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Combating Spiritual Negativity

“A cheerful frame of mind, reinforced by relaxation… is the medicine that puts all ghosts of fear on the run.”

~ George Matthew Adams, American newspaper columnist

Departed Souls

I have heard from several folks who have a variety of issues in their homes and personal lives that they believe to be caused by spirits, negative energies and other people. Here is a short primer on some ways to deal with several of these issues…


Firstly, much ghostly activity is actually negative turbulence that builds up from the people who live in the house. This can come from thoughts, words and actions…such as having arguments with others, feeling depressed, crying a lot or illness. Some houses hold it more than others due to the way light flows in the structure or due to what kind of rock the house is built over.

How to combat this:

1. Get some copper wire and twist several strands of it together while you are thinking about grounding out the negativity in the structure. You want to make four separate pieces of at least 12 inches in length. Then go outside and at the corners of your building, tack or nail one to each corner of the foundation (even if its a brick foundation) and stick the other end of it down into the ground. (If you live in an apartment try putting it behind a bush or a planter or something so as not to weird out the neighbors. However if you cannot hide it, don’t worry, humans in general are unobservant and if you do it after dark they will take no notice of it the next morning. ;) Begin in the east and work COUNTER-clockwise until you finish in the south….remember, these are for … Continue reading →

10 Best Things About Being A Psychic Medium

“There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge but can never prove how it got there.”
~ Albert Einstein, 20th-century Theoretical Physicist

10 Stones of Zen

This article is a repost from our old blog –
originally dated February 2007.


10. Already having your umbrella handy for that unforecast summer shower.

What? You got a problem with that? Where I live this ability has come in quite handy. No…spirits don’t come from the grave just to warn me about the weather. I just know. Sometimes it comes to me when I wake up in the morning and sometimes when I watch the “real” weather man on the news…he says his bit and my intuition says its bit. My intuition is usually spot on.

9. Asking Julia Child for new recipes when you’re in a pinch.

Okay well I don’t know if its really her or a spirit who knows a lot of recipes and talks kinda funny. All I know is that is some fantastic Chicken Alfredo that she whipped up. And I am asking her now for some good artisan bread recipes the next time that she pops in. Or the elusive recipe for that Death By White Chocolate cake that I had the last time that I visited Orkney.

8. Alway having someone to talk to, even if half of the time the voices are only in your head.

One of my guides has this habit of popping in when I am in a situation that is so particularly modern and in some way completely ludicrous. She is always blurting out sarcastic remarks in my head and I have to fight especially hard sometimes to keep from laughing out loud or repeating her comments for all to hear. I think she’s a riot but one of these days she is going to get me in trouble. (Next time I go and chat with her I’ll make sure to comment on her situation in such a way that she has to fight from being inappropriate on my behalf. ;))

7. Being able to throw out the Ouija board (now that you are one.)

I had an ancient pagan priest come to me and tell me … Continue reading →

Should You Be Afraid of Being a Psychic Medium?

“I don’t believe that ghosts are “spirits of the dead” because I don’t believe in death. In the multiverse, once you’re possible, you exist. And once you exist, you exist forever one way or another. Besides, death is the absence of life, and the ghosts I’ve met are very much alive. What we call ghosts are lifeforms just as you and I are.”
~ Paul F. Eno, Author and Paranormal Researcher

Being Afriad

As an addition to my Medium Adventures series, a reader recently asked me this question….Should you be afraid of being a medium?

It is an interesting question. And one that several people who have “accidentally” or “purposely” developed this skill over time have probably been faced with.

To be honest because I am a trained witch, meaning a “wise woman,” who has been exposed to the paranormal on a regular basis since I was fifteen, I never really had this concern at all.

But religion and dogma are just a doorway to true spirituality. Many of us are now becoming “spiritual” and slowly dropping the restrictive “religious” approach to self development.

With this in mind, the gifted mediums who are now beginning to blossom and step onto the stage, myself included, come from all different backgrounds and carry with them a wide array of beliefs and understandings.

You may have come to this path through Buddhism, or Catholicism or through Judaism. Where you came from denotes how you will react to the realization that you are starting to develop certain abilities.

This is what annoys me about some of the blogs out there written by other psychic mediums: They speak in a pointed manner about all sorts of “negative” experiences that they’ve had.

Call it transparency or call it shock value, but it does absolutely zero to foster healing or awareness in people. It simply serves to make … Continue reading →

The Psychic Elephant (or Ancient Memories)

“I have a memory like an elephant. In fact, elephants often consult me. ”
~ Noël Coward, English Playwright and Composer

The Psychic Elephant

Well there are several different types of Psychic and several different types of energy. I do not claim to know them all. But I get lots of questions about my experiences with energy and paranormal phenomena so I thought I would take a moment to explain one type of psychic ability that I often use. I am not aware of other psychics who have this same type of ability so please drop me a line if you have experience with it.

