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Vera Nadine is known as a spirit channel and historical medium, yet she also enjoys writing of her own experiences, explorations, ups and downs encountered while on this journey of spiritual development. These articles have been written from the heart with the hopes of inspiring you and of sharing with you stories, advice and observations to help you along on your path of self-discovery and awareness. Namaste.

Flower Remedies: What and Why?

“Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light.”

~Theodore Roethke, 20th-Century American poet


Some of you may be aware that, as an herbalist, I prefer self-healing to westernized medicine. Of course I do not advocate skipping immediate medical treatment in cases of extreme illness or emergency, but I feel that all intuition and common sense has vacated the local doctor’s office and gone searching for greener pastures.

For acute illness I do often suggest an herbal or vitamin remedy. They may not always taste like a dream but the results can be seen within about 24 hours and the illness or ailment is often sent packing much faster than the over-the-counter, knock-yourself-out-and-forget-about-it, type of remedies that we are all used to taking.

How do herbs heal? They work on a chemical level to correct any imbalances in our various physical systems and also to kick-start those functions whose sluggishness most likely led to the infection, sickness, etc…

Yet, as I have mentioned here on the blog in the past, all things are made up of light and all light is energy. So the purest and most subtle form of healing the human body, or any living thing for that matter, is energy.

There are many forms of energy healing, the most important one being thought. The power of positive thought has been expounded upon ad nauseum lately, but it cannot be over-emphasized.

My own preferred form of energy healing, for it pleasant effects, is the use of flower remedies. (Because energy signatures are universal, the essences are also great for use on animals for their healing.)

Flower remedies, most famously those of Dr. Bach, are a liquid containing the energy signature, or essence, of the flower from one or more plants.

Flower remedies can be made from the flowers of vegetables, trees, herbs, wildflowers and even the decorative garden flowers that we all know and love.

These simple essential healing remedies are made by infusing pure water with … Continue reading →

Ebook: Of Orange Aliens and Crop Circles

“Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.”

~Neil Armstrong, Astronaut & First Man on the Moon

Orange Crop CircleThe following is excerpted from our ebook of the same name…

From time to time, in the course of my channelings and meditations, I get a piece of psychic history that shocks even me.

This is rare and usually comes in the form of first-person experience of a topic or time-period which I was not even expecting or intending to contact.

One such occasion was in the course of a personal meditation, a few years ago now, where I was receiving guidance from my higher self. All of a sudden, she told me to look into a puddle on the ground and that she would show me something of great importance.

I did as she suggested and was immediately transported in a direction that I can best describe as upwards. I rose up through a misty haze and was instantly transported back down again, backwards in time, into an endless lush jungle.

The covering or canopy was thick and green, damp, tall and dark. I knew that there were tribes of people living here, though how I knew this at that point I don’t really understand. I walked through this ancient, untouched place, pushing branches and large fronds out of my way as I went and eventually came to a small clearing amongst the trees and vines.

There, in the clearing, was a sight that I could never have dreamt, not in any vision, dream or meditation had I ever seen anything even remotely like it. There, in the middle of the clearing, stood a speechless (as in not able to produce what we think of as speech) wild man.

He was similar to, though more magnificent than, our textbook illustrations of Neanderthal man. Behind him, towards the edge of the clearing, stood a small group of other wild people, half hidden in the jungle. It was obvious to me that he was their chosen leader, perhaps for his physique and strength or bravery. In front of him, in a huge, blinding beam of light, stood some kind of “alien” creature. It was flat as a piece of paper, tall, angular and orange-reddish of color, and dwarfed the wild man by as many as three or four feet.

This creature, obviously also a leader of some sort, had a number of similar creatures, of varying heights and shades of orange, standing behind it. These two groups of beings were communicating with each other, exactly how I cannot work out, but the orange people did not speak in words, they spoke telepathically. The wild men seemed to only grunt and gesture, yet their “leader” was nodding his head and grunting in an understanding toward the orange leader.

The orange creatures were asking for something from the wild men, showing them pictures of their own reality in their minds. Once these beings had finished telling their story to the wild man, he paused for a few moments, just standing before this tall, flat being.

Then the man stepped backward a bit, toward the edge of the forest and seemed to hold council with his fellow tribes people. There was a lot of confusion, then some level of disagreement, followed by some type of … Continue reading →

Should You Be Afraid of Being a Psychic Medium?

