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Communicae from the Sphere People

“There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge, but can never prove how it got there.”
~ Albert Einstein, Physicist, Philosopher and Author

Spheres of Light

In the autumn of 2004 I was working diligently on my Masters thesis and in the throes of all that academic pressure I became aware of an energy spending a great deal of time around me.

I tried hard to ignore this rather insistent energy and to focus on the writing and research that I was meant to be working on.

Not that I wasn’t aware of my abilities as a medium, because I had been developing that gift for three years and three months already when this energy appeared.

But I did not particularly want to channel this energy. Mainly because every time I began to let it come through it caused my body to go rigid. It made my fingers and toes curl up and lock. It made my shoulders tense up and pull inward and my legs freeze into distorted positions.

Eventually, I had to let the energy come through, and what it had to say – the soliloquy that it went on – was shocking and moving and just plain interesting to me.

The beings that spoke have come to me several times since then but I was not letting them through because the way that they manifest is just beyond uncomfortable.

Now, not long ago I shared a channeling from a very bitter Mayan priest (whom I am sure some of you remember) that finally clued me in to why these beings distort my body in such a fashion… they are round. Their form is that of a sphere.

So now, when they come through me, all I need to do is remind them that I am not round and that it hurts me to transform and they are better able to speak through me without trying to morph me to their own shape.

They wish to be called the Illuminata. But on this planet that term has a specific meaning and connotation. I once called them simply “the Sphere People”, but their ancestors were called the Kosmopharos (the Cosmic Beacon) – so this is who they have become to me.

Here are their original words:

We’ll talk to you now if you let us.

We don’t like the way that your world is going.

And we want to tell you how to stop.

Man is a creature like any other.

It must live within its means or it will perish.

It will overpopulate.

It will starve.

It will eat itself violently and suffer.

We know.

We have almost suffered the same fate.

We have gone to the brink of extinction and faced it glaringly.

Looked at it.

And then, wisely, we faced up to the difficulties of our own actions…

And changed the course of our existence.

We are the people beyond.

We have been to your planet.

We have seen what can be.

We wish to help you be the best that you have in your ability.

What do you wish for most?

What do you dream of in your moments of pure joy, release, freedom and abandon?

You dream of love…for all.

And you dream of feeling that love, from all to yourself.

Don’t you see that there is nothing you can purchase, nothing you can build, no material object that can fill your deepest, brightest, most honest desires?

Oh, those things can be wonderful. They can be joyful.

But what you create outside of yourselves is only a distraction from what you can become.

There is no reason that you cannot have both. Both the material beauty and the inner beauty.

But there must be an admission, an admission that wrong steps have been taken.

And from those wrong steps even more wrong steps have grown.

There must be an admission that some things can only come through hard work.

Some of you, some of you who see things, already know this.

And for your knowing, you must suffer.

It is the wider populace of your world who must come to believe, not just “think,” that mankind has made mistakes.

And that those mistakes are worth the hard work of fixing.

It is always easier to go with the flow even if it is wrong than it is to swim upstream, back to where the mistakes were born, and put in the painful, finger-bending, mind-bending, hard work of changing.

Knowing the place of ease, only the most noble will choose the place of hard work.

Better is in the mind of the beholder.

We can tell you that what is better than to turn over your power to men and machines, who work tirelessly only for that which they are programmed, what is better is the uniqueness of doing for oneself. The uniqueness of seeing the ease and choosing not to use it.

Every single machine that you design, every single convenience that you embrace, removes you immensely from that which you truly are.

It is not a hippie idea to embrace nature.

You are not machine.

You are animals.

Those who would have your society perform with the function of machine…

Those who wish you to be as compliant as a programmed machine…

Those who collect things and expend them as if the process were that of a machine…

Those people are evil.

It is this evil, this one true evil, that all hard work must fight to change.

Embrace hard work.

Embrace natural things.

Know that to maintain your identity in a world full of systems and machines, of ease and money, is the hardest work you will ever do.

And know, truly, that these steps are the ONLY steps that can save you from crossing the threshold of extinction.

It will not be your planet that perishes and dies of cancer, it will be the cancer that dies and perishes to save the planet.

We have been there before.

We try every day, through strife and train to never go there again.

Be skeptical of all that is new, and some that is old.

You must not believe us simply because we speak.

We speak in the hopes that what we say will ring true to some of you, and that you will, in turn, speak of this truth. And that it will ring true to some others.

And in this way, and this way only, do we want you to believe.

Believe only in that which rings true to you, whether it seems insane or simplistic, unprovable.

You are very arrogant as a species in what you think is true and provable and what you think is untrue and laughable.

Your existence on your planet, which is a living creature in itself, is but a speck in the dustpan of time.

And yet you think that you know all.

We come from a place where we can see much more than you, and see it differently.

Now, that does not mean that we know all.

