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“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.”
~Maori Proverb

Wheat in the SunlightHere is a new channeling brought down from the higher self. Her intention was to inspire you to think more positive thoughts and to put down what you are doing, to go outside and spend some time under the sacred sunlight:

There is light and there is dark.

The dark is fed by darkness.

The light is fed by lightness.

Spend time in the sunlight to become more light.

Spend time in the night-dark to become more dark.

Neither is more or less valid than the other.

All is balance.

All is right.

There is joy and there is sadness.

All things are but one thing.

One thing fades into another and thus they are of one and the same thing.



If the sun is calling to you, go to it and accept its light.

Rise earlier in the day for building up affinity with this light.

Feel the energy that it provides to you in its lightness.

If you are feeling dark, do not choose to spend more and more time in the darkness.

As much as your affinity is for it, choose to spend more time in the light.

It will allow you to build a new affinity…with the light.

Accept darkness and slide yourself slowly along the scale of darkness, if you choose, towards its other self: the light.

This is the reality of all things. That they are but one thing.

Cold is but a degree of heat.

Sad is but a degree of Joy.

Young is but a degree of age.

And in all things there is balance.

The sun is balanced by the moon.

The Ego is balanced by the Spirit.

And if you choose to be balanced within the light, then it will manifest in you.

For intent is creation.

And balance is the law.

  • Mpathia

    Interesting comments. I can only add that yes, 1111 means something. If you were born on 11-11; there's really nothing much to either "add" or "aid" you on earth. You already "know".