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Living in True Hope: For You & The Planet

“Hope is the only bee that makes honey without flowers.”
~ Robert Ingersoll, Political Orator

True  Hope Light

I believe that we as humans are born hopeful. That we have an inherent light within us that lives in positivity, no matter what the circumstance. This is borne out by the repeated words and advice of the spirit guides.

It may not always be easy to remember and have faith in this inner light and, when looking outside of ourselves, to the Earth and the human community, we may more easily see evidence of darkness and despair. But the truth is that we are all creations of the infinite light, that hope is always with us waiting to shine upon our path.

This is true for both individuals and for the planet upon which we live.

Based on my own experience and the wisdom of the guides, here are some valuable actions that you can take to ensure the growth of hope, within your own life and the life of the Earth:

  • 1. Incorporate a practice of daily meditation into your life. This helps to empower your thinking, balance your energy and de-stress your life. It also helps you see the positive in more things, when the negative would seem to be more obvious. Meditation is a great regulator of stress, fear, high-blood pressure and depression. Take 15 minutes for connecting with yourself every day.
  • 2. Switch to a diet that supports the natural processes of the planet, one incorporating organic, seasonal foods. A vegetarian or vegan diet is even more beneficial for the pressure that it takes off of the environment (commercial meat farming uses an inordinate amount of natural resources.) If you buy local, seasonal, organic produce it will benefit your immune systems like you can only imagine, and will support a local farmer who is doing things the right way for our long-term planetary survival.
  • 3. Learn about how to grow and preserve your own foods, look into permaculture gardening and then practice these things. The amount of work needed to create good food will help you readjust your view on food and the ease with which we now get it. You may realize how unnatural our chemical-laden supermarket shelves really are. You will also greatly lessen your footprint on this Earth by growing food the old-fashioned way as well as greatly lessening your likelihood of developing diabetes, cancer and heart disease.
  • 4. Walk more. To school, to work, to the grocery store or just to a friend’s house. Walking is such an aerobic, calming and connecting meditative experience. And what you save in finite fossil fuels will benefit not only you but the environment as well.
  • 5. Volunteer your time. Giving is the surest way of receiving, and spending time with those less fortunate than yourself will certainly give you food for thought about what is valuable in life and how blessed you are by your creator. Everyone is too worried about money and acquiring things to give of themselves these days. You can begin reversing that trend, in your own life.
  • 6. Smile and say hello. Strangers don’t generally bite, despite common belief to the contrary, and your moment of kindness and connection could very well change the amount of light that another person finds in their day. If you pass someone on the road, say hi, and see how it also makes you feel high.
  • 7. Turn off the tv. Turn off the radio. Media is not a free medium, the commercials, news reports, political messages, offensive images and lyrics all take a very costly toll on your energy and your thinking. The amount of pain in your life may truly be nil, and yet the mental anguish and emotional upset brought to you every day in the form of “information” from the media can send any individual into a real and deep depression. Spend time in silence, share conversation with your loved ones. Let the media spin for their bread, but don’t let them spin your head.
  • 8. Teach your children about physical exercise by setting an example of fitness. You can be as spiritual as you want, and it will benefit you to no end. But, if you combine that with lethargy and immobility, you will suffer constant malaise and illness, which does not benefit spiritual awareness. Sick people are a much bigger drain on planetary resources and what good is it to be great a meditator and astral-projector, if you also end up in a wheelchair or needing regular treatment for degenerative disease? Walk, run, dance, do yoga and just throw a ball around, you and your kids will be glad that you did.
  • 9. Refuse to accept chemical and synthetic replacements for natural things in your life. People once stored their foods in wooden barrels and earthen jars. Clothes were once made from plant and animals fibres. Medicines once came from nature, without the chemical removal of their balancing “non-active” ingredients. Cleaning products were once homemade and non-estrogen mimicking. Building materials once came without chemical impregnation and manufacturing. It can be that way again, but only if you are willing to demand, and pay for, real value in the products that you use.
  • 10. Breath before speaking. When you let words, which are energy and just as real as a seed in the ground or a slap across the face, escape your mouth in a moment of passion, without thinking, they can add more of what we don’t need to this world. Do not let your life breath be the vehicle by which more hurt, anger, violence and despair enter into our environment. Instead allow yourself to find the eternal spiritual source within you before attempting to express your feelings, let this divine spark be your guide to communicating your thoughts in a balanced way.
  • 11. Allow yourself to believe that there is more beyond this world and more beyond this life. Know that you are always a part of that divine energy from which you came. Know that you have been sent here to learn and grow and that the opportunity is a gift. Have respect for yourself, your planet and the others in your life, for they are all essential to your ability to grow while you are here. :)


My blessings on finding your own ways to add value and hope to your life, and to this great planet Earth.