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Universal Soul: A Video Meditation

“The greatest stories are those that resonate our beginnings and intuit our endings, our mysterious origins and our numinous destinies, and dissolve them both into one.”

~Ben Okri, Nigerian Poet and Novelist

I get so many requests to write more guided meditations like Reading the Trees. Sometimes the muse just will not descend. Of course, I write a lot of targeted meditations for my own spiritual path. But very few of them are appropriate for others. We are all on our own unique journey.

In response to the level of requests, as well as to a directive from the universe, I have decided to try my hand at visual meditation. Please go easy on me as its my first foray into such territory. Also, email and let me know if it works for you. If a lot of you like it, I will try to make it a regular feature here at Awaken to Light.

Of course, you can tell by watching this what my story for the meditation is. But I thought it might be fun if you make up your own story to the images. Include them in your comments. Or if you have a similar video of your own, feel free to … Continue reading →

The Meaning of the Number 1111

“Perfect numbers like perfect men are very rare.”
~Rene Descartes, French Philosopher, Mathematician & Scientist

11:11 ClockWe now have a facebook page for channeling and have been accepting questions from fans. The latest Lullites channeling is an answer to a question from Martin Canovas: “What is the meaning of the number 1111 that so many people see over and over again?”

The Lullites speak about the alignment vibration of this numerical phenonmena and also about why this is an inspiring momentum for Earth and humankind.

Read the text after the audio for a full transcription of their words.

Click to play the recording


Hello, we are the Lullites.

We have received your question about the number 1111 (eleven-eleven.) It is a very common question, with many different answers.

From our point of view — the raised vibration — we look at the simple alignment of energy that is represented by the four ones. 4 is always a number of balance and 1, of course, is a number of the beginning. Beginning, actually, exists at nothingness, at what you would call 0. But the action begins at 1. This means that … Continue reading →

Reading the Trees: A Meditation

Ancient Trees

The groves were God’s first temples.

~William Cullen Bryant, “A Forest Hymn”

A tree is an interesting entity in the realm of creation and in the realm of nature. It is a living being, an energy form that, more than any another, records within itself the knowledge and history of its surrounding environment.

A tree begins from seed, embodied within which is its own original energy. But then it amasses its self and its mature energy from the environment around it.

The trees are the books of time, just as their wood may provide fodder for the books of mankind, so, too, does the environment provide fodder for the books of the trees. The trees are like braille waiting to be read, like a musical recording waiting to be played.

… Continue reading →

Shamanic Healing: My Experience

British Jay Bird

“The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.”
~Hubert H. Humphrey

This article is a repost from our old blog – originally dated May 2008.

At present the universe has blown me to Britain, ostensibly to write my first book manuscript, but in actuality it is for so much more. Some of my strongest past life occurrences happened here and I have memories here from this life as well.

The country is green and lush and offers many opportunities for being in a remote place, communing with yourself and nature.

And so, settling down for now in beautiful, spiritual Glastonbury, I find myself not writing a book as much as healing.

The energies here have propelled me to heal wounds that, until recently, I did not even know existed, both present and past life.

And it has not been SO difficult to face, not as hard and harrowing as one might expect. I feel that the Earth energies here and the help of my guides has made the process as smooth, and relatively painless, as it can be.

Of course, there will likely come releases of energy and awareness and belief patterns that may not be so easy. But that time is not now.

Still, for now, the process is flowing smoothly and I must assume that it is happening because it needs to, in order to allow my book to manifest.

As part of this healing journey, which I had not expected to be taking, I had a private shamanic healing session. This was my experience:

The shamanic healer, who is female but called by the name of Jay (like a British jaybird,) is based here in Glastonbury at the Bridget Healing Centre.

Her voice and appearance are both gentle and calming, which is why I chose her the minute that I met her. (They also have another shamanic healer named Kestrel, whom I’ve never met.)

Jay was very understanding about the situations that I explained to her and did not … Continue reading →


“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.”
~Maori Proverb

Wheat in the SunlightHere is a new channeling brought down from the higher self. Her intention was to inspire you to think more positive thoughts and to put down what you are doing, to go outside and spend some time under the sacred sunlight:

There is light and there is dark.

The dark is fed by darkness.

The light is fed by lightness.

Spend time in the sunlight to become more light.

Spend time in the night-dark to become more dark.

Neither is more or less valid than the other.

All is balance.

All is right.

There is joy and there is sadness.

All things are but one thing.

One thing fades into another and thus they are … Continue reading →

Kosmopharos: On Earth’s Second Moon

Earth and Two Moons

“The moon looks upon many night flowers; the night flowers see but one moon.”

~Jean Ingelow, English Poet and Author

These are the entities that we have been working with for our new book project.

They sometimes speak on random, unexpected things. This time it was a diatribe on our now defunct second moon.

Although it may be easy to see this as a negative or dark message, it is the point that they are trying to make which is of real value…

We need to work to amplify the light within each of us and on our planet as a whole.

These are their words:

Kosmopharos: We would like to speak a bit.

You planet once had two moons. One of which has now gone dark, but its energy signature still circles you.

It is not the cause of chaos on your planet. Many things have caused that. But it amplifies, it is an amplifier. It is important for people to feel connected with your moon, Luna, not simply because it controls the tides on your planet, which is value enough, but because in not valuing it, in ignoring it, they unconsciously amplify the amplifier of the chaos.

The moon is beautiful and filled with inspiration, but it is the reason that … Continue reading →

Lullites Speak: Shedding Physical & Emotional Weight

“She had not known the weight until she felt the freedom!”
~Nathanial Hawthorne, 19th-century American Author

In this communicae the Lullites address the physical and energetic causes of excess weight. They share with us spiritual and practical suggestions for lightening our load and inspiration for becoming freer and healthier.

Read the text after the video for a full transcription of their words.

Shedding Physical & Emotional Weight, Part. 1

Shedding Physical & Emotional Weight, Part. 2 … Continue reading →