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Channeling: Perception and Reconnection

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is – infinite”
~ William Blake, 1757-1827, English Visionary, Mystic, Poet, & Painter

To Perceive Life

There is more to this world than you see.

Perhaps if you listen.

Not just with your ears, but with your heart.

The eyes can be so deceptive.

They’re like the Ego.

They are more dominant.

They like to take control.

If you can feel something but you cannot see it, then somehow it is less valid.

Your mind says, “If we cannot see it, it is not here.”

Then how can you explain the feeling?

If you can feel it, it is even more present than if you can only see it.

The eyes do see truth, but filtered through the mind.

Touch, feeling, emotion, the initial reality of these is raw and natural…..

Only once your mind says, “Open your eyes and look for what you feel or what you think you feel…”

Then the feeling, the emotion, is filtered through the mind and given lesser status.

But can train yourself to trust in your feelings, to heighten your awareness….

Simply by refusing to play the game of the Ego and the eyes.

And by saying, My perception, my feelings, my emotions are as important as what you (the eyes) view, as what the mind thinks it sees.”

The mind is a great tool.

It is what allows your spirit to live in your body.

But it has become the great translator.

It doesn’t want you to learn the language.

It wants you to be dependent upon it…

To believe everything that it says about what your Spirit feels.

It is needed as a translator between the vast, unending, unfathomable energies of the Universe that reside in your Spirit and the minimized, limited, lower energetic levels of your Physical body.

But the mind does not have to control all.

It does not have to be the end answer to every question.

It wants to be.

But for some things there are Universal languages.

There is feeling, perception, knowing.

The trick of the mind is to tell you that you must learn something, practice at it, become adept, in order to say that you know it.

But this is not necessarily true.

There are some things that the spirit simply KNOWS.

It is the mind that casts the seed of doubt and tells you,

“You can’t know of that.

You’ve never experienced it in this life.

You’ve never studied it.

You can’t see it with your own two eyes.

You can’t pick it up with your hands.

If it is not physical, it is not real.”

But I ask you, is your connection to all life physical?

Is your spirit something you can see?


And yet you KNOW that it is there.

There are some things that we’re willing to admit are mysterious and hidden and invisible and not manifest and yet still existent.

But so many things we cut ourselves off from.

The world of energy is the most important thing for us to acknowledge.

There is so much more to life and living, to our planet and to the beauties that the Universe holds, so much more than we are willing to see.

We’re only willing to see the hard material aspects. We’re only willing to see how we can use things…“what are they good for?”

Does a Ghost Orchid have to be good for something?

Isn’t just the knowledge of its existence and its beauty, of the wonder of nature, enough?

We only want to save and savor the things which have a use.

Something we can distill from them, and market.

Something we can build something else out of.

Something we can remove the value from and implement in some other way.

It is our failure to acknowledge IS-ness.

The simple beauty of existence.

Our own…

Other animals…

The beautiful little magnificent things of nature…

The joy of love and connection and breath.

It is this failure to recognize Is-ness, to stop and enjoy simply being, that disconnects us from our spirit.

It breeds ill health, ill mentality, ill behavior.

It lends itself to stress, anger, loneliness, depression, despair, sickness.

Let us each try to begin seeing the things that can’t be seen.

Quieting the mind.

And listening in our hearts and in the cool breezes and in the songs of the birds, for that Universal language.

The one which needs no translation but simply IS.

For in the few moments that it takes to be in the NOW

And to believe simply for the sake of belief…

And to quiet the mind and breathe in the Universal song of energy and joy and creation that’s all around us,

We begin to let our Spirit back in.

It begins to heal our pains and our fears and our wounds,

And replace them with connection and calm and knowing and joy.

There is a pain in the heart of the Earth.

In the heart of all life.

And it is the loss of connection.

I begin to heal that pain by reaching out the hand and the fingers of my soul to touch yours.

And so let it continue.


  • Luna

    Exactly what i was looking for thank you.
    I came upon this site
    when i was listening to calming music
    when i heard the words in my head
    "There is more to this world than what you see"
    which puzzled me because i wasn't thinking of anything
    for those words to be in my mind.

    And now i understand what it means