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Psychometry: Feeling the Story

“A snowball is simple, direct and familiar to most of us. I use this simplicity as a container for feelings and ideas that function on many levels.”
~ Andy Goldsworthy, British Environmental Sculptor

Psychometry is a form of psychic reading in which a physical object is “read” in order to learn more about the object itself or about its owner.

Though some people find this a very simple form of psychic exercise, others find it down right impossible.

There are several milestones on any psychic journey and psychometry can be a good entry point for some beginners. If however you have yet to master the practice of meditating, you may find the techniques of beginning psychometry a bit frustrating.

The easiest objects to read are those comprised of geological elements. The energetic density of these objects makes them highly likely to record strong impressions of the world around them.

Psychometry Stone

Reading an Object

Begin with a stone or a piece of jewelry. Do not use a stone that has multiple points.

Seat yourself in a comfortable position.

Take the object in your receiving hand. This is usually the opposite hand from which you write.

Close your eyes and ask the object to tell you its story.

Envision the energy of the stone flowing up your arm and filling your whole body with itself.

Allow the information contained within this energy to enter your mind. Know that it will be easily understood by you.

Do not hold any expectations of how explicit or vivid this information will be.

Simply allow it to share with you whatever pictures or feelings it choses.

If you are having a problem with getting any sensations, just switch the object to your other hand and try again.

You may see flashes of light, you may feel as if you have been through a great earthquake or volcanic explosion.

You may feel sadness or elation of the person to whom the object belongs.

You may see the creation of the jewelry or the mining of the stone.

Once you have ridden this wave, however long or short, of information, thank the object and let go of it.

Be sure to record your experience, anything t hat you may have seen or felt, how long the exercise lasted and how vivid it was for you.

You can practice this again and again with a different object each time, referring back to your vision journal to gauge your progress.