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Sexual Energy Ascension

“Everything in nature contains all the power of nature. Everything is made of one hidden stuff.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Essayist, Philosopher, and Poet

Partner Ascension

We are all spiritual beings living in these containers, known as the physical body.

The point of this agreement is to learn more of the spiritual reality of energetic awareness by experiencing the different points of view afforded us through the various human senses.

Of course each of us knows of the obvious reasons for using the human senses, the enjoyment of smelling a beautiful ripe strawberry or the inner excitement that comes from spotting a magnificent flower in bloom.

But the mark of awareness is being willing to see the beauty and benefits of all levels of creation, of both the manifest and the energetic life forces in all things.

The life energy embodied in fruits and vegetables gives up the building blocks for our own physical health. The essences of flowers can provided us with subtle energies that benefit us physically, mentally and spiritually.

If we can use the energy forces of other living organisms in order to benefit ourselves and the world then we can, without a doubt, use our own energies in the same way.

I know that many of you out there have been learning about and implementing the power of intention in your lives. And I am certain that you have already noticed great effects from it.

Now that you have tried dedicated focusing of your thought energies and seen that you DO indeed control the experiences that you have in your life, let’s think about other ways that you can harness the power of your own, magical, physical form to derive further benefits for yourself and the world.

Name the single most common force that humans cannot ignore in their lives and once you’ve waded through the inevitable mundane and superficial answers you will arrive at the most natural and raw force….SEX.

Humans have sex for procreation and humans have sex for fun. But as with all life energies, and most especially with the sexual impulsive energy because it is so massive in its pull, sex can be used to direct intent, and to give it the most potent charge you possibly can!

The only thing necessary is a partner with at least some level of spiritual or energetic awareness and a small bit of focus on the part of both partners.

Though most effective when practiced during the act of physical sex, this technique can also be utilize to direct the energies during astral or even phone sex.

When not being used between two people, but only being raised by an individual alone, sexual energy can still be directed. Though a balance of masculine and feminine is ideal for strong manifestation of the intentions, it is not a requirement.

Begin by simply agreeing on a purpose for your intent, whether this be to manifest prosperity in your life together, to help heal a sick relative or to send rejuvenating energy to our planet. So long as the intent is fully agreed upon by both partners, then it will receive the necessary charge.

As arousal begins and the passionate energy begins to work its way through your system, each should focus on “seeing” the two energies become one, encircling the two bodies like and egg of light.

As the pleasure increases and the two separate energies begin to pulsate as one, remind yourself inside (or out loud) that you are both of the One ALL. Thus you have always been one energy, and you will create together, just as you truly ARE together.

The best way to direct the energy into the manifestation of your pure, agreed intent is to achieve (through the practice of mapping each others rhythms) a simultaneous climax. No matter if this is unattainable at first, so long as each of you pictures the intent at the time of orgasm.

As that point nears, “see” the energy turn from an egg into a circling spiral that rises above you like a tornado turned upside-down, emanating out from your point of connection into the ether, bringing to the universe the information about your desired intent.

Remember to also give a little of your own energy to the other person, so that they may use it to replenish themself. Sex, in its essence is about energy EXCHANGE, as much as it can be about energy RAISING.

If together it is possible to raise life force energy, enough to create a separate human individual, with sexual energy, then we can certainly utilize this magical, eternal force to create other things as well.

In allowing our combined sexual energy to ascend into the higher realms and to carry our intent there, we can contribute our own little bit to the overall ascension of our planet.

Happy Frolicking!


As a Note: If simultaneous climax seems difficult to achieve do not worry, the best route in that case is to make sure that the man climaxes first and then the woman (assuming that we are talking about a heterosexual couple.) This is because the woman is generally the receiver, taking the raw energy of masculine and transmuting it into life force, or creation. In this case the man would be the “producer” of sexual intent or energy and the woman would be the “director” of it.

  • Paris

    I always felt that yes the sexual union between a man and a women does have a great effect on each other and it is good to know that it is true.
    Is it also true that certain Individuals when come together make a sexual union can manifest prosperity in their lives and what are the specific ways to do it during the union.

  • Kay

    Great Artical :)

  • mia

    and where is the love? it´s only where there is love connection between two, you can get bliss and receive true god exchange between 2 who are just sexually attracted to each other is just abuse, a step back stopping you further from your spiritual development..