This gift has to do with time and in particular distant past, however all time is a continuum and the present and future are all occurring together along with the past. So our ancestors who lived in, say, a mud roundhouse are still living there in that mud roundhouse right now. Your unborn grandchildren who will one day run in the field beside their school are already running there right now.

The past is the future and the future is the past. Right now is yesterday and tomorrow is right now.

It may seem hard to grasp, like some big conspiracy of the philosophical people to sound deep and intellectual. But once you suspend confusion and disbelief for a moment it becomes quite easy to grasp.

Have you ever experienced Deja Vu? Have you ever sunken into a conversation with someone or been out shopping with your children or reached for a sweater to fold it and had that warm fuzzy awareness of exactly how the next twenty seconds would occur? It can be eerie but it can also be quite comforting, the knowledge of what the next bit of the conversation will be about.

Is it really so hard to believe that just as we are living in our third dimensional reality, there may be other humans living and striving in their other dimensional reality? Because that is the only difference.

I say that I am a psychic elephant because … Continue reading →

Random Spirit: Heath Ledger

“Respect for the fragility and importance of an individual life is still the mark of an educated man.”
~Norman Cousins, Political journalist, Author, and Peace Advocate

Heath and Lily

This article is a repost from our old blog – originally dated January 2008.

I have debated for several days about whether or not to post this random spirit encounter but have decided that with all of the sensationalism and misguided statements out there it would not be unreasonable to add my own small voice to the mix in the hopes of being a wee bit more sensible than the general cacophony on the subject of Heath Ledger’s recent passing.

Regular readers of my blog will know by now that we, meaning Vera and Serge, have been traveling in the UK for the past couple of weeks. During our brief but expensive trip to London we did a fair amount of walking, despite their fantastic public transport system, and happened to stroll through an area of London called Clerkenwell while we were out and about.

As I was overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the city I didn’t notice too much in the way of spiritual activity while we were there. When we returned to the relatively quiet and slower-paced area of the city where we were staying, however, I began to feel that there was a spirit trying to voice something.

I brushed it off as we settled down to have dinner and didn’t really attempt to tune into it until I was getting ready for bed later in the evening.

When I opened up to it completely, it … Continue reading →

Medium Adventures: The Roman in the Bath

“You cheer my heart, who build as if Rome would be eternal.”
~Augustus Caesar, Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus

West End of the Great Bath, Roman Baths

This article is a repost from our old blog – originally dated June 2008, a point in time when we were living in England.

Well, we decided to take a day trip yesterday and ended up choosing a trip to Bath. Bath is historically one of Britain’s top tourist destinations and was the playground of many a Regency well-to-do family.

Of course Bath is not a new town, it and the healing springs that bubble up from beneath it’s ground have been sacred for thousands of years. In the first century A.D. the Roman invaders wrestled control of these healing waters, sacred to the British Goddess Sulis, from the hands of the local Duboni tribe.

After gaining control of the hot springs, the Romans set about subduing its flow and controlling access to the waters by erecting a complex of temples and baths, the remains of which can be visited today.

I find it ironic that the very thing which could make a modern Pagan angry with the Romans, the restriction of access to the spring, is now what has guaranteed modern visitation to its site.

Minerva, From the Temple at Bath

If not for these Roman ruins, the spring would most certainly be capped and unknown, running anonymously beneath this modern, retail-carnival of a city.

So, and this is the only time that you may ever hear me say it, “Yeah Romans!!! Good job!”

I must admit that at the Roman Baths, the temple complex and bathing rooms, some of which take a bit of imagination to picture, are truly exquisite. The presence of both hot and cold natural baths in one place is magnificent.

The circular cold pool and the half moon “hot tub” type of area were both most appealing to me.

The great bath, heated by the forces of nature to about 115˚ Fahrenheit, was awe-inspiring. I can only imagine what it must look like at night with the fire lanterns lit. Against the rules, I put my hand in that warm healing water, dedicated to Minerva, the Roman equivalent of the British Goddess Sulis.

All I can say is that one can almost feel all of the … Continue reading →

The Mayan: A Bitter But Wise Man

“I shall go further and say that even if an examination of the past could lead to any valid prediction concerning man’s future, that prediction would be the contrary of reassuring.”
~Julien Benda, 20th-Century French Philosopher and Novelist

Mayan Wall Art

This article is a repost from our old blog – originally dated April 2007.

