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Twin Brothers, Twin Guides

“Body and spirit are twins: God only knows which is which”
~ Algernon Charles Swinburne, 19th-Century English Poet

Twin Brothers

Note: I have changed some names and identifying information in this story, owing to the fact that I do not share highly personal information belonging to my clients.


As my years of channeling carry on and my professional channellings increase, I every once in a while stumble into a spiritual situation that I have never experienced before.

My gifts keep growing and, every time that I think I’ve seen it all, things still crop up that are completely new and foreign to me.

I recently had a gentleman order a reading for more guidance on his own path of personal growth and healing…nothing out of the ordinary there.

I read his email and rewrote the questions so that they would be more likely to illicit good answers…again, pretty run-of-the-mill.

Several days later I sat down to do the reading and asked for any guides to come forward and I felt one energy arrive…good, but normal.

But, when I asked this energy its name, that is when something weird happened. (Keep in mind that I am a witch, a channel and a spirit medium…I don’t say WEIRD very often.)

I asked the guide’s name and (in two distinctly different voices) he said first, “Jimmy Joe” and then immediately, “Jimmy Ray.”

I asked again. He said firmly, “Jimmy Joe.” And then in another voice firmly said, “Jimmy Ray.”

This was strange to me. It was a single energy, I was sure of it. But how could it not know its own name?

So I assessed the feeling from each name. Jimmy Joe, when I said it to myself in conjunction with the client’s name, Mitchell, just sounded like such a dark energy. It felt too heavy to be Mitchell’s guide. Jimmy Ray, on the other hand, seemed much lighter and seemed to mesh better with Mitch’s energy.

I asked the guide, “May I call you, Jimmy Ray?” To which he replied, “Yes, that is my name.”

Okay, problem solved. And from that point forward it was a normal channeled reading. Lots of useful information came through about Mitch’s spiritual healing, his personal triumphs and things he could do to progress further in the future.

As per usual I was asked a few questions for the afterword to the reading session, in which I talked about this strange phenomena and wondered aloud if these were some odd pair of twin guides.

I emailed the audio of the reading to the client and requested that he take some time to send a brief feedback.

Not too long later I got an explanation. Mitch is a TWIN. He has a twin brother. “Ahhhhh…I see” I thought to myself.

I have never read for a twin or twins of any kind before. This was a new thing for me, and boy was I interested.

Before I had even had the chance to ponder this for very long, another order for a reading came in from a new client…Mitch’s brother Mike.


He had to be wondering the same thing I was wondering…ever since I read Mitchell’s email.

I waited a few days for things to calm down, did some other readings for different clients. Then I read Mikes email, wrote out the questions and sat down to do his reading.

Everything went normal, I asked for any of his guides to come through and when one did I asked his name.

“Jimmy Joe,” he answered. (Mmm-hmm…I got goosebumps too.)

This time, it was the same-feeling energy, but with completely different tone of voice, completely different strengths etc. This time Jimmy-Joe did not seem like a darker or heavier energy at all. He seemed quite light, quite perfectly attuned to Mike’s energy.

But, as an experiment I now tried (in my head) to pair Mike’s energy with that of the previous guide, Jimmy-Ray. This time Jimmy-Ray seemed to be the wrong one, the dark and heavy one…completely inappropriate for Mike’s energy, though he had been so light when I channeled for Mitchell.

There was a definite way of telling which guide belonged to which twin, simply by their energy signatures. (Cool.)

Once I had emailed Mike the reading audio, he let me know that neither he nor Mitchell was surprised to find out that Jimmy-Joe was Mike’s guide.

Well maybe they weren’t but I sure was!

What was the nature of this spiritual reality that I was dealing with? Were these twin souls, such a soul mates? Were they a split soul, as can happen with either severe physical or spiritual trauma? Were they simply one guide offering up different strengths and vibrations of energy for these two individual siblings?

I do not know the answers to these questions and every time that I try to answer them I simply end up with more questions.

But I now am curious about a question which never much struck my fancy before, what is the spiritual nature of twins and multiples?

Anyone know the answer?