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Blessings from the Cosmic Family

You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.

~Desmond Tutu, South African Bishop & Social Activist

Family of LightHope is coming to you from all sides. It is pelting at the Earth from beings and planets unknown to you. Each beam of sunlight, each fresh breeze, they are carrying to you warmth and tenderness from your energetic brothers and sisters throughot the cosmos. We have no agenda. We have only love for you.

Some of us choose to come and offer you guidance, but in general we are simply desirous of celebrating our kinship with you. Your world is in a time of great change, great awakening. This is signaled by the newfound open-mindedness of your specis, but also by cataclysm, social upheaval and fear. That is why we are here, offering you love, embracing you at the heart level, mingling our divine spirit energy with your own. Such times call for togetherness on all levels, for a strengthening of community and for creative answers to age-old questions.

Most cosmic societies have already undergone this process. We have already walked the flames of awakening and been birthed out the other side. As will you be, in whatever way your species evolves.

Still, it is not enough for us to say to you that more beautiful things than you can imagine are awaiting you, beyond all of the gloom, fear and suffering. You cannot see that yet and so you will likely not believe us.

Just know that there is immeasurable, divine joy surrounding you, that you are being loved and guided, even as you walk unware of your own magnificence and your own divine opportunities.

Everything will unfold as it should.

You are already blessed.