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Bring it On! – Energy Forecast 2017

“I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting sick of their own bullshit.”

~Elizabeth Gilbert,  author of Eat, Pray, Love


“Well, this year just plain sucked!” This was my thought at the end of 2016, and I heard variations of it from an endless number of people. True, that. But, it’s much too easy to throw “sucked” at something and move on. “My waiter sucked! That concert sucked! Traffic sucks! Mornings suck!” When referencing last year, “sucked” can be summed up for most folks as running in circles, trying to move forward (or even backward) with little to no lasting success.

Myself, I was tentatively stepping out of postpartum depression and associated weight gain, using tools provided to me, such as counselling, energy healing and juice fasting, only to be slingshotted back into the soup a couple of times before FINALLY begin a slow, upward climb in the last quarter of the year. For us culturally, we ended on the same low, slow, bullshit-encrusted note that we began. Politicians who don’t represent the lighter half of humanity’s evolutionary progress still in power and gaining strength, corporations and us brainwashed consumers still blatantly ignoring the screaming death rattles of a planet in distress and numerous super-talented artists of every ilk taking the easy train out of this existential chaos by simply giving up the existence part.

2016 was all about getting caught up in the details, all about being stuck in the mud and becoming more and more frustrated at the lack of opportunity for change, for growth. It was all about loss of faith in heroes and promises.

So, if that is where we are coming from, surely where we are headed in this new year will be better. Right?

Well, if you ask the light beings, the answer is both yes, and no. A lot of stuff is still going to, on the surface of it, suck. However, if you read the energy of it instead, things are going to really be flying high. You see, all that which was once hidden is no longer agreeing to remain so. This will have to do with systems such as government, religion, banking. But, it will also have to do with your OWN systems. Your physical and mental health, your relationships with those around you, your career, your methods of avoidance and your overall way of looking at the world. You are being asked to give up your own bullshitting of yourself, to move on and find new ways and to come into more deliberate, conscious alignment with your higher truth, the core essence of what it means to be you, in this lifetime. This means giving up your masks, especially the ones that you show to yourself.

As part of this process there will be things that trigger your best and worst natures to come out of hiding. These triggers may come in the form of people, health issues, movies, political events, relationship issues, loss of employment, the list goes on… These will also, undoubtedly, be events that seem completely outside of your own control. Some folks would posit that all events are, in fact, outside of your control. But, this line of thinking is, itself, no longer valid. What this year is about, among many other things, is showing you that, energetically and consciously, you have a great deal of control over most of the experiences in your life. You are a powerful co-creator with the divine.

We are being offered the opportunity to be players in a divinely planned process of species and global evolution. We are in fact in the process of becoming and are at a unique advantage in that we have now reached a place in creation where we get to consciously choose and contribute to what we are becoming.

Humanity is continuing to climb the monkey ladder that turned us into humans. We are in the process of branching, of becoming two new species. One will be denoted by 3rd-dimensional thinking and descend into more animalistic and chaotic behavior patterns. The other will be denoted by higher-vibrational thinking and ascend into a species capable of near instant manifestation of thoughts and intentions, among other things. We are facing a choice: descend into violence, disconnection and eventual extinction or ascend into a more communal mindset based on love, compassion and spiritual mindfulness.

For myself, the choice is clear. I choose upwards. If you choose the same, how do we progess?

Firstly, realize that the Universe (the All, the Creator, the Source) is working in

conjunction with that intention. Creation always errs in the direction of acceleration, of increasing vibration.

Secondly, realize that to descend into primal instinct and chaos is easy. To rise into divine alignment is work. Always has been, always will be. That is the point of taking human form. The struggle to remember and realign with your divine origins.

However, there is some good news about your efforts. The guides and ascended beings are constantly explaining that what we are trying to do with the current and growing revolution in mindfulness and spiritual awareness is to tip the balance for our species, and our planet. That, they say, is surprisingly easy to do, once you begin. (Again, acceleration.) All that you do is focus on opening, learning and growing on your own personal path of spiritual awakening and awareness. You raise your own vibration and then, and this is the key part, you unapologetically live from your new place of awareness. You follow your own inner lessons, you stick to your changing ethics and you be willing to converse, in mindful and objective ways, about the things that are of newfound importance to you. Essentially, you do you. There is no need to push or convert anyone, because the point of spiritual evolution is that is it unique and personal. Simply by being yourself, on a journey to discover the truth of your self, you will inspire others to seek within their own selves and thus the momentum builds. It’s that simple.

The Lullites and the Elven (see “channeling“) have said that for each one person who becomes aware, they will inspire three others and so on, and so forth. They have also said that in order to tip the balance toward higher mindedness becoming the norm on planet Earth, we only need to get 51% of humanity to be on the conscious path of self-discovery. I believe this is not only possible but, inevitable. My only curiosity is, by when? By when do we need to reach this mindful 51%? I wonder what their time frame reference is. Alas, time is a human construct and the Universe runs solely on energy so they can’t give us a “deadline” so to speak.

2017 is going to be a year of sloughing-off, of moulting. What will be shed? Maybe governments. Maybe physical weight. Maybe old behavior patterns. Maybe trapped energies. Maybe preconceptions. Maybe any number of things.

What is for certain is that the depth of the change will be both beautiful and challenging. You may need to seek outside help for some of the stages. You may experience loss, anxiety, illness. You may also experience happiness, true health and unsurpassed opportunities opening up. When we release the things that have been silently weighing on us and begin to rise in our renewed lightness, the Universe responds with acceleration of higher vibrational aspects. In short, this year is about giving up the fight and embracing, or rather allowing, things we may never have even dreamed of experiencing to just happen for us. In my mind, that is a state of being worth whatever inner work is required to achieve it.

So, yes, what has been promised, from all corners of the Universe, is that, no matter how tough the process may seem at times, each and every one of us will end this year, 2017, in a better place (energetically) than where we began it. Now there is a promise that 2016 could never have made!!!