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Ebook: Of Orange Aliens and Crop Circles

“Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.”

~Neil Armstrong, Astronaut & First Man on the Moon

Orange Crop CircleThe following is excerpted from our ebook of the same name…

From time to time, in the course of my channelings and meditations, I get a piece of psychic history that shocks even me.

This is rare and usually comes in the form of first-person experience of a topic or time-period which I was not even expecting or intending to contact.

One such occasion was in the course of a personal meditation, a few years ago now, where I was receiving guidance from my higher self. All of a sudden, she told me to look into a puddle on the ground and that she would show me something of great importance.

I did as she suggested and was immediately transported in a direction that I can best describe as upwards. I rose up through a misty haze and was instantly transported back down again, backwards in time, into an endless lush jungle.

The covering or canopy was thick and green, damp, tall and dark. I knew that there were tribes of people living here, though how I knew this at that point I don’t really understand. I walked through this ancient, untouched place, pushing branches and large fronds out of my way as I went and eventually came to a small clearing amongst the trees and vines.

There, in the clearing, was a sight that I could never have dreamt, not in any vision, dream or meditation had I ever seen anything even remotely like it. There, in the middle of the clearing, stood a speechless (as in not able to produce what we think of as speech) wild man.

He was similar to, though more magnificent than, our textbook illustrations of Neanderthal man. Behind him, towards the edge of the clearing, stood a small group of other wild people, half hidden in the jungle. It was obvious to me that he was their chosen leader, perhaps for his physique and strength or bravery. In front of him, in a huge, blinding beam of light, stood some kind of “alien” creature. It was flat as a piece of paper, tall, angular and orange-reddish of color, and dwarfed the wild man by as many as three or four feet.

This creature, obviously also a leader of some sort, had a number of similar creatures, of varying heights and shades of orange, standing behind it. These two groups of beings were communicating with each other, exactly how I cannot work out, but the orange people did not speak in words, they spoke telepathically. The wild men seemed to only grunt and gesture, yet their “leader” was nodding his head and grunting in an understanding toward the orange leader.

The orange creatures were asking for something from the wild men, showing them pictures of their own reality in their minds. Once these beings had finished telling their story to the wild man, he paused for a few moments, just standing before this tall, flat being.

Then the man stepped backward a bit, toward the edge of the forest and seemed to hold council with his fellow tribes people. There was a lot of confusion, then some level of disagreement, followed by some type of … Continue reading →

The Psychic Elephant (or Ancient Memories)

“I have a memory like an elephant. In fact, elephants often consult me. ”
~ Noël Coward, English Playwright and Composer

The Psychic Elephant

Well there are several different types of Psychic and several different types of energy. I do not claim to know them all. But I get lots of questions about my experiences with energy and paranormal phenomena so I thought I would take a moment to explain one type of psychic ability that I often use. I am not aware of other psychics who have this same type of ability so please drop me a line if you have experience with it.

This gift has to do with time and in particular distant past, however all time is a continuum and the present and future are all occurring together along with the past. So our ancestors who lived in, say, a mud roundhouse are still living there in that mud roundhouse right now. Your unborn grandchildren who will one day run in the field beside their school are already running there right now.

The past is the future and the future is the past. Right now is yesterday and tomorrow is right now.

It may seem hard to grasp, like some big conspiracy of the philosophical people to sound deep and intellectual. But once you suspend confusion and disbelief for a moment it becomes quite easy to grasp.

Have you ever experienced Deja Vu? Have you ever sunken into a conversation with someone or been out shopping with your children or reached for a sweater to fold it and had that warm fuzzy awareness of exactly how the next twenty seconds would occur? It can be eerie but it can also be quite comforting, the knowledge of what the next bit of the conversation will be about.

Is it really so hard to believe that just as we are living in our third dimensional reality, there may be other humans living and striving in their other dimensional reality? Because that is the only difference.

I say that I am a psychic elephant because … Continue reading →

The Mayan: A Bitter But Wise Man

“I shall go further and say that even if an examination of the past could lead to any valid prediction concerning man’s future, that prediction would be the contrary of reassuring.”
~Julien Benda, 20th-Century French Philosopher and Novelist

Mayan Wall Art

This article is a repost from our old blog – originally dated April 2007.

Here is an interesting one…

As I have explained to a few of you, and will explain in a post sometime soon, I have a spiritual connection to the past and often get communications from ancient and historical figures interspersed with my regular channelings. The most interesting was a visit from a Mayan priest, filled with wisdom but also filled with tears and bitterness. He gives information on the end of his era in Mayan times and also about the traumas which our world is currently undergoing…specifically planetary phenomena and humankind.

I do not entirely share his opinions on some of things he talks about but I liked him enough that I want to do him justice by not censoring his words. If you take offense and email me I will assume that you haven’t read this part of the post and after laughing at your silliness I will promptly forward your email to the ether so that he can get a good chuckle too, wherever he is.

Be warned, this could be seen as depressing information if you do not keep in mind that he is seeing our “reality” through a very thick veil and that all divination and psychic messages are ultimately changeable by human will.


Will we as individuals suffer while our planetary changes occur?

The Mayan: We have already suffered. There is drought where there was fertile soil. We have died and there is no one to remember us. All that we worked so hard for, all that we sacrificed for, was in vain. I do not know the moon upon my face. In the many hours I sat by the fire, in all of the visions that I saw, never once could I have imagined the horror. So swift, like a fire through the desert brush, and all was gone. Oh the Earth lived on, and mankind as well but in some barren, soulless, polluted form. It will happen again. We were so wrong in our calculations, so wrong in our dreaming. How could predictions be so…flat? No one can ever describe, no vision can ever show that which is unknowable. There will be great upheaval and not all will die but not all will live. Those who live will be an entirely different humanity, maybe better hopefully better, wiser, more observant of the natural cycles, but maybe worse, more greedy, more defensive, more warlike. Let us hope this is not to be.

To whom are we currently speaking?

Answer: Sa-DI-een Sadayine. Sadayine Namayazal.

And where do you hail from?

Sadayine: I don’t know what you call us. Mayan, as if all that we have seen could be summed up in a word, so banal, so bland. The calendar is wrong. So many years, so many calculations, so many ceremonies and sacrifices (of people.) And it is wrong.

Has the end of your calendar already passed or is it yet to come?

Sadayine: Our calendar ended when we did. The entirety of our world was washed clean by … Continue reading →

Kosmopharos: On Earth’s Second Moon

Earth and Two Moons

“The moon looks upon many night flowers; the night flowers see but one moon.”

~Jean Ingelow, English Poet and Author

These are the entities that we have been working with for our new book project.

They sometimes speak on random, unexpected things. This time it was a diatribe on our now defunct second moon.

Although it may be easy to see this as a negative or dark message, it is the point that they are trying to make which is of real value…

We need to work to amplify the light within each of us and on our planet as a whole.

These are their words:

Kosmopharos: We would like to speak a bit.

You planet once had two moons. One of which has now gone dark, but its energy signature still circles you.

It is not the cause of chaos on your planet. Many things have caused that. But it amplifies, it is an amplifier. It is important for people to feel connected with your moon, Luna, not simply because it controls the tides on your planet, which is value enough, but because in not valuing it, in ignoring it, they unconsciously amplify the amplifier of the chaos.

The moon is beautiful and filled with inspiration, but it is the reason that … Continue reading →