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The Mayan: A Bitter But Wise Man

“I shall go further and say that even if an examination of the past could lead to any valid prediction concerning man’s future, that prediction would be the contrary of reassuring.”
~Julien Benda, 20th-Century French Philosopher and Novelist

Mayan Wall Art

This article is a repost from our old blog – originally dated April 2007.

Here is an interesting one…

As I have explained to a few of you, and will explain in a post sometime soon, I have a spiritual connection to the past and often get communications from ancient and historical figures interspersed with my regular channelings. The most interesting was a visit from a Mayan priest, filled with wisdom but also filled with tears and bitterness. He gives information on the end of his era in Mayan times and also about the traumas which our world is currently undergoing…specifically planetary phenomena and humankind.

I do not entirely share his opinions on some of things he talks about but I liked him enough that I want to do him justice by not censoring his words. If you take offense and email me I will assume that you haven’t read this part of the post and after laughing at your silliness I will promptly forward your email to the ether so that he can get a good chuckle too, wherever he is.

Be warned, this could be seen as depressing information if you do not keep in mind that he is seeing our “reality” through a very thick veil and that all divination and psychic messages are ultimately changeable by human will.


Will we as individuals suffer while our planetary changes occur?

The Mayan: We have already suffered. There is drought where there was fertile soil. We have died and there is no one to remember us. All that we worked so hard for, all that we sacrificed for, was in vain. I do not know the moon upon my face. In the many hours I sat by the fire, in all of the visions that I saw, never once could I have imagined the horror. So swift, like a fire through the desert brush, and all was gone. Oh the Earth lived on, and mankind as well but in some barren, soulless, polluted form. It will happen again. We were so wrong in our calculations, so wrong in our dreaming. How could predictions be so…flat? No one can ever describe, no vision can ever show that which is unknowable. There will be great upheaval and not all will die but not all will live. Those who live will be an entirely different humanity, maybe better hopefully better, wiser, more observant of the natural cycles, but maybe worse, more greedy, more defensive, more warlike. Let us hope this is not to be.

To whom are we currently speaking?

Answer: Sa-DI-een Sadayine. Sadayine Namayazal.

And where do you hail from?

Sadayine: I don’t know what you call us. Mayan, as if all that we have seen could be summed up in a word, so banal, so bland. The calendar is wrong. So many years, so many calculations, so many ceremonies and sacrifices (of people.) And it is wrong.

Has the end of your calendar already passed or is it yet to come?

Sadayine: Our calendar ended when we did. The entirety of our world was washed clean by flood and drought and petulance. Fire balls from the sky. You want to know when your calendar will end. I don’t know but I know you won’t see it coming…we were watching and we didn’t. No one here is watching, no one here cares. It is as if everyone sees the planet as a machine, but no one is putting any fuel in the machine. No one is tending it. They just take it for granted.

It is very unwise, very, very unwise. I do not think you have beyond maybe thirty years, thirty-five at most. But there’s nothing you can do. Perhaps I am bitter. Perhaps some great glowing guide will come from the sky and teach you dirty children all the better ways, and it will save you. But I don’t think so. Those who are meant to live will live and they will know sorrow. And, those who are meant to die will die and they will die quickly. I suppose that is a consolation. Two thousand and twelve, yes, we thought it would be a meteor. A meteor that would bend the energy of everything that lived and it would be a great rebirth. A rebirth of civilization, of hidden and lost knowledges and all new species would appear on the planet. Of course we never thought that anything else would happen in between. The meteor will come and some things will change, but this great energy is wasted upon this planet because the humans have ruined everything. There will be no great rebirth, there will be no great coming together of the peoples, revelations of too many lost knowledges, because there is no one to receive. The energy, the energy that the meteor brings will sink into the ocean like a stone. It won’t be harnessed, it won’t be driven, it will just be like a gentle rain that hits that hot ground in the desert and evaporates. It will be alright though when the death comes, if it comes to the plants and the animal and the humans and the water, it is not really a death, it is a transmutation, to energy, aware energy. And then you are free to become whatever you wish. So I suppose it is a change for the better, for most people. I don’t know about these Christians, they will change into an energy that is nothing but fear and they will just linger. What can they become if they believe nothing but fear? Only fear. You can only become that which you believe in. You cannot become a star if you do not believe in the stars, in the energy of the stars. If you believe it is just a dot in the sky like a coloring book, what will you become? If you believe in joy, than you have the choice of becoming joy. If you believe in fear, evil, that is what you are. You are what you eat, you are what you believe. I believe I am wise, but not nearly so wise as I once thought. So I am here to give you wisdom. That is why I am here.

