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Healing This Wounded World

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
~ Helen Keller, American author, Political Activist, and Lecturer

We Are All OneA Call from Maggie and the other Guides…

It is time to forego the weapons of the mind, the hand. It is time to relinquish the media culture and the political fog over your eyes.

Let the world wage a healing war. Let thy weapons be thousands of candles lit in prayer.

All of you, my enlightened ones, must send, now, your healing light, your songs and your loving energies to the Syria, to New Orleans, to Palestine & Libya, to sweatshops in Asia, to the angry minds and hearts in Spain & Greece, to London, New York City, Cuba & Haiti, earthquake ravaged Japan, to the still-scarred lands of former Nazi occupation, to Iraqi families, to Afghanistan, to the mountains of Tibet, to India and Pakistan (so set in their ways,) to Africa and those suffering with Aids and with starvation…..

Wherever there is human suffering unresolved there festers an open sore in the plane of this existence. This open sore permits an entrance point for infection of the whole entity that is the Mother Earth. When Mother Earth ails none, no people, no land, can be safe from her illness.

If these wounds are healed, however, by the unconditional love of the human community, they may instead become the seeds of a revival….a blossoming of love and peace in the garden of life, from which the sustenance of all creatures is derived.

Hug one another without fear, forget about personal space, for space is merely a perception not a reality, enter each others lives in openness and love. Meditate on the distribution of free love, love without expectations, to all….light candles of white and yellow and pink and let them illuminate the dark and wounded places of this world and fill them with light and balance and joy.

I emanate undying light from the All to every corner of the All, where what is possible is everything that you know is not im-possible and that, is ALL.