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Kosmopharos on Avalon’s Energy Vortex

The Vortex

“Spiritual energy flows in and produces effects in the phenomenal world.”

~William James, American psychologist and philosopher

At the time of this channeling Serge and I were living in Glastonbury, Somerset in southern England. Many of you probably know this town better as the Isle of Avalon, the site of ley lines, King Arthur’s Tomb and the home to the Lady of the Lake and the famous Glastonbury Tor.

While channeling with the Kosmopharos, they called Glastonbury “the starship” and, having finally been able to see the energies and the vortex here in Avalon, we decided to ask them more about this concept.

These are their words:

What do you feel in this place? You feel the energy of new beginnings.

That would be true and for others it is the feeling of imminent death.

There is a vortex here. What does that mean? It means that this place, its magical rolling hills, the mineral deposits upon which it sits, the gateway to the ocean that it once was, the healing waters that flow within it and out of it, is one of the many gateways.

It is truly a place that is no place.

On its surface it sits here on the Earth, but it could just as easily lift up and break away, float into the universe. It has a mirror, beneath the ground. For every bump and hill and valley above ground, there is an exact opposite connected to it beneath ground. It is aerodynamically shaped, like a ship.

But it is the vortex that connects it to other places in the universe and other places on this planet. It is a portal, not created by man, but existing in nature. Vortices can be of any size, of any shape of many different ages. It is a confluence of Earth and universal energies, running above and beneath the ground here, that naturally creates the button which opens it as a portal.

Changes can take place very quickly or very slowly here. Almost at an unnatural pace. Haven’t you noticed?

It is the closest thing to light speed that can happen within a human life, within the human mind. Things that are impossible, or seemingly so, anywhere else will happen with ease in this place. And things that will happen with ease anywhere else will be seemingly impossible in this place.

The more you learn to feel energy, to suspend disbelief, to put away the structure that you have built and that has been built for you and simply BE in a place, in the energy of a place, to believe in the past and the future, the magic, the masculine and feminine within you, the closer you will come to a true understanding.

Is that of any comfort? Now, do you understand why we call it a starship?

Well yes, and no. But the explanation gave much food for thought and has caused us to look at this special place with new eyes. If you have the opportunity to visit a vortex place, I highly recommend it, and be sure to have some quiet time to yourself while there.