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First Words

“You and I are essentially infinite choice-makers. In every moment of our existence, we are in that field of all possibilities where we have access to an infinity of choices.”
~Deepak Chopra, Physician, Author & Lecturer

Psychic River Flowing

These are the first words that my guide ever spoke to me, back in the days when she and I only communicated through automatic writing. Then she convinced me that I could hear her well enough to fore-go the pencil and just listen… Now we are up to the point where I speak out loud for her if the occasion calls for it. Nevertheless here is some of our early stuff and some of the most direct stuff she’s ever written with the intention of reaching a wide audience….


A vision appears before me of ceramic people all sitting in a row. They stare sadly out to their world. It is this world. None see the others, each – a single machine. Thoughts permeate their minds, but never long enough to become actions. It is in this way that I began my life as well. But I see things differently now. You can too. But the journey is always unsure. Let me show you.

Life begins simply enough, two bodies enjoying sensations and combining life forces create another and it grows. These mechanics give way to birth and a spirit comes to join its new flesh. Thus begins our odd journey. Screaming out of the womb we enter into the “world.” But what is this world that we enter? Some would say it is reality. Most would call it life. I am not so sure that we see it all correctly. It is our perception of this place that we train to our desires over time. I do not desire to see evil, so I do not. Perhaps, you do not desire to see reason, so you won’t. It is all relative to what we find unnecessary. Each is on their own plane of existence. We populate one world, but have many others within us. I am here to test this theory.

Tell me what you desire and I will show you something that is possible. You may have it all, if you tell it to be. This is a truth of the ages. One which time has buried. The race that you run does not exist as to the real purpose of life. Check your person for the true meaning of breath and energy and it will not be for you to work at nothing your whole life. It is in you to transcend this path and walk in a place of infinite light. It is not a dream what you dream, it is a possibility. All can go to their heaven and live every day. I am not here to tell you to quit the mundane necessities of your world, but to show you of other life lessons. All men can love life and life can love you back. People are here to learn the world, not to break its forces. Teachers exist if you seek what is unseen. Nothing you learned in school can make suffering less or happiness more. All must seek a true life purpose within their own spirit. Body is but temporary and that which you need is already provided. All else is folly and an illusion of man.

Take a chance to view your life from a place of innocence and tell me what lessons you see there. Life is long and yet short for a time to grow. The spirit manifests itself but little in your daily workings if you do not try to cultivate it. I wish to show you how, but you must read this as a person willing to trust, to work and grow.

Here is the first truth: you are not merely mortal. You are an eternal changeling, spirit incarnate. Believe what you will. You may begin from there. Whence you came is not flesh, it is the vessel and you the pilot within. Live every day secure in this knowledge and fear not the tests of this life. You do not need to take them. This is the answer to all difficulties of time. Take only those that you must, lessons only and not negativities. They are made by you, taken by you, expressed only in your terms. None other can affect your path but you. These friends about you, you chose each of them. The family of this time and place you chose from another. They teach what you need to learn. Learn it well and live all lessons whether hard or easy. Each a purpose unto itself.