It would be foolhardy to think so.

And we have been to this place where we can see our own foolhardiness.

We must cry and laugh over our own decisions.

Someday, some of you, will see all that can be seen.

Only then will your pure childishness be open to your eyes.

Take the time that you have, and some of the time that you think you don’t have, to become more aware of the ground beneath your feet, from whence your food is fed and sprung.

And the sky above you.

There is even more life that you cannot possibly imagine.

Be thankful for your Sun. And fearful of it.

It provides you life, which you could not live without it. And it could take your life, if you do not rightfully respect it.

Give the same respect to your planet.

For it is older and greater than you are and always will be.

And no ‘mount of dreaming, of planning to hop from planet to planet, will ever replace the indescribable value of seeing yourselves for what you truly are…

You are a hybrid, of many forms of life and the good and bane that goes with that are all within you.

It is what you choose to do with your own energies, with your own time, that makes evil or good.

It is laughable that you treat yourselves so self-indulgently and yet refuse to indulge the selves of others.

You are children.

We are too.

We are trying to help you because we feel responsible.

We have come to your planet and we have toyed with it, when we were far more childlike.

And as a result, you are following some of the same footsteps that we have foolishly walked in before.

We are coming here now in the hopes of returning to you some of your sacred knowledges…that you may see the dangers ahead, before it is too late to correct them.

We do apologize.

We do want you to be what you once were.

Some things that are done cannot be undone.

And so, with baited breath, we wait to see if the human, the natural, that which is true, can outweigh the machine, the methodical, that which is a folly.

We hope you will hear us, those of you who need to, and lead in your own ways…

The age of Aquarium. The age of Honorium.

We hope that they will outweigh the ages of violence, greed, fear and war.

And in our gentle touch, we hope to strike the light within those of you who must carry on, who must speak, even upon fear of death. Those of you who have been lights before and must remain to be lights in the future, in case the darkness should be allowed to prevail.

To every thing there is another thing, equal and opposite.

And each, in turn, has its season.

May the season of the light be long. May it be renewed, restrengthened.

We are not lords. We are simple beings.

Both knowledgeable and yet childlike. As you were and can be again.

You are no things, slaves, not money, not man. You are not the slaves to anyone, alien or otherwise.

Don’t be a slave to your own minds, fearing to be alone, to be in silence, to see oneself in the mirror or in the dreams.

That is slavery.

If you must fear yourself, how can you walk without fear among others?

And if you fear all, including oneself, you will never be free of bonds outside.

Being shackled within is to be shackled entirely.

Taking the time, the moments of light, of warmth, the time to enjoy the tickling feeling inside oneself, taking the energy to listen to the voices that say “something is wrong…”

That is freedom.

And those stolen moments will be the most precious of your life, in every life.

Why must they be stolen moments? Why can they not be the body of your life?

Your answer is undoubtedly part of the system.

Be free.

Allow yourself to be free.

All will be free again in time.

The only one who can be free is the one who sets themself free.

If you have faith, have faith at least in yourself.

If you have faith in something more divine, know that it comes from within you.

Give it honor in your own way and do not feel a fool for it.

But never give honor to that which would slavery you…

Anything that would tell you that you are bad, evil, dirty.

Anything that would steal from you your peace of mind, your self-esteem, your inner balance or your freedom is not worth worshiping.

Do not deify that which is not divine.

And deify nothing above oneself.

If you have faith in anything, to the best of your ability, unwavering faith and belief, then there is nothing that you cannot do, physical or otherwise, if you have faith in the spirit.

A body is a body, but it is not who you are and it is not what you are capable of.

It is simply a body.

It must be honored and taken care of properly, for the spirit to thrive.

But, a spirit can soar without a body.

If you are enslaved, you can be free. And only your faith can bring you that freedom.

And let none judge what you know to be true within you.

If something rings true to you, it is true for you.

Let none judge it, or you for it. And never do the same unto others.

We begin at the beginning, where you were you, human and natural and free on an Earth that was safe, below sky that was bright.

And all were equal unto another, praised for their own talents and safe to be only that which they were.

Begin where man and woman were man and woman, only, no more and no less. The systems were only those of nature and the man was the ultimate machine.

You cannot improve upon perfection. To simplify that which is perfected is to make it imperfect.

Imperfection if embraced, deified or celebrated wholeheartedly without question, breeds further and greater imperfection.

And each step of imperfection removes one from what one truly is.

You will call us only what we tell you.

We are the Illuminata of the planets beyond the planets you see, and more exists than you would give credit to.

That which you cannot see, still is there. And because you cannot see it does not mean that it cannot see you.




Illuminate the truth, for those who have eyes to see it and the wits to sense it.

What we illuminate for you, take and make bright for all the world to see.

And fear not what you won’t become.

Do not fear it, your greatness.

We rest now, and illuminate.

  • Christina Cote