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Should You Be Afraid of Being a Psychic Medium?

“I don’t believe that ghosts are “spirits of the dead” because I don’t believe in death. In the multiverse, once you’re possible, you exist. And once you exist, you exist forever one way or another. Besides, death is the absence of life, and the ghosts I’ve met are very much alive. What we call ghosts are lifeforms just as you and I are.”
~ Paul F. Eno, Author and Paranormal Researcher

Being Afriad

As an addition to my Medium Adventures series, a reader recently asked me this question….Should you be afraid of being a medium?

It is an interesting question. And one that several people who have “accidentally” or “purposely” developed this skill over time have probably been faced with.

To be honest because I am a trained witch, meaning a “wise woman,” who has been exposed to the paranormal on a regular basis since I was fifteen, I never really had this concern at all.

But religion and dogma are just a doorway to true spirituality. Many of us are now becoming “spiritual” and slowly dropping the restrictive “religious” approach to self development.

With this in mind, the gifted mediums who are now beginning to blossom and step onto the stage, myself included, come from all different backgrounds and carry with them a wide array of beliefs and understandings.

You may have come to this path through Buddhism, or Catholicism or through Judaism. Where you came from denotes how you will react to the realization that you are starting to develop certain abilities.

This is what annoys me about some of the blogs out there written by other psychic mediums: They speak in a pointed manner about all sorts of “negative” experiences that they’ve had.

Call it transparency or call it shock value, but it does absolutely zero to foster healing or awareness in people. It simply serves to make people keep paranormal phenomena at arms length, to essentially cut themselves off from the spiritual world and their own gifts.

What these psychics fail to realize is that their negative experiences are caused mainly by their own selves, by their approach. (Or lack thereof.)

A witch learns to Believe not just Think that they are in control of the elements and the spiritual realm. Yes, these forces can do things that we cannot do (such as materialize and dematerialize at will) but they cannot take manifest form. This fact gives us a power over them, however much that power may be rooted in the ego.

We are physical beings, but with just as strong of a spiritual energy as any paranormal phenomena. The first thing is to set up boundaries. Spirits have different levels of ability themselves. Some can hear, some can see, some just sense. Others can muster up enough force to speak and even, at times, to move things.

I just felt that shiver run through all of you. *wink, wink* Oh, come on.

So if I approach the communication with spirits, elementals entities and other extra-sensory beings with the knowledge that I am the one in control, it enables me to change my energy frequency in such a way that they understand the boundaries.

I speak to them, both internally and also out loud when I feel the need. I simply tell them that I am open, but that they will only enter when I agree, that they will not show me horrific images, that they will leave my sleep in peace and that they will not fully possess my consciousness. (Most of them do not wish to do this anyway, for how could you give them aid or tell their story if you weren’t present for the bulk of the communication?)

So that is, basically, it for setting up boundaries. Yes, it really is that simple. The key isn’t using biblical symbols or calling archangels or speaking in fancy tongues. The key is true Belief that you have the upper hand.

Think of it this way: If they were more powerful than you are in your little ole physical form, why would they need to come through you to accomplish their work? Why wouldn’t it be you needing to go through them? (Leaving aside the fact that at some points on your learning path it will be you needing to go through them to accomplish your work. That’s what they call a symbiotic relationship folks.)

Many spirits and elementals are simple in nature and not some big galactic or evil force wanting to control all that you do for the next forever and ever, amen.

No. It is the mind and belief structure of the medium that gives these beings their form much of the time. You believe that there is 50% evil in the world and 50% good and you are just waiting for the day when that “evil” attaches itself to you and rides you like a sweaty night hag? Well then, baby, you will have that day, sure as a rainstorm.

But if you believe that we are all essentially of one Great Source, just walking at different learning points on a similar path and you believe that you can help others by becoming one with their energy for a brief space of time…that’s what you’ll end up experiencing. Like the creator of rainbows. ;)

If you are at the beginning of this adventure and you are experiencing new abilities then just let it ride for a while. See where it takes you. This truly is a gift.

Of course, right now, it may not seem like a gift. But at least know that it can be a gift to others. You can help others, just by being open to spirit. You won’t need to go and spend the eight years in college to become a psychiatrist or parapsychologist. You’ll be able to help them instantly, giving guidance and effecting some much needed resolution.

If you feel fear or pain at the thought of becoming a medium, first embrace the feelings as valid expressions of your own inner self awareness. Then allow yourself the freedom to realize your place within all creation and your oneness with all things.

You ARE those spirits, YOU need to get YOUR message through, YOU need to know resolution, YOU need to heal the wounds that YOU had in life so that YOU can progress onward and upward, unburdened to meet YOUR next challenge.

See how it changes and becomes less threatening when you identify with the fact that we are all one and the same energy force striving for the ultimate awareness so that we can reconnect with our Source? You realize the importance of the work that you are being called to do.

