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Choosing Hope Over Fear

“Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without words, and never stops at all.”
~ Emily Dickinson, 19th Century American Poetess

Choosing Hope

This is a channeling from one of my guides – I hope that it touches you.


There is nothing to fear in this world, in your life. For all that is meant to be will come to pass, good or bad.

The universe decides when and where creation and destruction will take place, and it does so lovingly, without malice or forethought. There is only loving creation, and the act of destruction is merely another stage in an ever-expanding creative process.

The intent of the universal creator is, has always been, and will always be, balance. Balance in all things, for all things are this creator itself. And in knowing itself, and its joy, it seeks only growth, only balance.

Two dogs meet on the roadway, one going home, the other going away. Yet both are still alive. Both are still free. Whether the one going ever returns, or whether the one returning ever again goes, is not of any consequence. They are both equal and the same.

All that the universe has ever created still is. Even if it’s form is lost, or transmuted, it is still there, a record of creation. For all time is NOW. All things are but the one thing, the divine one, the Source.

When you fear you simply make yourself a brighter beacon for all that is fearful. This fear may seem more difficult to banish than most things.

Hope is easier to forget than fear. But it is only the response of your physical body that makes it so.

The true spirit within you is ever-hopeful, at all times, in all circumstances.

How can you relinquish fear in fearful times?

Simply put, you must always negate it. You must answer every fear, every negative with an immediate and counter-balancing positive. Shine a ray of hope upon the darkness of fear. It will weaken over time and leave you standing in the sun.

When it comes by again it will glide quickly past, like the shadow of a bird upon the ground.

How can one cultivate hope? Hope in all moments?

Hope is but the allowing of your divine spirit to flow out from you. Within a moment of silence comes the rush of peace.

You may force a smile to cross your face, do it as a deliberate act. But then sit with it a while, and feel true joy well up within you.

Perhaps the memory of a childhood playground, a silly joke once told to friends.

And that freedom, that ease of being, can fill you up and power you with hope.

Hope is not about the past, nor is it solely concerned with the future. But, instead, it is that conscious acknowledgment that your present is a gift and is filled with endless positives and possibilities.

Bring hope into your life, breed it even in defeat, and your hope will become a beacon to draw all things hopeful to you.

You sit in the middle of a hub of life, in every moment. And the paths that splay out in all directions from THIS moment can take you to countless other hubs and paths.

If you let your worrisome and fearful mind direct your choices, doubtless you will end up at another point of decision which is bound up in fear.

But, allow the spirit, the unconscious hopeful divinity, to take the feet and walk you in the direction of highest good. Then you are bound to find yourself at a new hub, one from which ever brighter paths spread out before you.

Extinguish fear in stages. Multiply hope in steps.

But know always that, no matter the outcome, you are headed in the right direction. For you are directed by creative divine, the Source of all things.

And that Source is love, eternal.