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Medium Adventures: Two Warriors

Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it. ~Mark Twain, American author and Humorist

Here is an interesting thing that occurred recently. It only lasted about eight minutes, but it seemed like several days…

I was lying in bed, just getting to what I call the twilight place. It is that place between sleep and awake where you begin to have very surreal thoughts and scenes pass through your mind, but you are also aware of your “self” and thus technically still awake. (This is the place that astral travelers and people who practice lucid dreaming are able to maintain.)

Dark Ages WarriorAnyways, I became aware of an open field, or clearing, in which I was standing with a muddy garden and a small run-down hut off to my right. It was just about sunset in this clearing. There was a woman crying off to the edge of the clearing and she was looking down at the ground. I approached her and gazed down to try and see what was upsetting her so much.

When I did, I was looking into a deep hole and gazing straight into the blank, open eyes of a man who was stone cold dead. I got freaked (as one does) and just about lost my connection to the scene and this woman.

But I reminded myself of something that Erin Pavlina said to me when we had talked on the phone, “Allow yourself to be startled by what you are shown, but do not allow yourself to become frightened by it.”

I slowly calmed myself and pulled myself back into the scene. I mean, I was being shown this for a reason and I had to stay present long enough to figure out what that reason was.

I came back to the place and looked down into the grave hole again.

The man was clothed in a ripped and worn woolen tunic and leather breeches. There was also a very cheap and tarnished bit of chain mail in the hole beside him.

His eyes were wide open, staring blankly up into the cascading tree canopy that leaned over the edge of the clearing.

In those eyes I could see shock and pain, but not the normal … Continue reading →

First Words

“You and I are essentially infinite choice-makers. In every moment of our existence, we are in that field of all possibilities where we have access to an infinity of choices.”
~Deepak Chopra, Physician, Author & Lecturer

Psychic River Flowing

These are the first words that my guide ever spoke to me, back in the days when she and I only communicated through automatic writing. Then she convinced me that I could hear her well enough to fore-go the pencil and just listen… Now we are up to the point where I speak out loud for her if the occasion calls for it. Nevertheless here is some of our early stuff and some of the most direct stuff she’s ever written with the intention of reaching a wide audience….


A vision appears before me of ceramic people all sitting in a row. They stare sadly out to their world. It is this world. None see the others, each – a single machine. Thoughts permeate their minds, but never long enough to become actions. It is in this way that I began my life as well. But I see things differently now. You can too. But the journey is always unsure. Let me show you.

Life begins simply enough, two bodies enjoying sensations and combining life forces create another and it grows. These mechanics give way to birth and a spirit comes to join its new flesh. Thus begins our odd journey. Screaming out of the womb we enter into the “world.” But what is this world that we enter? Some would say it is … Continue reading →

Researching in the Akashic Library

“Nothing is there to come, and nothing past, but an eternal Now does always last. ”
~Abraham Cowley, 17th-Century English Poet

The Great Cosmic Library

This article is a repost from our old blog – originally dated July 16. 2008.

As a part of the channeling for our book manuscript I have been branching out and accessing new sources of information. Attempting new things is always a bit daunting, especially when you don’t know what to expect, but succeeding in new areas of channeling is always very exciting to me.

The most recent experience has been in accessing the Akashic Library. Of course, explanations of what the Akashic Records are abound so I won’t get too detailed here, suffice it to say that this wealth of information exists only ethereally. It is an energetic record of all that has ever been or will ever be in the universe. (Hey, you don’t have to believe it if you don’t want to, but really, what do you have to lose?)

There have been many descriptions of what this place looks like by those who supposedly have visited it. You will find that these descriptions vary widely and that those which bear a striking resemblance to one another do so because a person has read widely about the Library before attempting to go there.

I follow a different path, as I tend to absorb only the most perfunctory information about psychic phenomena before I attempt it. I just don’t want the wealth of other people’s opinions to cloud what I might experience.

With that in mind I have come to understand that … Continue reading →

Seasons of Renewal

“So as long as a person is capable of self-renewal, they are a living being.”
~Henri Frederic Amiel, 1821-1881, Swiss Poet & Philosopher

Spring Blossoms

With the birds chirping outside and the cool, yet sunny days growing longer, it is not difficult to appreciate the beauty of the springtime. The tulips poke their heads up through the ground, the squirrels and birds return to their business and the deep snows melt away. Still, spring is even more powerful than its inspiring visions of colorful flowers and running streams.

Spring carries with it a very unique energy, burgeoning with the buzz of renewal. Renewal, or to make all things new again, is a sacred energy, one that life could not continue without. The circle of life, so sacred to the belief structures of many cultures, would be an incomplete circle, and therefore not a continuous cycle, without the renewal, the rebirth.

How many times have we each wished that we could start things over again? Wished that we could have fresh energy or undo the mistakes or simply be young again? Well, spring is your time!

Though we may not know it, living in our fast-paced modern world, humans do enter a phase that is similar to hibernation during the winter months. Our energy gets lower, our bodies get looser, our sleep gets longer. With the natural return of the sun, spring begins the cycle of awakening, and thus renewal. We can embrace that energy and awaken feeling freshened, full of energy and ideas.

A very simple way of getting a little bit of this springtime energy into your soul is to … Continue reading →

Impulse or Inspiration?

“Cleanse your emotions, passions, impulses, attitudes, and reactions. That is the essence of spiritual discipline as laid down in all faiths.”
~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba, South Indian Guru and Spiritual Teacher

Crossroads in the Wilderness

While you are walking the path of spiritual development, slowly building a greater awareness of your spirit, personal motivations, actions and your effect upon the world, you are also learning to recognize the difference between a spirit-thought and an ego-thought.

The easiest way to phrase this is that you are learning to discern your impulses from your inspirations.

Sometimes these impulses are big things like the impulse to drink a case of beer at lunchtime or the impulse to jump in bed with a beautiful stranger behind your wife’s back. But often what we are faced with are the collection of small daily impulses that, when followed blindly, drain us of our energy, our focus and our self-esteem.

For instance, this morning, between the moment of waking, kissing my beloved, taking a sip of water, then using the bathroom (a sequence which took roughly 4 minutes) I had a total of four self-defeating and/or distracting impulses. All of which were completely unrelated to what my true spirit or a healthy, happy mind and body would desire in reality.

These consisted of several old friends such as: the go-back-to-bed monster, the fear-of-falling-down-the-stairs demon, the ghost of sugary-cereal-for-breakfast and the sucked-into-the-internet-inferno dragon.

Why do … Continue reading →

Oneness and Divinity Today

“I am a part of all that I have met.”
~Alfred, Lord Tennyson, 1809-1892, Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom

Oneness and Love

You are my brother one. I am your sister one. The divine ALL from whence we came is calling upon us to ascend, to raise our personal vibration along with our awareness and begin to come together to show others the way of healing, of community.

We must take our awareness, which is still rather a rare gift, and use it to heal the planet, to save whomever we can by helping them to awaken to their own true divine connection and to accept the truth on a very real level, that we are all ONE. That each of us is just a simple expression of one tiny aspect of a larger, limitless whole. We are like molecules in the body of eternity, but molecules with all the creative and loving powers of that whole.

We can teach others verbally, or with written words, about light energy as creation, about the existence of the ALL that is all we see and more, or we can teach others by the laying on of hands. Some are open to these “direct understanding” methods of spiritual learning, but many are not. Are these the “sleeping” ones who will not ascend when our planet enters its true fourth-dimensional state? Perhaps. But I believe that we each have the opportunity to awaken some of them, and without any true forcing of the topic at hand. … Continue reading →