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Here are messages channeled from a group of extraterrestrials known as the Kosmopharos, “the cosmic beacon.” They are incarnate beings of exceptionally long life who communicate with each other telepathically while possessing both individual and collective consciousness.

Having lived through dramatic shifts in their species mindset, technological and climatological realities, they are now sharing their wisdoms and understandings with humanity in order to inspire us and help us navigate the emergent changes in our own reality. The fact that they have visited Earth in our ancient past gives them a unique point-of-view on our planet and our present times.

Communicae from the Sphere People

“There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge, but can never prove how it got there.”
~ Albert Einstein, Physicist, Philosopher and Author

Spheres of Light

In the autumn of 2004 I was working diligently on my Masters thesis and in the throes of all that academic pressure I became aware of an energy spending a great deal of time around me.

I tried hard to ignore this rather insistent energy and to focus on the writing and research that I was meant to be working on.

Not that I wasn’t aware of my abilities as a medium, because I had been developing that gift for three years and three months already when this energy appeared.

But I did not particularly want to channel this energy. Mainly because every time I began to let it come through it caused my body to go rigid. It made my fingers and toes curl up and lock. It made my shoulders tense up and pull inward and my legs freeze into distorted positions.

Eventually, I had to let the energy come through, and what it had to say – the soliloquy that it went on – was shocking and moving and just plain interesting to me.

The beings that spoke have come to me several times since then but I was not letting them through because the way that they manifest is just beyond uncomfortable.

Now, not long ago I shared a channeling from a very bitter Mayan priest (whom I am sure some of you remember) that finally clued me in to why these beings … Continue reading →

Kosmopharos: On Earth’s Second Moon

Earth and Two Moons

“The moon looks upon many night flowers; the night flowers see but one moon.”

~Jean Ingelow, English Poet and Author

These are the entities that we have been working with for our new book project.

They sometimes speak on random, unexpected things. This time it was a diatribe on our now defunct second moon.

Although it may be easy to see this as a negative or dark message, it is the point that they are trying to make which is of real value…

We need to work to amplify the light within each of us and on our planet as a whole.

These are their words:

Kosmopharos: We would like to speak a bit.

You planet once had two moons. One of which has now gone dark, but its energy signature still circles you.

It is not the cause of chaos on your planet. Many things have caused that. But it amplifies, it is an amplifier. It is important for people to feel connected with your moon, Luna, not simply because it controls the tides on your planet, which is value enough, but because in not valuing it, in ignoring it, they unconsciously amplify the amplifier of the chaos.

The moon is beautiful and filled with inspiration, but it is the reason that … Continue reading →

Kosmopharos on Avalon’s Energy Vortex

The Vortex

“Spiritual energy flows in and produces effects in the phenomenal world.”

~William James, American psychologist and philosopher

At the time of this channeling Serge and I were living in Glastonbury, Somerset in southern England. Many of you probably know this town better as the Isle of Avalon, the site of ley lines, King Arthur’s Tomb and the home to the Lady of the Lake and the famous Glastonbury Tor.

While channeling with the Kosmopharos, they called Glastonbury “the starship” and, having finally been able to see the energies and the vortex here in Avalon, we decided to ask them more about this concept.

These are their words:

What do you feel in this place? You feel the energy of new beginnings.

That would be true and for others it is the feeling of imminent death.

There is a vortex here. What does that mean? It means that this place, its magical rolling hills, the mineral deposits upon which it sits, the gateway to the ocean that it once was, the healing waters that flow within it and out of it, is one of the many gateways.

It is truly a place that is no place.

On its surface it sits here on the Earth, but it could just as easily lift up and break away, float into the universe. It has a mirror, beneath the ground. For every bump and hill and valley above ground, there is an … Continue reading →