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Healing This Wounded World

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
~ Helen Keller, American author, Political Activist, and Lecturer

We Are All OneA Call from Maggie and the other Guides…

It is time to forego the weapons of the mind, the hand. It is time to relinquish the media culture and the political fog over your eyes.

Let the world wage a healing war. Let thy weapons be thousands of candles lit in prayer.

All of you, my enlightened ones, must send, now, your healing light, your songs and your loving energies to the Syria, to New Orleans, to Palestine & Libya, to sweatshops in Asia, to the angry minds and hearts in Spain & Greece, to London, New York City, Cuba & Haiti, earthquake ravaged Japan, to the still-scarred lands of former Nazi occupation, to Iraqi families, to Afghanistan, to the mountains of Tibet, to India and Pakistan (so set in their ways,) to Africa and those suffering with Aids and with starvation…..

Wherever there is human suffering unresolved there festers an open sore in the plane of this existence. This open sore permits an entrance point for infection of the whole entity that is the Mother Earth. When Mother Earth ails none, no people, no land, can be safe from her illness.

If these wounds are healed, however, by the unconditional love of the human community, they may instead become the seeds of a revival….a blossoming of love and peace in the garden of life, from which the sustenance of all creatures is derived.

Hug one another without fear, forget about personal space, for space is merely a perception not a reality, enter each others lives in openness and love. Meditate on the distribution of free love, love without expectations, to all….light candles of white and yellow and pink and let them illuminate the dark and wounded places of this world and fill them with light and balance and joy.

I emanate undying light from the All to every corner of the All, where what is possible is everything that you know is not im-possible and that, is ALL.

Blessings from the Cosmic Family

You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.

~Desmond Tutu, South African Bishop & Social Activist

Family of LightHope is coming to you from all sides. It is pelting at the Earth from beings and planets unknown to you. Each beam of sunlight, each fresh breeze, they are carrying to you warmth and tenderness from your energetic brothers and sisters throughot the cosmos. We have no agenda. We have only love for you.

Some of us choose to come and offer you guidance, but in general we are simply desirous of celebrating our kinship with you. Your world is in a time of great change, great awakening. This is signaled by the newfound open-mindedness of your specis, but also by cataclysm, social upheaval and fear. That is why we are here, offering you love, embracing you at the heart level, mingling our divine spirit energy with your own. Such times call for togetherness on all levels, for a strengthening of community and for creative answers to age-old questions.

Most cosmic societies have already undergone this process. We have already walked the flames of awakening and been birthed out the other side. As will you be, in whatever way your species evolves.

Still, it is not enough for us to say to you that more beautiful things than you can imagine are awaiting you, beyond all of the gloom, fear and suffering. You cannot see that yet and so you will likely not believe us.

Just know that there is immeasurable, divine joy surrounding you, that you are being loved and guided, even as you walk unware of your own magnificence and your own divine opportunities.

Everything will unfold as it should.

You are already blessed.

Daily Awakening Podcast

“Keep your fears to yourself, but share your inspiration with others.”
~ Robert Louis Stevenson, 19th-century Scottish Novelist & Poet

Listening to iPod

We are proud to announce our new venture, the Daily Awakening podcast. The light of the universe comes through in these brief, uplifting episodes, intended to bring you fresh spiritual inspiration for your life.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been enjoying the process of learning and creating as Vera Nadine and the guides get into the groove of bringing you direct, to-the-point, spiritual inspiration in this accessible and easily digestible format.

Here are some of our most popular episodes thus far:

Reduce Stress, Embrace Peace
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The Warmth of an Open Heart

By the way, if you enjoy this podcast, be sure to subscribe by RSS or on iTunes. :-)

May you be blessed on your journey!

Time As A Spiral

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”
~ Albert Einstein, Physicist & All-Around Genius

Time Spiral

Channeling From the Universe:

If you watch time you will see that it is not a line or a layer cake but a spiral, long and winding, unending ever-repeating.

What is the spiral is the energy of creation and manifestation, the ebb and flow of all energies, all form.

What comes once will come again, and an opportunity missed will be offered once more, in time.

When you see time as a line you limit your self-perception and make your separation from the source even more definite.

When you embrace nature and time as the spirals for which they truly are you may be free from fear and worry, you may relinquish both desire and regret.

For what can be wrong in the spiral?

