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Ebook: Of Orange Aliens and Crop Circles

“Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.”

~Neil Armstrong, Astronaut & First Man on the Moon

Orange Crop CircleThe following is excerpted from our ebook of the same name…

From time to time, in the course of my channelings and meditations, I get a piece of psychic history that shocks even me.

This is rare and usually comes in the form of first-person experience of a topic or time-period which I was not even expecting or intending to contact.

One such occasion was in the course of a personal meditation, a few years ago now, where I was receiving guidance from my higher self. All of a sudden, she told me to look into a puddle on the ground and that she would show me something of great importance.

I did as she suggested and was immediately transported in a direction that I can best describe as upwards. I rose up through a misty haze and was instantly transported back down again, backwards in time, into an endless lush jungle.

The covering or canopy was thick and green, damp, tall and dark. I knew that there were tribes of people living here, though how I knew this at that point I don’t really understand. I walked through this ancient, untouched place, pushing branches and large fronds out of my way as I went and eventually came to a small clearing amongst the trees and vines.

There, in the clearing, was a sight that I could never have dreamt, not in any vision, dream or meditation had I ever seen anything even remotely like it. There, in the middle of the clearing, stood a speechless (as in not able to produce what we think of as speech) wild man.

He was similar to, though more magnificent than, our textbook illustrations of Neanderthal man. Behind him, towards the edge of the clearing, stood a small group of other wild people, half hidden in the jungle. It was obvious to me that he was their chosen leader, perhaps for his physique and strength or bravery. In front of him, in a huge, blinding beam of light, stood some kind of “alien” creature. It was flat as a piece of paper, tall, angular and orange-reddish of color, and dwarfed the wild man by as many as three or four feet.

This creature, obviously also a leader of some sort, had a number of similar creatures, of varying heights and shades of orange, standing behind it. These two groups of beings were communicating with each other, exactly how I cannot work out, but the orange people did not speak in words, they spoke telepathically. The wild men seemed to only grunt and gesture, yet their “leader” was nodding his head and grunting in an understanding toward the orange leader.

The orange creatures were asking for something from the wild men, showing them pictures of their own reality in their minds. Once these beings had finished telling their story to the wild man, he paused for a few moments, just standing before this tall, flat being.

Then the man stepped backward a bit, toward the edge of the forest and seemed to hold council with his fellow tribes people. There was a lot of confusion, then some level of disagreement, followed by some type of … Continue reading →