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Medium Adventures: The Geisha Girl

“There are incalculable resources in the human spirit, once it has been set free.”

~Hubert H. Humphrey, 38th Vice President of the United States

Autumn Geisha GirlSo, my friend Damian made a suggestion recently that I think is a good one.

Damian wrote:

“I’d like to see a ‘Series’ exploring your meetings with Spirit – Positive, Negative or simply when they called in to say “hello” – which includes descriptions of the entities you met along the way.

That’d make great reading.

Well, thanks for the suggestion, Damian. I have been thinking on how to bring this about for sometime now and this request made me decide to just stop thinking about it and DO it!

So I have added this new tag, “medium adventures“, and will now start telling some more detailed, real experiences that I have had.


A brief encounter happened the other day….

I was in the shower, relaxing with my thoughts. Yes, really.

Just as I was getting ready to turn the water off and step out of the shower, I had a spirit energy come to me.

It entered straight into me and made a beeline for my brain ——->

“I am all alone.”

It was a woman speaking.

I could hear her clear as day in my head.

Then I could see her looking at me.

I often get this phenomena when a spirit is highly charged with emotion, whether good or bad.

My eyes are closed because I am trying to listen to their words and see any pictures that they want to show me.

What I get when they stare is a feeling like they are nose to nose with me, eyes as wide as pie plates, looking right into mine.

It is always just a touch creepy… not frightening, mind you… just creepy. Spirits do not have the same concept of personal space as we living folk do. ;)

I figured out from her look that she was a Geisha girl. Full tilt, real thing, born and bred Japanese Geisha girl.

I also knew instantly that she was not too happy about being said “entertainment.”

Once I got my bearings (keep in mind I am standing under a hot stream of water in the shower with a deceased Geisha sharing my tub…), I replied to her statement. “You are not alone. You have people who love you.”

She whispered, sadly, “My family are all dead.”

My response was, “But they are not gone. They are all around you. With you.”

She just stood silent, looking down at her feet. I got the sense that she had trained herself to look away rather than express emotion.

I figured that I had to try and convince her of this truth and to give her some kind of comfort. I had to try and leave her with some hope.

(Let me briefly explain here that I am an historic medium or something like that. I will write a post on this at some other time… it’s complicated. But the girl I was speaking to is now deceased, only thing is the girl I was talking to was not yet deceased. She is still alive in her time and her place, our past, her present. This was a life she was still going to have to live, and to her she wasn’t popping in on ME, I was popping in on HER.)

I said to her, “Quiet your mind whenever you are alone. Picture things that are beautiful to you… a hug your mother once gave you, a flower growing in the gardens outside, the home that you shared with your family.”

“Once you are calm, you will hear them.” I explained.

“Remember,” I continued, “you are never alone, your loved ones are always there with you. They are always loving you and waiting for you to listen to them.”

“You are a beautiful soul. You are light.” I finished.

She asked, “I am free now?”

I said, “You are always free.”

She said, “You set me free?”

I replied, of course, “You set yourself free.”

She said, “You are blessed.”

It ended with my stating, “So are you.”

I felt her peace come over her and she faded.

I took my prune-like self out of the shower and lit some incense.

The whole encounter lasted about 4 minutes.


Many of my spirit encounters are short one-off visits like this. Or they end up being recurring 120-minute marathon runs with ascended beings speaking deep philosophical truths into a mini-recorder. I honestly don’t know which ones I prefer better.

I’ll post some more little tidbits later. ;)

Have you had an encounter with spirits lately? Share your story in the comments!