Can we as a world return to more simplified lifestyles?

Sadayine: No, not as a world. You always talk of the ancients as if we had no brain. Our world was much better connected than yours is. I don’t mean by communication…by knowledge, by knowledge of each other, by a different world view. We saw the world as a big community. We knew there were others, doing what we were doing, living like we were living, in other places in the world. We sought to raise energy to continue our existence and gain wisdoms, not just for our own benefit but for the benefit of those unknown, those unseen, others. You can’t do anything as a world today, you don’t see each other, you don’t hear each other. You know of each other, for certain, and still behave as if no other exists. All that can be done is to congregate in small groups, begin by discussing but don’t let it end there. You must give love, plain and simple with no ulterior motive, with no hope of the love returning to you. Just give. And know that when you need it, it will come back. It is the same with anything. I don’t think I understand enough about you to really give you good advice on this. I don’t understand the type of humans that developed after we passed away. I am not confused but, I suppose, baffled. I suppose it is the same thing but, I wish you could speak my language. I can’t explain to you what I mean in your language. Ah, perhaps I cannot answer your question.

How can we relinquish the hold that machines have over our daily lives?

Sadayine: This is not really a question for me, but I will attempt to answer it. (Laughs: She thinks I sound like a Mexican Frenchman. Okay. Mexicans are Spanish, I do not speak Spanish. I was long dead before they ever came. If there had been a true wise man anywhere in the vicinity they would have killed them and hung their scalps from the trees for the animals to eat. I bet they taste good, they’re so fat. Yes, I bet they would taste good boiled with their own herbs. Ah, the Spanish, French, English, they didn’t do anything different than what the Americans do today. They colonize, they rape, they pillage, they take everything of value, they leave all of their diseases and then they go, on to the next. Terribly wasteful.) Your question, machines…..We had machines too, not so sophisticated as yours, not so power hungry as yours, more efficient by the way. A machine that only requires the power of an animal only requires a little bit of grain to power. At any rate, you must first understand that your machines are nothing but numbers. I don’t mean they run on numbers, which they do, they are numbers. Your matrix, it is an old Mayan trick. If you pile the numbers in the right way, if your speed them to the proper vibration they become solid, it’s like sculpting in reverse. You don’t start with the rock and carve off the pieces you don’t want, you don’t carve off the nothing, you begin with nothing and you build the rock. I don’t understand how to explain this to you. It can only be seen in a certain state you cannot just open your eyes and will to see it, you won’t. It is a vibration, it is a concept it is, uh….Quantum Physics. This is what your machines are made of, they have no soul but they have an energy in their own right, they exist do they not? Once you see that anything that is not organic, anything that does not grow under its own steam or decay in a natural process, is not living, is not real, you can begin to combat it. You pick numbers off it and it is void, it is no longer what it was, it is simply, I don’t know, garbage. I think the way to combat the machines without losing your lives is to ascend to a higher vibration of energy. I know that is not an easy answer but it is the only thing I can think. Your machines have become your keepers, you are not their keepers.

You are not their keepers! They are yours. There are very, very powerful people and very, very powerful forces that want this to continue, without overthrowing those powers all you can do is chose the hard road. Chose to ascend your vibrations, choose to live the hard way, choose to circumvent the system and pay whatever price there is because there is one. There will come a point in time when the machines die but unfortunately I think you will die with it, so it will not matter. The machines are here to stay until a shift, a very big shift, happens. Bush is just the poster boy for a much larger problem. He is just the one that made it obvious, he is not even a problem, you have to have some kind of intelligence, some kind of intent to be a problem. But he is a problem for those that are the problem, because he made it known. They want him just as dead as you do, but it’s too late now because the cat is out of the bag. The rich only want to be rich, that’s it. The powerful only want to stay powerful. Our wise men (the Mayan priests) I suppose they liked being wise men sometimes, to be able to look down the pipe at someone and say, “You cannot hold your smoke.” It must be nice sometimes. But they never sought to use it against anyone, they never sought to use their power just to get more power. A wise man would give you the shoes off of his feet while he stood in a vat of boiling oil. He would shave his own hair off to make you a warm blanket, these men today, they would shave your hair off to make them a warm blanket. Very different. It will come to bite them in the ass, but many people will suffer instead before that comes. It is the way of the world now I suppose.

