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Ebook: Of Orange Aliens and Crop Circles

“Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.”

~Neil Armstrong, Astronaut & First Man on the Moon

Orange Crop CircleThe following is excerpted from our ebook of the same name…

From time to time, in the course of my channelings and meditations, I get a piece of psychic history that shocks even me.

This is rare and usually comes in the form of first-person experience of a topic or time-period which I was not even expecting or intending to contact.

One such occasion was in the course of a personal meditation, a few years ago now, where I was receiving guidance from my higher self. All of a sudden, she told me to look into a puddle on the ground and that she would show me something of great importance.

I did as she suggested and was immediately transported in a direction that I can best describe as upwards. I rose up through a misty haze and was instantly transported back down again, backwards in time, into an endless lush jungle.

The covering or canopy was thick and green, damp, tall and dark. I knew that there were tribes of people living here, though how I knew this at that point I don’t really understand. I walked through this ancient, untouched place, pushing branches and large fronds out of my way as I went and eventually came to a small clearing amongst the trees and vines.

There, in the clearing, was a sight that I could never have dreamt, not in any vision, dream or meditation had I ever seen anything even remotely like it. There, in the middle of the clearing, stood a speechless (as in not able to produce what we think of as speech) wild man.

He was similar to, though more magnificent than, our textbook illustrations of Neanderthal man. Behind him, towards the edge of the clearing, stood a small group of other wild people, half hidden in the jungle. It was obvious to me that he was their chosen leader, perhaps for his physique and strength or bravery. In front of him, in a huge, blinding beam of light, stood some kind of “alien” creature. It was flat as a piece of paper, tall, angular and orange-reddish of color, and dwarfed the wild man by as many as three or four feet.

This creature, obviously also a leader of some sort, had a number of similar creatures, of varying heights and shades of orange, standing behind it. These two groups of beings were communicating with each other, exactly how I cannot work out, but the orange people did not speak in words, they spoke telepathically. The wild men seemed to only grunt and gesture, yet their “leader” was nodding his head and grunting in an understanding toward the orange leader.

The orange creatures were asking for something from the wild men, showing them pictures of their own reality in their minds. Once these beings had finished telling their story to the wild man, he paused for a few moments, just standing before this tall, flat being.

Then the man stepped backward a bit, toward the edge of the forest and seemed to hold council with his fellow tribes people. There was a lot of confusion, then some level of disagreement, followed by some type of compromise and a consensus of some kind. After this the leader stepped back into the clearing and, in an almost pitying way, gave a positive answer to this orange being.

I have thought much on this since I had the vision and asked for clarification of my ideas in several other meditation and dream sequences after that, and this is the understanding that I have come to about at least one portion of our human history:

In our ancient past, we lived as peaceful, highly-spiritual beings in small groups that worshiped the Earth, Sun, Moon and stars as actual beings, as thinking, living and feeling elements of nature. We did not have the power of speech, but did have many concepts that modern people think of as marks of “civilization.” These included self-awareness, ritual practices, agricultural knowledge, religious understanding, cooking and communication as well as the concepts of truth, responsibility, family connections, past, present and future.

At the same time, in other corners of the greater cosmos, other beings who looked and communicated differently to us were undergoing great changes in their way of life and on their own planets. One such group, the orange people, were suffering under the expansion and immanent explosion of their sun.

The normal course of life for them, on their sun-scorched planet, was to be born as flat yet moist, yellow beings, coming into an orangeness as they passed beyond puberty, getting taller as they also grew to have less moisture in their bodies, and eventually, when approaching middle to old age, to become reddened and drier, often like the texture of a tree, except flat.

They lived in extended family groups, on a dusty, rocky, and arid planet that was comprised equally of mountains and extensive dry plains. Each family group shared a plain or cave, where dozens and dozens of them lived together. What specifically they did, in other words, what they’re daily life was like, was never shown to me. I do not believe, however, that they went to work every day as we tend to do or that they had a care for the creation or collection of material goods at all.

These creatures seemed to be extremely spiritual in their reality, living for and by energy and thought, not growing or harvesting things. They did spend their time thinking, vibrating, creating, but not in a way that could be “seen” on a physical plane of existence. They seemed to act solely for the betterment of the whole race and of their planet, however certain forces in their universe were beyond their control.

