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The Path-working of Pregnancy

“I have always been regretting that I was not as wise as the day I was born. ”
~ Henry David Thoreau, 19th-century Writer, Naturalist & Philosopher

Spirit Mother

And, with hand on my heart, I reemerge from human creation to bring forth this other brief creation…

It has been several months since any new articles have been appearing here on Awaken Light and I have finally stepped into the daylight to birth this story for you today.

My absence has been both spiritually and physically prescribed for me by the universe. My beloved soul mate, Serge, and I are, at present, expecting our first child. A miraculous turn-of-events and a unique shift in his, and my, daily focus.

The metamorphosis going on within my body has drawn all of my energy and attention for many months now. All spiritual pursuits have been swept aside and my grasp on myself has been necessarily loosened. The gauntlet has been thrown down that has challenged us both to simply allow and embrace, as change and beauty have taken on different meanings in our lives, day by day.

Though some of my spiritually-minded, health conscious friends have managed to keep up with these ideals during pregnancy, I myself cannot imagine yoga or meditation in the same light at the present moment. What inspires me has become much more simple than that. Peaceful morning mist on the seashore, a hearty home-cooked meal, the words of ancient poets and the sound of a baby’s heartbeat. These are the keys to my heart while in pregnancy. Some may call it mundane, but I see it as a different form of the One divine.

Of course, there is certainly nothing mundane about two souls mingling their energies in loving creation and then inviting another divine spirit to inhabit that creation. It is, however, a very physical process. It can remove one, somewhat involuntarily, from dwelling on the spiritual mysteries of life and ground you sharply in physicality, at least for a time.

When I look upon this process with awareness and non-judgement I can see its mechanisms more clearly. For the one carrying the child, and I think for the fathering partner as well, it is a path-working, a catharsis, requiring reassessment of both self and selflessness. The shamans would recognize it as a meeting with inner truth.

As you grapple with this life-changing event, you begin to assess your own childhood, your experiences with children, how you became the adult that you are, and also what you still wish to achieve in life. This is deep and penetrating work, not to be tackled by the faint-hearted. At the same time … Continue reading →

Shamanic Healing: My Experience

British Jay Bird

“The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.”
~Hubert H. Humphrey

This article is a repost from our old blog – originally dated May 2008.

At present the universe has blown me to Britain, ostensibly to write my first book manuscript, but in actuality it is for so much more. Some of my strongest past life occurrences happened here and I have memories here from this life as well.

The country is green and lush and offers many opportunities for being in a remote place, communing with yourself and nature.

And so, settling down for now in beautiful, spiritual Glastonbury, I find myself not writing a book as much as healing.

The energies here have propelled me to heal wounds that, until recently, I did not even know existed, both present and past life.

And it has not been SO difficult to face, not as hard and harrowing as one might expect. I feel that the Earth energies here and the help of my guides has made the process as smooth, and relatively painless, as it can be.

Of course, there will likely come releases of energy and awareness and belief patterns that may not be so easy. But that time is not now.

Still, for now, the process is flowing smoothly and I must assume that it is happening because it needs to, in order to allow my book to manifest.

As part of this healing journey, which I had not expected to be taking, I had a private shamanic healing session. This was my experience:

The shamanic healer, who is female but called by the name of Jay (like a British jaybird,) is based here in Glastonbury at the Bridget Healing Centre.

Her voice and appearance are both gentle and calming, which is why I chose her the minute that I met her. (They also have another shamanic healer named Kestrel, whom I’ve never met.)

Jay was very understanding about the situations that I explained to her and did not … Continue reading →