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Channeling: The Peace Within

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”

Peaceful Flower with Dew

Abandon all delusion and allow yourself to feel the true nature of your being. You are light, once and always. You are all light and only light. That is the truth of creation and being. What is light is also dark for light IS dark incarnate. From darkness came creation and all creation is but forms of light.

Peace is attainable within by your admission that all ambition and desire is a falsehood, a set of clothes that the soul wears while in this limited physical form, for however brief that form lives. But all clothes may and must be discarded in order for the truth of your freedom to permeate your existence and for the original naked nature of your soul to return to its place at the forefront of your being.

Grasp only onto a knowledge if it continues to serve this ultimate goal. Let go all perceptions of the self to which you hold dear for they are simply manifestations of this clothing which keeps you from true harmony and peace with your fellow travelers on this spiritual journey.

This life and its self are temporary rest stops, brief obstacles on the climb within a greater journey and the ultimate destination.

Guises worn by yourself and others fall away and crumble of their own accord at all times. Why should you wait for destruction of your preconceived ideals to descend from outside of you and set you free in shock and pain when you can choose now to destroy the strength and falsehood of these guises willfully, with love and acceptance.

Hope is tied in all ways, not merely to belief, but to the knowing that we are spirit and raw creation. We are light and from light all things energetic and material are born. Thus as light we are the ultimate creators of our own form, our own prosperity, our own destinies.

Look to nothing outside of yourself for proof of your true nature. Look for nothing outside of yourself for the true nature of your godliness. Look for nothing outside of yourself for your heart’s desires to manifest. Look within for the true source of both abundance and scarcity, heath and illness, joy and suffering.

You are connected at all times to the magnificent and endless divine from whence all that is has sprung, and in your voice is its words. Listen to yourself and you are indeed listening to the council of the All God which you so often seek. The creator is you and you are your best guide.

Fear nothing outside of yourself for all that is without is also within you. All creation comes from one and is one, hearing many voices of the one voice within. All beats are the same beat, all drums beat by one hand.

Collective creation is the savior and will at all times, in all ways, prevail above the perceived pattern of collective destruction.

When can one individual make any difference except to sing deep into the hearts of the souls and true light of others? No change ever came without this authentic song being sung.

Speak into the ears and you will be rewarded with ignorance. Speak into the eyes and you will not be seen. Speak into the ego and await the slamming of a door, but speak into the true spirit of another and there will be a great awakening such as no painter could ever paint, no composer could ever play and no songsmith could ever croon.

When all seems despair laugh out loud at your arrogance and your innocence for you can never create that which is not in harmony with the will of the universe. You cannot destroy that which is deemed worthy to live. You have all of the power that the All God and the light within you possess and yet you have no power at all.

See the truth in this and you will see that greatness with which you have been endowed, which you have chosen to incarnate here and now in order to experience. Only your kind, in your time can create the ultimate light, the ultimate joy, the ultimate prosperity.

No roadblocks stand before any of you and when you see them, do not dwell for they are merely an illusion. A folly. Admire them and then giggle at there simplicity as you would with any folly…knowing that it does not belong, that it is not what it seems and that it was built, though beautifully, for nothing more than to deceive the eye, to trick the mind into acknowledging its solid, realistic existence.

We are going now but will return with more for you, for your guidance, your reworking, your reawakening and your actualization.

You are the only truth, the only light and you are all one.

Go now and enter into the contract of your soul, the agreement that you are indeed spirit and that all else is but a tool, a learning tool and a trick of perception…to be seen, accepted and released back into the great, dark creative ether from which all light and life has come.


  • dwayne

    I love this writing. I am inspired. I have been connected to my Higher Self and i see love in all things. Peace and blessing