“I don’t believe that ghosts are “spirits of the dead” because I don’t believe in death. In the multiverse, once you’re possible, you exist. And once you exist, you exist forever one way or another. Besides, death is the absence of life, and the ghosts I’ve met are very much alive. What we call ghosts are lifeforms just as you and I are.”
~ Paul F. Eno, Author and Paranormal Researcher

Being Afriad

As an addition to my Medium Adventures series, a reader recently asked me this question….Should you be afraid of being a medium?

It is an interesting question. And one that several people who have “accidentally” or “purposely” developed this skill over time have probably been faced with.

To be honest because I am a trained witch, meaning a “wise woman,” who has been exposed to the paranormal on a regular basis since I was fifteen, I never really had this concern at all.

But religion and dogma are just a doorway to true spirituality. Many of us are now becoming “spiritual” and slowly dropping the restrictive “religious” approach to self development.

With this in mind, the gifted mediums who are now beginning to blossom and step onto the stage, myself included, come from all different backgrounds and carry with them a wide array of beliefs and understandings.

You may have come to this path through Buddhism, or Catholicism or through Judaism. Where you came from denotes how you will react to the realization that you are starting to develop certain abilities.

This is what annoys me about some of the blogs out there written by other psychic mediums: They speak in a pointed manner about all sorts of “negative” experiences that they’ve had.

Call it transparency or call it shock value, but it does absolutely zero to foster healing or awareness in people. It simply serves to make … Continue reading →

Living in True Hope: For You & The Planet

“Hope is the only bee that makes honey without flowers.”
~ Robert Ingersoll, Political Orator

True  Hope Light

I believe that we as humans are born hopeful. That we have an inherent light within us that lives in positivity, no matter what the circumstance. This is borne out by the repeated words and advice of the spirit guides.

It may not always be easy to remember and have faith in this inner light and, when looking outside of ourselves, to the Earth and the human community, we may more easily see evidence of darkness and despair. But the truth is that we are all creations of the infinite light, that hope is always with us waiting to shine upon our path.

This is true for both individuals and for the planet upon which we live.

Based on my own experience and the wisdom of the guides, here are some valuable actions that you can take to ensure the growth of hope, within your own life and the life of the Earth:

  • 1. Incorporate a practice of daily meditation into your life. This helps to empower your thinking, balance your energy and de-stress your life. It also helps you see the positive in more things, when the negative would seem to be more obvious. Meditation is a great regulator of stress, fear, high-blood pressure and depression. Take 15 minutes for connecting with yourself every day.
  • 2. Switch to a diet that supports the natural processes of the planet, one incorporating organic, seasonal foods. A vegetarian or vegan diet is even more beneficial for the pressure that it takes off of the environment (commercial meat farming uses an inordinate amount of natural resources.) If you buy local, seasonal, organic produce it will … Continue reading →

Sexual Energy Ascension

“Everything in nature contains all the power of nature. Everything is made of one hidden stuff.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Essayist, Philosopher, and Poet

Partner Ascension

We are all spiritual beings living in these containers, known as the physical body.

The point of this agreement is to learn more of the spiritual reality of energetic awareness by experiencing the different points of view afforded us through the various human senses.

Of course each of us knows of the obvious reasons for using the human senses, the enjoyment of smelling a beautiful ripe strawberry or the inner excitement that comes from spotting a magnificent flower in bloom.

But the mark of awareness is being willing to see the beauty and benefits of all levels of creation, of both the manifest and the energetic life forces in all things.

The life energy embodied in fruits and vegetables gives up the building blocks for our own physical health. The essences of flowers can provided us with subtle energies that benefit us physically, mentally and spiritually.

If we can use the energy forces of other living organisms in order to benefit ourselves and the world then we can, without a doubt, use our own energies in the same way.

I know that many of you out there have been learning about and implementing the power of intention in your lives. And I am certain that you have already noticed great effects from it.

Now that you have tried … Continue reading →

Animals As Empaths

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.”
~ George Eliot, a.k.a. Mary Anne Evans, British Novelist

Fun With A Pet

As an empath and intuitive it gives me a little chuckle to notice that same gift in animals.

My cat is one of those elements of nature that constantly reminds me of the predominance of feelings as a mode of communication instead of words.

When she is in the same room as me and I think a positive thought she begins purring.

When she is in the same room as me and I think a negative thought she often gets up and leaves.