Here is an interesting one…

As I have explained to a few of you, and will explain in a post sometime soon, I have a spiritual connection to the past and often get communications from ancient and historical figures interspersed with my regular channelings. The most interesting was a visit from a Mayan priest, filled with wisdom but also filled with tears and bitterness. He gives information on the end of his era in Mayan times and also about the traumas which our world is currently undergoing…specifically planetary phenomena and humankind.

I do not entirely share his opinions on some of things he talks about but I liked him enough that I want to do him justice by not censoring his words. If you take offense and email me I will assume that you haven’t read this part of the post and after laughing at your silliness I will promptly forward your email to the ether so that he can get a good chuckle too, wherever he is.

Be warned, this could be seen as depressing information if you do not keep in mind that he is seeing our “reality” through a very thick veil and that all divination and psychic messages are ultimately changeable by human will.


Will we as individuals suffer while our planetary changes occur?

The Mayan: We have already suffered. There is drought where there was fertile soil. We have died and there is no one to remember us. All that we worked so hard for, all that we sacrificed for, was in vain. I do not know the moon upon my face. In the many hours I sat by the fire, in all of the visions that I saw, never once could I have imagined the horror. So swift, like a fire through the desert brush, and all was gone. Oh the Earth lived on, and mankind as well but in some barren, soulless, polluted form. It will happen again. We were so wrong in our calculations, so wrong in our dreaming. How could predictions be so…flat? No one can ever describe, no vision can ever show that which is unknowable. There will be great upheaval and not all will die but not all will live. Those who live will be an entirely different humanity, maybe better hopefully better, wiser, more observant of the natural cycles, but maybe worse, more greedy, more defensive, more warlike. Let us hope this is not to be.

To whom are we currently speaking?

Answer: Sa-DI-een Sadayine. Sadayine Namayazal.

And where do you hail from?

Sadayine: I don’t know what you call us. Mayan, as if all that we have seen could be summed up in a word, so banal, so bland. The calendar is wrong. So many years, so many calculations, so many ceremonies and sacrifices (of people.) And it is wrong.

Has the end of your calendar already passed or is it yet to come?

Sadayine: Our calendar ended when we did. The entirety of our world was washed clean by … Continue reading →

Medium Adventures: Two Warriors

Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it. ~Mark Twain, American author and Humorist

Here is an interesting thing that occurred recently. It only lasted about eight minutes, but it seemed like several days…

I was lying in bed, just getting to what I call the twilight place. It is that place between sleep and awake where you begin to have very surreal thoughts and scenes pass through your mind, but you are also aware of your “self” and thus technically still awake. (This is the place that astral travelers and people who practice lucid dreaming are able to maintain.)

Dark Ages WarriorAnyways, I became aware of an open field, or clearing, in which I was standing with a muddy garden and a small run-down hut off to my right. It was just about sunset in this clearing. There was a woman crying off to the edge of the clearing and she was looking down at the ground. I approached her and gazed down to try and see what was upsetting her so much.

When I did, I was looking into a deep hole and gazing straight into the blank, open eyes of a man who was stone cold dead. I got freaked (as one does) and just about lost my connection to the scene and this woman.

But I reminded myself of something that Erin Pavlina said to me when we had talked on the phone, “Allow yourself to be startled by what you are shown, but do not allow yourself to become frightened by it.”

I slowly calmed myself and pulled myself back into the scene. I mean, I was being shown this for a reason and I had to stay present long enough to figure out what that reason was.

I came back to the place and looked down into the grave hole again.

The man was clothed in a ripped and worn woolen tunic and leather breeches. There was also a very cheap and tarnished bit of chain mail in the hole beside him.

His eyes were wide open, staring blankly up into the cascading tree canopy that leaned over the edge of the clearing.

In those eyes I could see shock and pain, but not the normal … Continue reading →

Medium Adventures: The Geisha Girl

“There are incalculable resources in the human spirit, once it has been set free.”

~Hubert H. Humphrey, 38th Vice President of the United States

Autumn Geisha GirlSo, my friend Damian made a suggestion recently that I think is a good one.

Damian wrote:

“I’d like to see a ‘Series’ exploring your meetings with Spirit – Positive, Negative or simply when they called in to say “hello” – which includes descriptions of the entities you met along the way.

That’d make great reading.

Well, thanks for the suggestion, Damian. I have been thinking on how to bring this about for sometime now and this request made me decide to just stop thinking about it and DO it!

So I have added this new tag, “medium adventures“, and will now start telling some more detailed, real experiences that I have had.


A brief encounter happened the other day….

I was in the shower, relaxing with my thoughts. Yes, really.

Just as I was getting ready to turn the water off and step out of the shower, I had a spirit energy come to me.

It entered straight into me and made a beeline for my brain ——->

“I am all alone.”

It was a woman speaking.

I could hear her clear as … Continue reading →