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Kosmopharos: On Earth’s Second Moon

Earth and Two Moons

“The moon looks upon many night flowers; the night flowers see but one moon.”

~Jean Ingelow, English Poet and Author

These are the entities that we have been working with for our new book project.

They sometimes speak on random, unexpected things. This time it was a diatribe on our now defunct second moon.

Although it may be easy to see this as a negative or dark message, it is the point that they are trying to make which is of real value…

We need to work to amplify the light within each of us and on our planet as a whole.

These are their words:

Kosmopharos: We would like to speak a bit.

You planet once had two moons. One of which has now gone dark, but its energy signature still circles you.

It is not the cause of chaos on your planet. Many things have caused that. But it amplifies, it is an amplifier. It is important for people to feel connected with your moon, Luna, not simply because it controls the tides on your planet, which is value enough, but because in not valuing it, in ignoring it, they unconsciously amplify the amplifier of the chaos.

The moon is beautiful and filled with inspiration, but it is the reason that your existence on this planet, on the third dimension that you now live on, as well as the next three dimensions, are possible. It is, of course, just a satellite, but think of all things on your planet and in this universe that would not exist without a satellite. The satellite is not simply a worshiper of the Earth, though originally so. It guides the Earth. It keeps her in check, as best as its little body can. She stays on her axis and on her orbit, in large part, thanks to the guidance of the moon. They are sisters. And their dark sister, though technically gone, still has value and presence.

The unknown, if denied, if feared or ignored, bubbles to the surface, and because it has been denied and feared and ignored for so long, it manifests as chaos. This is true of human emotion as well as human history. It is true of all hidden and dark things. But the dark things are no less valuable for their hidden nature.

This is something we wish to point out by being honest, by opening, those who seek knowledge, through our book. Creation is not always a gentle process. But creation is the very point of existence, in any realm, but specifically in your physical realm.

Creation, by its nature, seeks balance in all things. For that reason, to seek the purpose of the lost moon, you need only imagine the complete opposite of your last moon.

It is not a reflector of the sun’s light, as your current moon is. It is the reflector of the Earth’s darkness, for the only reason that the Earth is lit is because of the sun. It has not any casting light of its own.

If your current moon controls the Earth’s waters, the missing moon controls the Earth’s fires, its volcanoes and earthquakes, its heat. It does not amplify gentleness, creativity and inspiration, as Luna does. It amplifies, in its absence, anger and darkness and chaos.

Because it is gone, it does all these things without your knowing. When it was here, it served these purposes. It kept these things in balance. It controlled, although it amplified, the fires and the darkness and the chaos.

But, as it is no longer there for these things to be grounded out into, to be bounced off of, as the dark sister is no longer there to hold these things in balance, they shoot around without aim, out into the universe, in circles ‘round your planet. There is no place for them to dissipate, nowhere for them to go to be transmuted.

If we could better explain dimensions to you, but there are no words. Every body, every planetary body, every astrological body has its own version of dimensions.

The dark moon still has influence upon this planet because, in universal terms, she has only just recently left. She was moving so quickly that her vibration still circles and in her own dimensions, two of which she still exists in, she has not completely gone from her place or her purpose.

Light years are such that should one of Jupiter’s moons fall, fail, dissolve from the sky, its purpose in the planet’s atmosphere would continue happening until the now caught up with the then, until the energy completely dissipated and the message of its disappearance reverberated back through all the levels of atmosphere and existence on the planet.

Practicality. Luna blesses what is already created. Her sister — the cause of creation. Earthquakes and volcanoes, anger and passion, chaos, they are all very volatile, but they are the strongest forces of creation.

Inspiration, beauty, mystery, the gifts of Luna, remain only that without the passion and the force and the heat. They are opposites and equals in balance.

The time will come when Luna will go her own way, but she is loyal and sensitive, it is unlikely that she will falter until your need of her is done.

It is just one more reason that amplifying the vibration of positivity and light on your planet would be beneficial, for the less darkness that you create, the less darkness there is to be amplified.

  • gabriel

    wow i heard of a story that says that the Atlantians pull the moon closer the earth in order to destroy Lemurians people and because of this the their world was destroy by fallen rocks broken by the 2nd moon. By having two moon regulate the earth better. it seem the more i look into this the more it make since. thanks for open my eyes.

    • awakenlight

      Glad you liked the article, Gabriel :)

  • Doug Blackwell

    Im an Indigo Child that until recently had lost his way. To name a couple of my abilites relavent to this topic are Claircognizance and Empathy(form of Clairsentience), Anyway im a writer and for the longest time ive had writers block but once i found my purpose and got back on track. The best way to describe it is information just swarming around me waiting for me to pick up on it. My favorite free prose writing to date is in reference to the moon and the sorrow it felt for not being noticed and love like some of us do the earth. And after reading this post i realized that i wasnt feeling or channeling Luna but her sister that has left us. I have said all of that to say this. I am still kinda new to all of this but everyday more and more is being opened up to me and with it comes my life purpose and if i didnt have sites like these id stil be lost writing and knowing things without conformation. So a big thank you for the bottom of my heart.

  • Karen Elena Rosales

    It's been t4-5 year since my spiritual awakening and lately I've been starving for knowledge.
    I 'devour' all new lessons so I am really in aw of this blog.
    I have so many questions and even sometimes fear but what I have noticed is that my anxiety keeps diminishing.
    I am drinking and smoking (Cigs) less and less
    I am so enthralled by this path that I am not even interested in a relationship, all I want to do is learn and learn and learn.
    I do know I should keep a balance with all this but I feel like I can finally 'see, hear, taste, think' clearly.
    I feel like Doug: If it wasn't for sites like this, I'd be worse off in life at this point.

    Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.
    So many forget that spiritual growth comes from sharing knowledge learned.
    So again: THANK YOU!

    I have a question: how does one know if they are an Indigo Child?