When I hurt myself, such as stub a toe or prick my finger while sewing, she comes running from anywhere in the house, sits at my feet and meows.

She’s just making sure that I am okay.

A recently publicized case of an empathic animal is that of Oscar that cat who resides in a Rhode Island nursing home.

Oscar’s regular job is to be a companion to the many residents who live in the home, providing companionship and entertainment (as all cats do.)

But he has also been widely noted for his continuing ability to “predict” death before it occurs. When Oscar senses that a patient is about to die, he … Continue reading →

Compassion in Action

“Only that in you which is me can hear what I’m saying.”
~ Ram Dass, Spiritual Teacher and Author

Compassionate Heart

This article is a repost from our old blog – originally dated April 2008.

At present I am reading the book Compassion in Action by Ram Dass and Mirabai Bush.

It was a book that I bought simply because I wanted to read some Ram Dass and could not find his classic Be Here Now at any local shoppes.

But, despite my initial supposition that it was a book I did not need and would not particularly like, it turns out that I was very wrong on both points.

In a very unassuming way Ram Dass, sixties spiritual guru, public speaker and renown all-around caring guy, explains his own self-righteousness and stand-offishness in his past work.

He details, with humility, his confusion at how to truly implement, in a practical way, the advice and teachings that he was offered by his own guru, Maharajji Neem Karoli Baba. He talks about being caught up in his own … Continue reading →

Seeking Solace in Nature

“I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in.”
~ George Washington Carver, American Scientist, Inventor and Educator

Bridge in Central Park

It is certain that we all have our bad days. Even the most enlightened of people can sometimes feel a lack of energy and be overwhelmed by the external reality of this world.

In these times we, as individuals, often wish for just one soothing moment, just an hour or two of peace and quiet.

Seeking outside of ourselves for security or happiness is, of course, not going to help us find it.

We certainly can only find lasting security, happiness and peace within our own spirits.

But the environment that we find ourselves in can often make it either easier, or more difficult, to achieve connection with our spirit.

When we strip away all the flash, the lights, the … Continue reading →

Soul Groups: Reincarnating Together

“True memories are not of mind and body, but those that remain forever written on the soul.”
~ Elizabeth Barrett-Browning, British Romantic Poetess

Ecstatic Soul Group

What is a “Soul Group” and why do they reincarnate together? This was the very provocative and insightful question recently asked of me in a forum that I visit.

I have been wanting to mention this concept here for some time and this gives me the perfect opportunity to do so.

A soul group is made up of more than one, and often several, individual souls who seem to regularly incarnate at the same time. As an individual soul is set out purposefully as a self-expression of the ALL. So these soul groups are still individual expressions brought into being by the ALL.

But as the ALL is always trying merely to learn of the endless possibilities within itself, it has occasionally experimented with coupling. By this I mean that it has set off several individuals with similar traits and given them each the same ultimate goal or soul purpose.

These souls, having begun together at the same time and … Continue reading →

The Psychic Elephant (or Ancient Memories)

“I have a memory like an elephant. In fact, elephants often consult me. ”
~ Noël Coward, English Playwright and Composer

The Psychic Elephant

Well there are several different types of Psychic and several different types of energy. I do not claim to know them all. But I get lots of questions about my experiences with energy and paranormal phenomena so I thought I would take a moment to explain one type of psychic ability that I often use. I am not aware of other psychics who have this same type of ability so please drop me a line if you have experience with it.

This gift has to do with time and in particular distant past, however all time is a continuum and the present and future are all occurring together along with the past. So our ancestors who lived in, say, a mud roundhouse are still living there in that mud roundhouse right now. Your unborn grandchildren who will one day run in the field beside their school are already running there right now.

The past is the future and the future is the past. Right now is yesterday and tomorrow is right now.

It may seem hard to grasp, like some big conspiracy of the philosophical people to sound deep and intellectual. But once you suspend confusion and disbelief for a moment it becomes quite easy to grasp.

Have you ever experienced Deja Vu? Have you ever sunken into a conversation with someone or been out shopping with your children or reached for a sweater to fold it and had that warm fuzzy awareness of exactly how the next twenty seconds would occur? It can be eerie but it can also be quite comforting, the knowledge of what the next bit of the conversation will be about.

Is it really so hard to believe that just as we are living in our third dimensional reality, there may be other humans living and striving in their other dimensional reality? Because that is the only difference.

I say that I am a psychic elephant because … Continue reading →