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Welcome to Awaken to Light!

Here you can find channelings, articles, audios, videos and other information to uplift and inspire you.

Awaken to Light is co-created by Vera Nadine Bóinn and various higher-vibrational beings, with common purposes:

  • to promote a new level of understanding about life and the Universe
  • to awaken people to Light: the light of joy and happiness, the light within every living being, the divine source of all existence
  • to inspire our fellow earthlings to grow, transform and take action toward creating a New Earth, a planet where we all live in harmony and cooperation with Mother Nature and each other

I am optimistic that, here at Awaken to Light, you will find hope for the future and the light of positivity that we all seek for on our path of growth and self-discovery.

Vera Nadine Bóinn

Vera Nadine Bóinn

Vera Nadine Bóinn is a trance-channeling, yarn-playing, herb-growing, mystical lady. She enjoys waking up to a bright sun, humming sweet melodies while preparing scrumptious meals, writing down mystical bits and pieces, traveling the world with her kiddos and helping people to reconnect with their Divine Self.

Spanning many lifetimes, Vera Nadine’s journey of spiritual ascension brought about an early spiritual awakening while still a teenager. Followed by years of practicing the old ways of nature worship, it flowered into a precious gift of direct communication with the higher-energy, spiritual and non-physical worlds and dimensions.

As she continues to bring the messages of light to the Earthly plane, Vera Nadine is reawakening human souls to the Universal truths and accelerating the ascension of our planet to a higher level of vibration. She wishes love and joy to all beings, past, present and future.