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Random Spirit: Heath Ledger

“Respect for the fragility and importance of an individual life is still the mark of an educated man.”
~Norman Cousins, Political journalist, Author, and Peace Advocate

Heath and Lily

This article is a repost from our old blog – originally dated January 2008.

I have debated for several days about whether or not to post this random spirit encounter but have decided that with all of the sensationalism and misguided statements out there it would not be unreasonable to add my own small voice to the mix in the hopes of being a wee bit more sensible than the general cacophony on the subject of Heath Ledger’s recent passing.

Regular readers of my blog will know by now that we, meaning Vera and Serge, have been traveling in the UK for the past couple of weeks. During our brief but expensive trip to London we did a fair amount of walking, despite their fantastic public transport system, and happened to stroll through an area of London called Clerkenwell while we were out and about.

As I was overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the city I didn’t notice too much in the way of spiritual activity while we were there. When we returned to the relatively quiet and slower-paced area of the city where we were staying, however, I began to feel that there was a spirit trying to voice something.

I brushed it off as we settled down to have dinner and didn’t really attempt to tune into it until I was getting ready for bed later in the evening.

When I opened up to it completely, it rushed in like a wave.

The spirit was frantic but disoriented.

I saw it rushing about back and forth in all directions, staying in close proximity but turning every which way.

It was waving its hands from side to side next to its face and fretting over its newfound circumstance.

It was speaking in incomplete thoughts and not to anyone in particular…

“What the…?”

“How did I…?”

“Oh, I didn’t mean to…”

“No, I didn’t mean…”

“How can I…?”

“How stupid am I….?”

“Can’t I….?”

“I can’t, no, I can’t…”

The overall energy was that of someone who is realizing and regretting all at the same time.

As the face finally solidified in front of me I recognized it as Heath Ledger, though I have only seen him in one movie. He seemed darker of hair and chubbier of face, sort of bloated. But it certainly was him.

Please note that this was NOT a deliberate attempt to channel Heath, nor would I do so except at the request of his family. It is simply the case that, as I found out later, I walked through the place in London where he was filming just a week before his passing.

When a spirit passes, before they cross over, they can and often do visit the last manifest places that they spent time in. This is most common when the spirit is trying to understand what happened to them and come to grips with their new, unmanifest, reality…sort of a “taking stock” type of process.

Though this energy was not speaking directly to me, and was not at a settled vibration where I could speak to it, I did get the understanding from his mindset that the circumstances of his passing were, without a doubt, purely accidental.

I could tell that his energy before death had been dark and gloomy, he seemed to have lost the lust for life and was desperately grasping for something to hold on to. His intentions however were in no way wishing for death and the cloudiness of the residual aura that I encountered alongside his spirit suggests that he was not thinking clearly in the days and hours before his passing.

Perhaps someone should have been there caring for him. Perhaps he would not have accepted such care-taking. Perhaps he had lived a party life in his past, or perhaps not. Perhaps he was feeling down and depressed. Who knows for certain?

No matter these things, the truth, as I heard it from his spirit, is that he did not take his own life in any deliberate way. It was not suicide. He simply mistakenly overdosed on something that he took, prescribed or not, while in a very unaware state of mind.

Though the energy suggests that he is not yet resting in peace, I trust that once he adjusts to his new spirit state and checks on the status of his loved ones, he will feel free enough to go into the light and await his reconnection with them in the next realm of life.

My deepest condolences to his family, for whom there is now likely a seeming hole in their lives.

Knowing that all things occur as is best for the spirit and the universe may one day bring them comfort.

Blessed be.