If all else fails and you KNOW that you WANT to follow this path of the medium but you have hit a stumbling block, reach out and make contact with another medium. Tell them about your hopes, your fears and your difficulties.

Some may be short with you. Some may be over-wordy. But all will be familiar with at least some of what you are feeling. And just writing out your experiences will help you, I guarantee it.

Blessings on your own path to self-discovery.

-Vera Nadine

  • Toni Harris

    This is so refreshing as I am just starting to really develop my skills, and dont want to let my fears get in my own way. A wonderful saying that came to me last night was, "If you fill yourself with Love, there is no room for Fear."
    Thanks for this article!

  • Danielle

    I appreciate this article and understand that what I have is a true gift but if I'm honest I really am just looking for a way to get rid of it. It's maybe because I have no control over it, I manage to block spirits out most of the time but if I'm drunk for example it overwhelms me and I start giving detailed messages to people I just meet… help!

  • Rob

    If there is life after death, then where are all the souls who are killed in wars and mass natural disasters – how come only a few appear?

    • Christina Johnson

      They probably went through the process of Crossing Over as in going to the place they were supposed to go after they died. Some can call it they went back to the primal source or even call it heaven or hell or summer-land. Only the most troubled spirits or spirits with unfinished business stay earthbound. At least that is what I have learned as a medium myself.

      Anyway to the one who posted this article. I thank you because even though my abilities have been around for about a year now, I have been starting to feel afraid of my gifts. This helps me alot to be reassured that I am the one in control no matter what. I guess the reason why Im getting afraid is because I don't have a lot of confidence in my abilities and I see things and sometimes feel like, is that real? Lol It would be cool to talk with another medium if I can find one that will do it for free :P to try and get confirmation. Also I have soo many other questions it's not funny. Nobody here understands.

      • Bonita

        I am also glad I came across the article, in the past year I have become acutely aware that I am medium …it is very scary thing. I take it that I can turn the gift in…even though I never ask for it…lol .. I really would like to talk to someone that is a experienced medium too. Sometimes I get so many messages, symbols…words voices, that I don't know how to stop them or interpret what it all means. Just recently I have started understing the symbols in the visions but I want to learn how to control it better, where I don't feel bombarded.

      • ash

        just came across this site if you want we can email eachother im going thru the same thinking about opening up more ok well hope to hear from you [email protected]

  • Bonita

    Sometime the visions are so strong that I can see beyond what they want me to see…even when I am driving. Its scary!! My sleep is constantly interupted with symbols. voices and feelings. I bought some Tarot cards to try to channel the messages through the cards that works somewhat…I don't get as many as often. When I bind the cards and put them near my bed, I sleep very hard and my dreams are very clear. If I put the cards unbounded in away from the bed…the I get alot of symbols when I close my eyes… The cards "bonded" is the only thing that I see that helps me manage the situation right now. I don't know what eles I can do…if you have any ideas please let me know…

  • gigi cano

    hello !!!!!
    so i just recently discovered that i have been channeling a spirits since i was a child. i was completely unaware of this until maybe a few days ago. i have been battling myself for years thinking i was dealing with hormonal issues, and or maybe was becoming bi polar. i have one eye that lingers at times. i thought it was a lazy that i was not able to see out of. but 4 years ago i took my glasses off and been going thru the process of healing my eyes. i have felt much more balanced that i have the years prior to, but sometimes my eye will wack out again and fall in ward or outward. now i am aware that when that happens i am channeling. i am not afraid or anything like that the spirit i ahd been channeling sonce i was a child has taught me some hardcore experiences that has made me an extremely strong person.
    i also always maintain looking at the positive side of things. so i was never aware of when i was channeling so i have been conditioned mentally alot by the spirits that i thought were "me". and my own mentallity.
    so my question is. this is all so relatively new for me. how do i go about closing my channels to not let any spirits in?
    i dont really want to be a spiritual medium. i would rather just utilize natural energy to do my healing work. i guess it comes hand in hand maybe? how do i go about letting go of the spirit or spirits that i have channeled, if it or they return.

  • CupCake

    Thank you for this article, I am trying to hone my skills and this gave me a peace that I was not in fact insane.

  • Pixie

    I really want to know if I'm a medium…. I wake up in the middle of the night and sense and feel like I see things that aren't there… and at times when I pass a graveyard….I feel funny… One time when I went to a graveyard in my hometown…. my hands felt like they were both burning… unsure to why… it just felt like they were burning and tingling… and my palms were red… I feel things when I'm somewhere and don't know how to react … One time when I woke up… I seen a man standing above me and screaming at me to leave his house and then it like disappeared … it scared me of course since I just woke up… please someone help me to understand this…

    • guest

      as i can see,probably you have the 6th sense but not fully loaded…open your mind and then you will understand.Just remember:you are tha master of your ego..

  • Meduza

    wow… this was very insightful….thank you so much I will now be able to sleep tonight! After 2 hours of trying to find books, facts, and dos and don’ts I found this and that it was wonderful.