted before your very eyes in the dream state. If you are unsure whether you are dreaming, then after asking, try to do something impossible in waking life. Try to fly. If you can fly, you are dreaming. If you can’t, then you are not dreaming.

Success may be spotty at first. Don’t be discouraged. Keep working at it and you will eventually get there sooner or later. And remember to note in your journal when you were able to become lucid in your dreams, no matter how short or long it happened to be for. It all adds up with time and practice.

One, Two, Buckle my shoe

Now that we have poured the foundation and built the walls, it is time to add the roof. Once you have reached the point where you are lucid in your dreams more often than you are not, you can move on to attempting astral projection. It can be a bit tricky at first, as learning it is a bit different than learning to remember your dreams or being able to take control of them. Here you must learn how your body functions and how to raise your vibration to the point where your body cannot keep you anchored within it.

The first step here is to make a slight change in your diet. You want to start eating lighter foods, such as many more vegetables. You vegetarians and vegans will have it a lot easier here than us meat eaters. Heavy meats like steak any other red meats will almost completely inhibit your ability to astral project and may even give you problems with lucid dreaming. The reason for this is how much energy it takes to digest that meat. So, to save energy and give yourself a boost, you’ll want to start eating light foods. This does not have to be a permanent change, but the change will greatly help you to learn to astral project.

Once astral projection is learned to the point where it becomes easy for you, go ahead and go back to that nice steak if you wish. Here is the list of foods types in order of heaviest to lightest: Red meats (steak), pork, poultry, dairy, fish, cooked vegetables, raw fruits & vegetables, broths, water. Naturally, fasting on nothing but water will get you there faster, but is not realistic for most people and can be very dangerous for others. My recommendation is to eat a lot of vegetables like salads while only drinking water with your meals. If you really need to eat meat than try to limit your intake to one meal with meat and try to keep it to one of the lighter meats.

Meat, especially red meat is very heavy and very manifest. This becomes a problem for astral projection as the goal is to become un-manifest and so light that your body can not hold on to your essence. Meat gives the body the extra ability to anchor you in and keep you from being able to project. It can still be done, however not very easily. You don’t want it to be too difficult, as that can become very discouraging.

You will want to make this change for at least a week before moving on and attempting to astral project. During that time you want to do the following affirmation in the same manner as before “I can and I do astral project my essence with ease, serenity, and peace.”

1 + 1 = 2, 2 + 2 = 4, 4 x 4 = 16, and 16 / 0 = Undefined Error?

The key to astral projection is the same thing that boggles computers and makes them stop functioning, the infamous divide by zero error. In simple mathematics, it is impossible to divide a number by zero. By the rules it just cannot be done.

But if I were to ask you what sixteen divided by zero was, unless you are a mathematician, you will almost certainly be able to give me an answer of some sort. Some may say it is easy and obviously sixteen. After all, zero is nothing. Others may say it is undoubtedly zero. Still others may say it is infinity. So what is the real answer? It is one. That’s right. If you take an apple and divide it into zero pieces what do you have? You have a whole apple, one apple. Thusly if you take sixteen pieces and divide it by zero pieces you have one, or a whole, you have put the sixteen pieces together.What does this have to do with astral projection? Well, the point is that the body is just a machine. A vehicle with certain programmed limits that cannot be exceeded with out reprogramming. The mind, the spirit, your essence, however, has no such limits. You can divide by zero, but your body cannot.

Remember the scene in The Matrix where Neo is looking into the broken mirror after taking the pill Morpheus gave him? The pill is akin to our ability to transcend the rules of the body, the system, the matrix. Neo looked at the broken mirror, at the pieces, and without realizing it, he divided the mirror by zero. His answer was a whole and unbroken mirror. It is our ability to transcend the body and its rules, to essentially cause the body to error out and fall asleep by dividing by zero, which is what allows us to astral project.

Dividing by zero

So, how do we divide ourselves by zero? It is known as the “mind awake, body asleep” state. The reason it is like dividing by zero is because the body will not sleep if the mind is awake, and we cannot easily project if we are just lucid in one of our many nightly dreams, not that it is impossible, but it is not very practical. So the key is to trick the body into thinking the mind is asleep by doing something that the body is unable to comprehend.

There are many things that others have done to attempt to acheive this. By far the easiest is to play dead as it were. First however we must learn to divide, before we can divide by zero. It is relatively simple to learn where your threshold is for the body-mind sleep state. When you are in bed, and you may have noticed this automatically while doing your affirmations, you will reach a point where your mind is no longer coherent and it begins to wander off. This is the threshold of sleep. It is like the blanket of the void that envelops the waking mind.

To further accentuate this threshold we will add to it, our arm. Bend your arm up at the elbow, so that from the elbow up is straight up and the rest is resting flat on your bed. Your arm should be at a 90 degree angle. Now focus on your arm. Hold it straight while you fall asleep. Keep your focus gently on holding your arm up. Don’t be dismayed when you find that you are unable to keep yourself awake and that your arm slowly drifts down. The point is not to keep the arm straight, but to realize when you hit the sleep threshold. Keep at it and in a week or two you will have the knowing of where that point is.

Now the fun begins.

The new affirmation is “I can and I do know when my body falls asleep and I am able to keep my mind awake while my body sleeps.” You want to use this affirmation while at the same time paying attention to when you reach your threshold. When you reach it, stop all mental activity, in other words clear your mind, and remain completely still. If a thought bubbles up, ignore it. Focus on doing nothing. You will then notice that you have the unreasonable and sudden urge to move, or itch, or anything. DON’T DO IT!!! That is your body testing you to see if the mind is awake. If you ignore it, then your body will fall asleep and you will feel a heaviness engulf you. This is known as a deep trance.

From here you can easily move into astral projection.

Reach out with your mind and feel your own energy, your own vibration. It may be low and subtle or it may be very noticeable. Once you feel it, focus on raising the vibration. Make it vibrate more and more intensely. Keep going higher and higher until you feel like you are floating. Continue going higher and higher still and not long afterwards that heaviness will be gone.

Now, try to have your energy body sit or stand up. It should feel like you are trying to move fast in water. Now, using only that vibrating energy body, stand up and walk away from your bed. What do you feel? What do you see? If you feel your body, then it means you did not raise your vibrations high enough and are partially stuck in your body. If you feel just yourself where you are standing then you have done it.

True astral projection is the projection of your entire consciousness out of your body.

Now turn around and look at your body. Observe it for a little bit, and then, as disappointing as it may seem, go back into it and wake up. Write down everything you experienced and do it again. It may or may not happen right away. The point is to keep doing it.

Practice makes perfect. If you keep doing this you WILL get to the point where you can do it with out going to bed. You will get to the point where you have, by virtue of making astral projection normal, reprogrammed your body to the point where you are now in control and instruct it to go to sleep while you stay awake. In other words, you will have taken the pill and divided your self by zero.

Happy travels!