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Shamanic Healing: My Experience

British Jay Bird

“The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.”
~Hubert H. Humphrey

This article is a repost from our old blog – originally dated May 2008.

At present the universe has blown me to Britain, ostensibly to write my first book manuscript, but in actuality it is for so much more. Some of my strongest past life occurrences happened here and I have memories here from this life as well.

The country is green and lush and offers many opportunities for being in a remote place, communing with yourself and nature.

And so, settling down for now in beautiful, spiritual Glastonbury, I find myself not writing a book as much as healing.

The energies here have propelled me to heal wounds that, until recently, I did not even know existed, both present and past life.

And it has not been SO difficult to face, not as hard and harrowing as one might expect. I feel that the Earth energies here and the help of my guides has made the process as smooth, and relatively painless, as it can be.

Of course, there will likely come releases of energy and awareness and belief patterns that may not be so easy. But that time is not now.

Still, for now, the process is flowing smoothly and I must assume that it is happening because it needs to, in order to allow my book to manifest.

As part of this healing journey, which I had not expected to be taking, I had a private shamanic healing session. This was my experience:

The shamanic healer, who is female but called by the name of Jay (like a British jaybird,) is based here in Glastonbury at the Bridget Healing Centre.

Her voice and appearance are both gentle and calming, which is why I chose her the minute that I met her. (They also have another shamanic healer named Kestrel, whom I’ve never met.)

Jay was very understanding about the situations that I explained to her and did not think me weird. Most people in Glastonbury are open to spiritual and unseen topics and DO NOT think me weird. Trust me when I say that this is unique to any place or people that I have ever known.

At the time of our session she had me take off my shoes and spoke sweetly and kindly to me as we prepared for the healing. She led me to a beautiful and sunny room that was robin’s egg blue. (I had been seeing boatloads of robins everywhere, so this was very interesting to me.)

The room had been prepared with drums, chimes and smudge sticks. There was a nice, hydraulic table (similar to a massage table) that I laid on, face-up.

I then closed my eyes and Jay began chanting and drumming.

Though there was noise in the street below, she introduced the idea that it was all part of the healing session and that only whatever energies I most needed would permeate the space.

During this hour long session I passed through many emotions and levels of energy.

Jay often spoke in tongues and mumbled under her breath. I got the visual of old grandmother tribal leaders hovering over me in a dark hut. Being a spirit channel, none of this bothered me. I actually found the feeling of it all to be quite familiar.

Many times I felt that it was not just she and I, but a whole room full of people who were there. There were so many guides, both hers and mine, as well as elementals and a couple of wise spirits.

I could sense tribesmen of some kind all there chanting and dancing for my healing.

At least twice I felt her tug something, perhaps an energy blockage, out of my aura and actually felt the pull on a physical level. This action immediately let in more light to my energy field.

At the end she asked me to wait until she left the room to open my eyes. She brought me a glass of water and we spoke softly for a few minutes.

She told me of the guides that she had seen for me, of what energy repair she had done and how my energy now felt to her. I left the place with a genuine spring in my step, and just the energy buzz lasted for several days.

I would say that it was the most gentle, effective and moving healing that I have EVER had.

The key is in reading the healer before choosing one, in being able to fully trust not only their abilities but their integrity. Once you have that, you can allow all manner of things to be released from you.

I feel like some things that had needed to go for a long time have dissipated greatly. I also feel like some things that had been missing, for an even longer time, have finally returned.

Thanks Jay!!!


Readers can find out more about Shamanic healing from the International Society of Shamanic Practitioners or search for a healer in their area by checking this extensive, but non-complete, list.