You said the machines were just numbers, are repeating numbers a sign of this matrix?

Sadayine: No. They are a sign of a devolution. As the vibration of the planet increases there are certain things, certain machines, certain thought patterns, certain systems that cannot keep up with the pace. They cannot enter the fourth dimension and certainly not the fifth. They devolve and when they devolve they release an energy, it is like the last breath of a human. And this energy must go somewhere, it must become manifest in order to disintegrate and return to the ALL, to the center of this universe, to the melting pot that is creation. They manifest in street signs, they manifest in phone numbers, in calculator figures, in digital cloaks and the date on the head of your newspaper. And every time you see one, it is that piece of energy that devolved returning to the all, to the center, to the crucible of life and creation. It is a good thing, it means you are aware. How many people see it and say, “Oh, how queer?” That is it. “Oh it’s 4:44, how queer. What’s for dinner dear?” It is good to make note of it, the more often you see it, the more quickly the devolution is occurring. Which means, it means that the energy is accelerating. It means the ascension will come. Whether or not it brings mankind with it, well, you will all decide that I think.

What can humans do together as a whole or in smaller groups to try and help the planet survive?

Sadayine: I already answered this for you, it is intangible. I believe that your friend Gretchen has told you that the only fix is to emanate light and it has to be a specific kind of light. It is like putting a mirror in your window so that the bad spirits cannot come in. This light will help to neutralize some of the dark that is flowing at you but I fear it is irreversible. You may bend it, you may slow it but it will come. There is change coming to this planet from all directions and from within the planet itself. Fighting change is just a way of delaying the inevitable.

What can humans do together as a whole or in smaller groups to try and help our own species survive?

Sadayine: Learn to be kind to one another. Learn once again what your body as an animal, an evolved animal, is designed to eat, to touch, to experience. And banish forever those things that are not natural which you put in your bodies and on your bodies. Humans are killing themselves and they’re paying to do it. I don’t understand how the world became filled with fools but maybe that’s why she will change, maybe all the fools will fall off like dandruff and the floods will come to moisturize and the healthy skin, the healthy minds, will come back. I don’t know.

Will our species continue through and beyond these planetary shifts?

Sadayine: Yes but as I said before, we don’t what kind of humans they will be. Will they be better than you, kinder than you, wiser than you, cleaner than you? I don’t know. Will they be more like the gods of light that came from the sky? Will they be taller, thinner and more energy than flesh? Perhaps. Perhaps they will be. Perhaps they will be like children, simple, like the apes, gentle and playful and learning everything like it is new, as if they had never seen a blade of grass before. Maybe they will fear their own shadows and the eclipses in the sky, as humans once did before. Maybe they will be like animals, huge and overgrown and brainless and dangerous and violent. And they’ll kill each other out and cause extinction of the entire race. No one can know. The shift will be dramatic and what comes of it is untellable. I suppose that is why we are all speaking to you now. Everyone wishes to affect a specific outcome. All the voices must jumble. I suppose it’s like trying to tune to a radio station and always having five at once. Who will win? The talk radio, the country music radio, will it be the Christian channel or the Native American channel? Will you be stuck with Jazz forever? I don’t know, Somebody will win and it is the humans who will decide.


…Well folks, that is the Mayan. It is only a snippet of his talk with me but what is here is unedited. I don’t know if I got all of his ideas and his words spelled correctly and I don’t know if he spoke in a way that everyone can understand but it is what it is. He went through every emotion while I was channeling him, sadness, sorrow, anger, pride, mirth and laughter. He admitted in the end that he was very bitter and that much of what he was saying to me might be tainted with his bitterness and sorrow but I believe that contained within it lies some useful and pertinent wisdom, some valuable advice. Take it as you wish.

Vera Nadine

  • Amused Wren

    Absolutely loved it. He cares so much and he is so human!