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10 Best Things About Being A Psychic Medium

“There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge but can never prove how it got there.”
~ Albert Einstein, 20th-century Theoretical Physicist

10 Stones of Zen

This article is a repost from our old blog –
originally dated February 2007.


10. Already having your umbrella handy for that unforecast summer shower.

What? You got a problem with that? Where I live this ability has come in quite handy. No…spirits don’t come from the grave just to warn me about the weather. I just know. Sometimes it comes to me when I wake up in the morning and sometimes when I watch the “real” weather man on the news…he says his bit and my intuition says its bit. My intuition is usually spot on.

9. Asking Julia Child for new recipes when you’re in a pinch.

Okay well I don’t know if its really her or a spirit who knows a lot of recipes and talks kinda funny. All I know is that is some fantastic Chicken Alfredo that she whipped up. And I am asking her now for some good artisan bread recipes the next time that she pops in. Or the elusive recipe for that Death By White Chocolate cake that I had the last time that I visited Orkney.

8. Alway having someone to talk to, even if half of the time the voices are only in your head.

One of my guides has this habit of popping in when I am in a situation that is so particularly modern and in some way completely ludicrous. She is always blurting out sarcastic remarks in my head and I have to fight especially hard sometimes to keep from laughing out loud or repeating her comments for all to hear. I think she’s a riot but one of these days she is going to get me in trouble. (Next time I go and chat with her I’ll make sure to comment on her situation in such a way that she has to fight from being inappropriate on my behalf. ;))

7. Being able to throw out the Ouija board (now that you are one.)

I had an ancient pagan priest come to me and tell me that I was “a f-ing Ouija board” and so therefore my desire to use one was just a further removal from the source and I should get rid of it. I am, as usual, a little bit insecure about my gifts and wish always to have them reinforced or “proven” by some other type of divination. (Hey, it’s a known issue and I’m working on it.) Nevertheless, no more ouija board, gone, finito, adios, bye-bye.

6. Being able to hear Elvis sing “Live” even though he’s no longer alive.

Get this…I don’t even really like Elvis. I ‘d prefer to hear Hendrix, Lennon or even Nat King Cole. But Elvis was a strong-willed kinda guy and when we die we are still exactly who we were, end of story. If someone plays an Elvis CD near me I just know that I’m gonna accidentally tune into his energy and the next thing I know its like he’s crooning in my ear. And it’s never the song that’s playing on the CD, it’s always some other song. My head gets confused by this sometimes and so I avoid the ole Elvis music as much as possible.

5. Having dead folks try to tell you what do to with your life.

Though it does seem a bit ironic, this is not meant to be a joke, honestly. They are full of wisdom and are generally altruistic, trying to help the living live the best life possible, without regret. I had a deceased relative come to me after her funeral recently and offer me some advice. She noticed that everyone around her grave could say she was generous but that no one thought of her as kind. You see, she had bent over backwards to help people but was always a bit opinionated. She always gave good advice but in a rather harsh and judgmental way. This made folks afraid to disappoint her and in the end made people back away from her as she became more cantankerous. Her advice to me was to learn the meaning of the two words: kindness and generosity, and try to cultivate BOTH in my life. Good advice since I am asked to give my opinion all the time and usually on topics that people are quite sensitive about.

4. Standing back and watching the building of Stonehenge through one of the builders eyes.

I went to visit Stonehenge on one of my trips to England. In general the place is way too commercial…too much camera clicking, too much highway and not enough chanting for my taste. But, once I sat down and got into an Alpha state the place changed completely. I was there at three different stages. One stage at which there were wooden markers and workmen’s platforms all around, with people hustling and bustling about. One stage with people coming in, down a long promenade to bless the finished circle and one stage at which a ritual was going on. I was standing far outside the circle with multitudes of other worshipers and then I was able to fly up over the whole place and come down in the center circle where an initiation ritual was being performed. Believe me when I say that this is where our phrase “Being part of the inner circle” comes from.

3. Seeing things come to fruition exactly as you had known they would.

This can sometimes be big stuff but is usually just a small-scale, warm fuzzy way of getting a reaffirmation from the Universe of my gift. A while back I woke up in the morning with a song in my head that reminded me of an old friend. As I lay in bed listening to this song I just knew that he was thinking of me and would be calling me later that day. But after I got up and started moving about my day I got a feeling that I understood to be a wake-up to listen. I listened to my intuition and it told me what he would be calling about. He had been diagnosed with a chemical imbalance that was causing him to be clinically depressed and he was wondering if I in my herbal healing, “know-it-all” way I could suggest some things that might help him. That put me on alert and I sat down that afternoon to do a little research. When he called (and he did) later that evening I already had some info put together for him and a brief list of where he could get the stuff. He wasn’t surprised that I already had his info for him but, to be honest, I kinda was.

2. Helping others on their personal spiritual journeys.

People always need some kind of help along the way to achieve their best possible self. That’s why we are all here together, to challenge and assist each other. My most common question from folks is “What is my purpose in life?” Well I really love this one, it shows real thoughtfulness on the part of the individual. They have thought about life, about joy, about health and about family and have determined that each would be benefited most by their following their true purpose. That is the best decision that can be made for anyone. So, they come to me and I tap into their energy waves, their guides and the universal map for their life and that allows me to give them a definitive answer: “You are meant to use sound to heal others. You have a spiritual connection to harmonic sound. Go and learn how to use a synthesizer and make your creations available as a podcast or as CDs. You will find joy in this and will be offering true benefit to this world.” As a spiritual seeker myself I get great joy out of helping others with their paths.

1. Knowing that you are working toward your ascension every day.

Whether you believe that the planet is changing in a fundamental way and that the whole kit and kaboodle is about to enter a higher dimensional existence or you just believe in personal ascension into a higher level of consciousness, the truth is that we are all changing. we are all constantly learning and evolving, releasing behaviors and beliefs that no longer work for us and embracing new thought patterns that better represent what we are now in our lives. In this way we transcend our old selves and become something different, wiser and more evolved. To transcend the past and lovingly embrace who we have come to be is the path to personal ascension. I know that I am working toward my greatest self and toward ascension not just because the spirit guides always tell me so, but because I can feel it within me. With every question that I answer, with every person that I help, I vibrate at a higher level and I emit more light of Universal Love. You are each helping me with my ascension as I live out my calling and help you toward yours. It’s a symbiosis.