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Movement as Sacred Action

“Movement never lies: it is a barometer telling the state of the soul’s weather to all who can read it.”

~Martha Graham, American Dancer & Choreographer

Soul in Motion

Not all of us are triathletes. And, not all of us are couch potatoes. Most of us fall somewhere in between.

I tend to label myself in the category of homebody intellectual, meaning that most of my pursuits require brain or some occasional hand-eye coordination but few of them require me to get off my butt and leave the house. Yet, I still consider myself a well-rounded person.

Until recently I saw no problem with this arrangement, but have suddenly come to understand that to be active and breath fresh air is just as important to a spiritual life as are faith and meditation.

Those of us who maintain an active spirituality often eschew physical exercise and physical labour in favour of chanting “Om” and reading about the power of attraction or the life of the Dalai Lama. Yet getting spiritual must also mean acknowledging the divine nature of your physical body.

Our family recently lost a beloved pet. From muscular and energetic he sickened and went down hill so suddenly that we very clearly saw what happens when a spirit leaves this physical existence. As he got closer to passing away his eyes lost their sparkle and his spirit slowly became unmanifest. He fought and fought, following us and meowing, laying with us and attempting to swat at his old toys. His spirit was not willing to leave, it wanted to live more. Then, when he crossed over, his little furry body, which had been so sleek and beautiful and cuddly, just looked like an empty shell – a puppet.

Seeing this process with a loving eye, I had to then stop and look at my own life, my husband’s and my baby’s. Could neglect of our bodies, our environment and our natural world take one of us from this physical plane before we truly were ready to go? Could our lovely little soul family be separated so easily and so rapidly?

Spirits come to this world to experience the magic of being a spirit and yet being able to act and create and learn on a physical, solid level. Some are taken back to spirit long before the lessons they desired have been experienced.

The “reality” that we humans currently live in can be harsh and dangerous, chemicals and machines often lead to illness and accident. We cannot control everything and some things truly are destined to be. Yet embracing the divine nature of this one-lifetime-only body that we have been given means honoring it’s fragility by caring for it just as vigorously (perhaps even moreso) than we to tend to our spiritual development.

In acknowledging our own sacredness we must eventually come closer to our physical world, not more detached from it. Moving our body is a sacred act, feeding it right is a sacred act. These have been difficult lessons for me to implement in my life. Truth be told I find reading, knitting and meditating much easier than walking, swimming and cooking for myself.

My spiritual and creative work is my true life purpose. I am here to bring light to my son, my husband and my readers. But, if I get sick (and I have been so more than most) and I become disabled or die suddenly, I leave my work undone. I leave my family broken. The same is true for us all, divine guidance is telling humanity –during this critical time for our species– that balance is key. We must find the balance between spirit and body, nature and technology, greed and kindness.

Balance for me seems more crucial than ever. Not just once, but several times, I have woken up at night with a pain in my chest or my arm and thought “That’s it, the bad diet and extra weight has caught up with me. I am having a heart attack.” Can you imagine being a new Mom and having such a horrible thought? So, I began a serious challenge to myself – spend 79 days doing something that is good for you, especially if you don’t want to do it, and watch your life change. I have chosen 79 days of smaller portions and a focused fitness regime.

When you embrace deliberate movement you are not just honoring the body as a vehicle for your true self, you are caressing the spirit within. You are enlivening it and its purpose, increasing the energy of your oneness. There is a unification of mind, body and soul, all working towards one goal: the betterment of you, your mood, mindset, life & divine purpose.

I am more than 50 days into it now and you know what I discovered? Believe it or not, sticking to a hard workout and repeating it over and over again makes you feel amazing! Confidence boosts and chakras glow. You get so proud of yourself, you feel more energy and you begin to smile at yourself in the mirror. When darkness looms, and you feel depressed or someone has upset you and made you feel powerless, just 30 minutes of jumping jacks, sit-ups, dumbbell curls and toe touches can bring true light and happiness out of you.

I hear some of you saying, “Oh it’s endorphins.” And, I am sure that is partially true. Remember also that we are divine, aware beings walking around in these temporary shells. That eternal spiritual being knows that it needs the body in order to accomplish its life purpose, its goals and lessons. When you take care of that body, the spirit can shine all the brighter, at a higher vibration closer to its original loving source. This is genuine happiness that comes from deep within.

Happiness is also contagious. It’s infectious. So when you move to benefit your own heart and soul, you are also moving toward benefitting those of the people with whom you spend your time. It’s a win-win situation!

  • Alexa

    So true. I have always found that moving my body makes me feel whole. And the idea of not being able to move it the way I want is terrifying. I think it is why I am drawn to running. There is a saying that "if you haven't found the answers to your problems after a 4 hour run, they ain't comin'." The thing is, they always do. the movement IS a mediitation. it is a ZONE, a FOCUS, a type of ZEN, if you can stick it out long enough to get there. Glad to see you've found your groove, mama. Enjoy the ride!

  • Judy

    Awesome, thank you so much for writing this – it is so inspiring, just what I needed to hear at this moment! Whatever you do keep going with looking after yourself and if you ever need encouragement to keep going i'll be there!

  • Mum

    Sorry to hear that you have not been well, pleased to hear you are taking positive steps to heal and grow stronger. Know that I always send loving thoughts to you.