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Oneness and Divinity Today

“I am a part of all that I have met.”
~Alfred, Lord Tennyson, 1809-1892, Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom

Oneness and Love

You are my brother one. I am your sister one. The divine ALL from whence we came is calling upon us to ascend, to raise our personal vibration along with our awareness and begin to come together to show others the way of healing, of community.

We must take our awareness, which is still rather a rare gift, and use it to heal the planet, to save whomever we can by helping them to awaken to their own true divine connection and to accept the truth on a very real level, that we are all ONE. That each of us is just a simple expression of one tiny aspect of a larger, limitless whole. We are like molecules in the body of eternity, but molecules with all the creative and loving powers of that whole.

We can teach others verbally, or with written words, about light energy as creation, about the existence of the ALL that is all we see and more, or we can teach others by the laying on of hands. Some are open to these “direct understanding” methods of spiritual learning, but many are not. Are these the “sleeping” ones who will not ascend when our planet enters its true fourth-dimensional state? Perhaps. But I believe that we each have the opportunity to awaken some of them, and without any true forcing of the topic at hand.

The answer, as it is to all things, is light and vibration. We may carry ourselves in the mode of integrity and the mode of spiritual awareness, as most of you reading this already do, and by so doing we may unintentionally give off an energy that makes those “sleepers” who are wakeable become curious or in awe. They may mistakenly see you as a God, or transversely, may take you as Self-righteous. They will see what they are willing to see, but you may lead by example, so to speak, in a way that pulls them out of the closet and closer to the open window through which spiritual awareness can shine in upon them.

Yet a more proactive way that we can shake the awareness of the “sleepers” is by practicing what we preach, in all interactions, in all circumstances. You interact when you purchase a book from the cashier, you interact when you meet a stranger at a dinner party, you interact when you go to a job interview, you interact when you get pulled over for speeding, etc… Now, attempt to always emanate healing, loving, accepting energy, even when the mundane situation could be interpreted as uncomfortable or unlucky, whatever. Feel the white, yellow and pink-tinged light fill you up, pulled from a connection to the universal divine, and then let it surround you like an unseen, glowing egg. When you smile, send out a beam of that light. When you laugh or talk, let its divine truth be the sound from your lips. When you shake hands, send some of it off into the world of the other person.

Know that you are not doing anything that you should ask permission for, you are not doing anything that injures your karma, but something that improves both your own karma and the karma of the other person. Humans were initially sent here to learn how to love, but became enthralled to the glamour of the “self.” What you are doing when you consciously carry yourself in this way is returning to your own true meaning, to the ONE true purpose and reality of humankind.

At first, it will not be easy to remember to carry yourself in this way. After all, this level of vibration and understanding is most likely something that you only embrace and actually open yourself to when you are at home, comfortable, purposely exploring and learning about it. But I ask you, what good are these talents if you do not use them to the betterment of the whole world? If you hide them beneath the same armor that you have always adorned yourself with when you are out in the world interacting with other humans?

So, make a conscious effort to be emanating your loving, spiritual and healing light at all times, to all people. This will be difficult to remember and tiring to maintain at first. You must train yourself to keep in this mindset even when you are embroiled in some modern, mundane human drama, like being late for the kids school play and getting stuck in what seems like the slowest check-out line on the planet. Don’t be snippy with the check-out girl, give her a glance of love from the eternal divine, you are doing both her and yourself a longer lasting favor than nastily pointing out the obvious could ever be.

You will slowly find that doing this exercise will increase your own awareness of divinity along the way and make it easier overall for you to reach those aware levels when you sit down to meditate, channel, dream, walk the astral, etc… You will also come to experience more love and good luck, so to speak, in your own daily life. For, with each person that you send universal spiritual and love energy off to, the energy is exponentially increased in the world. This is because, generally unknowingly, that dear, special other person will carry this infinite energy off with them and express its existence, often wordlessly, to others in their life and like a piece of gossip it will fly around the globe creating positive karma and small loving creations along its way.

You have been given, by your own free choice, awareness on this globe of good and bane that others may not have access to. You have chosen and been granted this for one purpose – to heal others with its truth and to help raise the collective vibratory existence of this time and this place. Begin simply, for the benefit of the ALL and see how it unfolds in your world all the “impossible” possibilities that you have found wanting in your soul.