What is, simply is, and all is repeated so long as the energy vibration of their existence is present in the existence of All.

As each thing is born and dies, and yet is ever-present in one form or another, never truly GONE or DISSOLVED, the only way that a thing may not recur in the spiral is for it to be transmuted.

Nothing can be ended per se, only changed at the core essence and thence become something else.

If we do not manifest that which we desire at some point in time and yet find that we somehow are never given the opportunity again at another point in time, the only answer must be that we have manifested it in its transmuted state, as another thing.

Perhaps it may have been unrecognizable from its perceived essence and yet, nevertheless, we have accepted it into our life and it has played its role for us in transmuted form.

Thus all thought is manifestation and to bring light we must think light.

Only our actions, our energy and our thoughts have the power to transmute, to make darkness into light.

And if you cannot think it, cannot believe it in your core spirit essence, then it simply cannot be.

Channeling: Perception and Reconnection

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is – infinite”
~ William Blake, 1757-1827, English Visionary, Mystic, Poet, & Painter

To Perceive Life

There is more to this world than you see.

Perhaps if you listen.

Not just with your ears, but with your heart.

The eyes can be so deceptive.

They’re like the Ego.

They are more dominant.

They like to take control.

If you can feel something but you cannot see it, then somehow it is less valid.

Your mind says, “If we cannot see it, it is not here.”

Then how can you explain the feeling?

If you can feel it, it is even more present than if you can only see it.

The eyes do see truth, but filtered through the mind.

Touch, feeling, emotion, the initial reality of these is raw and natural…..

Only once your mind says, “Open your eyes and look for what you feel or what you think you feel…”

Then the feeling, the emotion, is filtered through the mind and given lesser status.

But can train yourself to … Continue reading →

Communicae from the Sphere People

“There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge, but can never prove how it got there.”
~ Albert Einstein, Physicist, Philosopher and Author

Spheres of Light

In the autumn of 2004 I was working diligently on my Masters thesis and in the throes of all that academic pressure I became aware of an energy spending a great deal of time around me.

I tried hard to ignore this rather insistent energy and to focus on the writing and research that I was meant to be working on.

Not that I wasn’t aware of my abilities as a medium, because I had been developing that gift for three years and three months already when this energy appeared.

But I did not particularly want to channel this energy. Mainly because every time I began to let it come through it caused my body to go rigid. It made my fingers and toes curl up and lock. It made my shoulders tense up and pull inward and my legs freeze into distorted positions.

Eventually, I had to let the energy come through, and what it had to say – the soliloquy that it went on – was shocking and moving and just plain interesting to me.

The beings that spoke have come to me several times since then but I was not letting them through because the way that they manifest is just beyond uncomfortable.

Now, not long ago I shared a channeling from a very bitter Mayan priest (whom I am sure some of you remember) that finally clued me in to why these beings … Continue reading →

Choosing Hope Over Fear

“Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without words, and never stops at all.”
~ Emily Dickinson, 19th Century American Poetess

Choosing Hope

This is a channeling from one of my guides – I hope that it touches you.


There is nothing to fear in this world, in your life. For all that is meant to be will come to pass, good or bad.

The universe decides when and where creation and destruction will take place, and it does so lovingly, without malice or forethought. There is only loving creation, and the act of destruction is merely another stage in an ever-expanding creative process.

The intent of the universal creator is, has always been, and will always be, balance. Balance in all things, for all things are this creator itself. And in knowing itself, and its joy, it seeks only growth, only balance.

Two dogs meet on the roadway, one going home, the other going away. Yet both are still alive. Both are still free. Whether the one going ever returns, or whether the one returning ever again goes, is not of any consequence. They are both equal and the same.

All that the universe has ever created still is. Even if it’s … Continue reading →

Twin Brothers, Twin Guides

“Body and spirit are twins: God only knows which is which”
~ Algernon Charles Swinburne, 19th-Century English Poet

Twin Brothers

Note: I have changed some names and identifying information in this story, owing to the fact that I do not share highly personal information belonging to my clients.


As my years of channeling carry on and my professional channellings increase, I every once in a while stumble into a spiritual situation that I have never experienced before.

My gifts keep growing and, every time that I think I’ve seen it all, things still crop up that are completely new and foreign to me.

I recently had a gentleman order a reading for more guidance on his own path of personal growth and healing…nothing out of the ordinary there.