The only true vision that I had of their planet and their life on it was at the very end of their world. Groups of the oldest and the youngest (I guess you could say the grandparents and grandchildren) of these orange beings were cowering under a large rock outcropping in the middle of a large open plain and were slowly frying, cooking to death, under the now constant radiation of their sun. As their sun grew, it not only became as close to them as our moon is to us, but also started pulling things toward it, like a vacuum or a magnet.

It was at this point that the strongest (adult/orange) of these beings chose to take the drastic measure that they did, coming to Earth and asking the peaceful people of this place to provide them with some kind of help. I get the sense that this was highly taboo and was only undertaken due to the most desperate and imminent of circumstances.

What did they want? How could these seemingly simple and unrefined humans have helped these highly evolved beings?

To read the remainder of this story, please view our ebook on your Amazon Kindle reader. The book can be purchased for just 99¢ at Amazon. Also, stay tuned for future ebook instalments in our series entitled Ancient Alien Chronicles.

  • hanna

    And I do love the cake analogy.

  • Raindance


  • Michael


    This below is about my Alien Abduction Experiences.

    I’m an alien abductee and I know I am from previous Alien Abduction experience of the same extra terrestrials as before and now.

    Male alien with dark green eyes no pupils in them has black short girlish hair, white, tall and average built made me look into his dark green eyes and lifted me up flying into the air and back down to the grassy ground laying on my back saw him in dream after ET abduction on 14th July 10.

    I believe this happening to me cause I saw that male Alien come into my back yard when I was a little kid of age 6 of year 83 whilst I out Playing in the Mud in back yard like you do when your a normal kid at my family address and he said to me he wanted me to do bad things. I refused to cause I’m not like that. Then he went back into the green hedge beyond that hedge is a golden light I wide awake then during a sunny afternoon. I saw that golden light on 14th July 2010 when I woke up and the golden object moved away.

    Before that I Alien Abduction experience I coming down the stairs at 3am and as I went into the living room I saw two males I couldn’t see their faces and they followed me into the living room it’s very dark too dark to be the dark from the night and I ran around. For I thought just Earth people taking me away from my Mum’s House.

    I couldn’t remember anything else after that.

    Later in my adult hood age of the 21st Century my head flopped to one side and I felt my self lifting up then coming back down with head shaking in it back into my Bed of year 2007.

    Then I saw gold light around me as my head shaking on re-entry to my Bed of year 2009.

    I’m a Believer in UFOs and Aliens since I was age 12 of March of year 90 when I began to believe in them kind of things then.

  • Cheri

    I like your vision. When I was a teenager around 1980, I was in one of those sleep but awake and cannot move states, when 3 large orange beings came to talk to me. They were very large, yet they all three fit into a single doorframe of space.

    They told me some things that I could not remember when ever I would try and remember about this. ( Like when you are trying to remember a name, and it hangs on the tip of your brain, but never comes kind of memory). But I do remember they felt to be peaceful, wise, and benevolent beings. Their communication was telepathic, I do remember that, and being quite amazed since that has never happened to me before. I also have wondered over the years if they were some kind of spirit guides?

    Where you wrote about how they speak in symbols, I got a chill, because I have a special symbol in my minds eye that has been with me ever since this time period or so.

    Whether this was just a dream long ago, or it actually happened, is insignificant to me in my years since this incident. Because this memory has always felt comforting and good. And your post has validated this feeling like a visit from an old friend that I have missed for a long time. Thank You! -Namaste

  • Sadra

    I was waking up the other day and in the "tween state" (in between sleep and awake). I saw a flat orange being standing tall above me. I thought it was so strange because it was flat and orange. Flat? The very next day, I went on this site for other reasons, and looking for publications and I came to this book about orange aliens. . This has confirmed that perhaps I was led here to read this e book.

  • freemoney

    I love your blog and the exiting information that you provide. I have also tried some psychic reading with a sage near my home. It is really mind blowing as they can say what is about to happen and what has happened just by calculating our date and time of birth.

  • joey

    Wow. I wonder if truth holds to these flat orange beings… I seen one last night
    peaking at me in my home.I felt as if it said, “I see you” in one way or another. Then last night I dreamed of mostly black till being showed several different energy spheres I wanna say. My memory is very vague, yet I do remember the last energy sphere. It was golden, beautiful, Egyptian looking, and almost looks like a version of the spirit symbol reflecting itself divinely. Now I’m puzzled by this symbol that I have been wanting to uncover for about a month now..