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Soul Groups: Reincarnating Together

“True memories are not of mind and body, but those that remain forever written on the soul.”
~ Elizabeth Barrett-Browning, British Romantic Poetess

Ecstatic Soul Group

What is a “Soul Group” and why do they reincarnate together? This was the very provocative and insightful question recently asked of me in a forum that I visit.

I have been wanting to mention this concept here for some time and this gives me the perfect opportunity to do so.

A soul group is made up of more than one, and often several, individual souls who seem to regularly incarnate at the same time. As an individual soul is set out purposefully as a self-expression of the ALL. So these soul groups are still individual expressions brought into being by the ALL.

But as the ALL is always trying merely to learn of the endless possibilities within itself, it has occasionally experimented with coupling. By this I mean that it has set off several individuals with similar traits and given them each the same ultimate goal or soul purpose.

These souls, having begun together at the same time and with the same purpose, have often taken a vow to help each other on their quest to reach the goal or fulfill the purpose. Being as we are all ONE this is only the right thing to do.

The souls scurry off to learn their lessons and develop their skills while the ALL sits back and watches in an attempt to learn all of the different avenues that can be taken by that aspect of itself to fulfill the same goal.

Soul groups will often be born in similar circumstances at relatively the same time and may or may not come to actually KNOW each other in a specific lifetime. But they are always working in concert whether they are aware of it or not.

A soul group can be the family that you are born into or the group of friends that you develop or a similar group of co-workers…they can manifest in several ways.

But there is a difference between people with whom you are karmically entwined and soul groups.

With karmic entanglements there is a need to re-manifest with the other in order to release and resolve past energies between you. The soul group will desire to reincarnate at the same time and will most likely not just be bound by karma alone but also by divine purpose.

There are soul groups out there now striving together, and apart, to manifest the changes that are required by their soul’s purpose .

These are not necessarily good purposes (or positively charged purposes) for their are soul groups with what one might consider bad purposes (or negatively charged purposes) as well.

Keep in mind that the ALL has no knowing of good or bad, for it lives in a constant state of flux in which what IS…simply is. You may call this ever-presence or Now-ness.

What is certain is that we all, whether we are part of a soul group or not, are having a lasting effect on our planet and humanity itself.

Live to your highest potential.

Cultivate knowledge of the self.

And, walk with personal integrity in all that you do.

If you are a member of a soul group (and it is possible to be a member of more than one) then you are still walking an individual path at all times.

Be true unto yourself first. Follow where your own soul leads.

And be thankful that, for a time at least, your path is aligned with that of others of like mind.

Find strength in that knowledge, but know that all is temporary in the ever-creating mind of the ALL.


  • aaru

    grt knowledge , helpful in my progress
    godbless all

  • Alycat

    That is very cool info! i just recently learned that my sister is a member of my soul group and of many of the lives we shared,it makes so much sense, and is very comforting. Thank you!

  • elisabeth

    Thank you for a very good description of what a soul group is and how one works! Past life regression and work as a hypnotherapist uncovered my soul group. Several of us have discovered/uncovered/ remembered several lifetimes together, how we have broken and how we are healing. I have started a series of short stories with the goal of helping members of my own group to heal, which might also have helpful information for other groups who might be finding each other. My group has a light mission, I’m sure there are other groups with similar purposes.

    • philomena

      how do u know bout ur soul group mission. Somehow i do not have the same ppl around except my fmily and my husbands famly. my children and their husbands.

  • philomena

    Thx. that ws good. what about soul mate . do we have many or one soul mate. how do we know who is. some 8 yrs ago met someone called Angel Gabriel and Mekiel. They help e kow that there ws a negtive hrmful physic grid in my house and they helped in clearing some but still suffer from this. dont meet them on chat anymore. confused what to do about some physcic probs especially my children.

  • Louise

    Who first discovered soul groups,were does this knowledge come from ?

  • durdica

    hello. would be great to know how one distinguishes between karmic entanglements and soul group?
    i can't see the difference. tnx

  • dave fine

    and this doesn’t come from me, but from several other people. but i feel inadequate for the role. wish i had more self confidence, because the job is too awesome for me.

  • dave fine

    too much responsibility. why am i the soul leader? i am too flawed

  • dave fine

    and i doubt anyone will ever answer me here

  • dave fine

    i am 61 have always known i had some wonderful abilities, telepathy sometimes, etc, but i have always kept stuff to myself, so not sure how to deal with things. i don’t even want to discuss with most people

  • dave fine

    wakantanka, look it up. i have some special abilities

  • dave fine

    only people i have shared with are native americans. but that is neither here nor there. they say is nothing special

  • dave fine

    abnormal by our society, nothing by native americans

  • dave fine

    shamans say all our stuff is nothing new

  • dave fine

    god bless us. i guess i got it out of my system. just wanted to vent. the native americans say i am not anything special . i have special relationship with animals and plants, but not necessary to say more unless someone wants to talk to me. i have been out of the box for my whole life, and god blesses me. that is the way i see it

  • dave fine

    i am [email protected] if anyone has anythilng to say to me

  • dave fine

    i can put you in touch with shamans if you like, if you have similar experiences