I read his email and rewrote the questions so that they would be more likely to illicit good answers…again, pretty run-of-the-mill.

Several days later I sat down to do the reading and asked for any guides to come forward and I felt one energy arrive…good, but normal.

But, when I asked this energy its name, that is when something weird happened. (Keep in mind that I am a witch, a channel and a spirit medium…I don’t say WEIRD very often.)

I asked the guide’s name and (in two distinctly different voices) he said first, “Jimmy Joe” and then immediately, “Jimmy Ray.”

I asked again. He said firmly, “Jimmy Joe.” And then in another voice firmly said, “Jimmy Ray.”

This was strange to me. It was a single energy, I was sure of it. But how could it not know its own name?

So I assessed the feeling from each name. Jimmy Joe, when I said it to myself in conjunction with … Continue reading →

The Mayan: A Bitter But Wise Man

“I shall go further and say that even if an examination of the past could lead to any valid prediction concerning man’s future, that prediction would be the contrary of reassuring.”
~Julien Benda, 20th-Century French Philosopher and Novelist

Mayan Wall Art

This article is a repost from our old blog – originally dated April 2007.

Here is an interesting one…

As I have explained to a few of you, and will explain in a post sometime soon, I have a spiritual connection to the past and often get communications from ancient and historical figures interspersed with my regular channelings. The most interesting was a visit from a Mayan priest, filled with wisdom but also filled with tears and bitterness. He gives information on the end of his era in Mayan times and also about the traumas which our world is currently undergoing…specifically planetary phenomena and humankind.

I do not entirely share his opinions on some of things he talks about but I liked him enough that I want to do him justice by not censoring his words. If you take offense and email me I will assume that you haven’t read this part of the post and after laughing at your silliness I will promptly forward your email to the ether so that he can get a good chuckle too, wherever he is.

Be warned, this could be seen as depressing information if you do not keep in mind that he is seeing our “reality” through a very thick veil and that all divination and psychic messages are ultimately changeable by human will.


Will we as individuals suffer while our planetary changes occur?

The Mayan: We have already suffered. There is drought where there was fertile soil. We have died and there is no one to remember us. All that we worked so hard for, all that we sacrificed for, was in vain. I do not know the moon upon my face. In the many hours I sat by the fire, in all of the visions that I saw, never once could I have imagined the horror. So swift, like a fire through the desert brush, and all was gone. Oh the Earth lived on, and mankind as well but in some barren, soulless, polluted form. It will happen again. We were so wrong in our calculations, so wrong in our dreaming. How could predictions be so…flat? No one can ever describe, no vision can ever show that which is unknowable. There will be great upheaval and not all will die but not all will live. Those who live will be an entirely different humanity, maybe better hopefully better, wiser, more observant of the natural cycles, but maybe worse, more greedy, more defensive, more warlike. Let us hope this is not to be.

To whom are we currently speaking?

Answer: Sa-DI-een Sadayine. Sadayine Namayazal.

And where do you hail from?

Sadayine: I don’t know what you call us. Mayan, as if all that we have seen could be summed up in a word, so banal, so bland. The calendar is wrong. So many years, so many calculations, so many ceremonies and sacrifices (of people.) And it is wrong.

Has the end of your calendar already passed or is it yet to come?

Sadayine: Our calendar ended when we did. The entirety of our world was washed clean by … Continue reading →

Channeling: The Peace Within

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”

Peaceful Flower with Dew

Abandon all delusion and allow yourself to feel the true nature of your being. You are light, once and always. You are all light and only light. That is the truth of creation and being. What is light is also dark for light IS dark incarnate. From darkness came creation and all creation is but forms of light.

Peace is attainable within by your admission that all ambition and desire is a falsehood, a set of clothes that the soul wears while in this limited physical form, for however brief that form lives. But all clothes may and must be discarded in order for the truth of your freedom to permeate your existence and for the original naked nature of your soul to return to its place at the forefront of your being.

Grasp only onto a knowledge if it continues to serve this ultimate goal. Let go all perceptions of the self to which you hold dear for they are simply manifestations of this clothing which keeps you from true harmony and peace with your fellow travelers on this spiritual journey.

This life and its self are temporary rest stops, brief obstacles on the climb within a greater journey and the ultimate destination.

Guises worn by yourself and others fall away and crumble of their own accord at all times. Why should you wait for … Continue reading →