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Lullites Speak: Manifestation of Dreams & Your Vibration

“A life lived of choice is a life of conscious action. A life lived of chance is a life of unconscious creation.”
~Neale Donald Walsch, Author of Conversations with God

We have been contemplating the switch from purely audio channelings to video channelings for some while now. Our newly found contact with the Lullites, a group of light beings that are descended from a spiritual race of ancient humans, has finally spurred us to make our first video.

In this first recording with the Lullites they explain briefly their origins and then offer inspirational suggestions on manifesting your dreams and making sure that your desires are a vibrational match to your own spiritual vibration.

Read the text after the video for a full transcription of their words.

Their Origins

“Hello, we are the Lullites. We come to you from the Universal beyond. We come to speak of ascension, of how you can overcome your attachment to your physical body and become the divine being that is already within you.

We are descended from beings who were once incarnate on this very same planet, ancient humans who found the light within them and became impeccable in their ways, in their thoughts, in all that they manifest. And, when the time was right, they moved to the realm of light and eventually, over generations, became higher vibrational beings capable of everything that the Creator from which you come is also capable.

They are no limitations to your ability to create the reality that you desire to live in. It is all around you, every creation is divine, from the smallest bug to the most complicated piece of technology. It has within it the seed of the Ultimate Creator and so do you.

This means that whenever you feel pain, you are creating it. And when you desire joy, you have the power to create that as well. And we hope that through watching our sessions, through interacting with us, through sending us your questions and through developing your own awareness, you’ll be able to overcome any limitation, real or imagined and create exactly what it is that would best benefit you in your divine life here, on this beautiful Earth.”

Manifesting Your Dreams

“Often times, what we gather towards us, what we attract to us, is based solely on how we look at the things around us, how aware we are and whether we perceive them as positive or negative.

Now, the Creator is neither positive nor negative, it is all things, and it constantly seeks a balance, which is what you should attempt to do in your lives.

When you’re speaking to someone, try to speak from a balanced place. If you need to veer in one direction or another, always attempt to make that veer towards the positive. The more positive you are, the more positive you attract. The more negative that you are, the more negative you attract.

It is the truth, not only because it tends to mirror how you perceive the world, but also because the Universe, all creation, all being tends to answer in like energy.

If you intend something for your future, perhaps to own a great piece of land, vast, covered with beautiful fields and lakes, mountains… That is a positive intention, and the Universe will only bring it to you when you are in a positive vibration.

So, if you intend it but you intend it from a place of anger or desperation, or if you intend it from a place of positivity and then, in waiting for it to manifest or working really hard to make it manifest, you then enter a place of anger or desperation, it is very unlikely that you will ever see that thing, that intention manifest in your own life. Because you need to be as positive in vibration as the thing you are intending to manifest or else it cannot come to you, it does not match your energy.

It may come past you, but you may not be at the level that it is passing you at, it may miss you, you may be below it, to the side of it and therefore, you cannot blame the Universe and say: ‘My intention never came to me. The power of my own thoughts, of my own vibration is just a fallacy.’

Anything that the divine can create, you too can create, the reason being: Divine never leaves its own creations and everything on this Earth, in the cosmos, comes from the One Source, the Divine All, the Creator Being.”

Testing Your Intentions

“When something that you desire is a struggle to manifest, it simply means that you are not acting out of the best vibration for yourself, for your own spirit.

When something seems to manifest quite easily, this is a good indicator that you are going with the flow of the Divine, of the Creator. One way to gauge this, without having to be psychic or speak on high to the deities, is to simply ask yourself.

There is the solar plexus here, in your center, and this is where the spirit and the physical body communicate or cohabitate. If you close your eyes and you enter a place of peace, even for just a moment, and you speak out an intention, a desire out loud, you can feel here whether that is a truth for you or not.

It may be very strong, the gut feeling that many of you speak of. It may be very subtle, it may simply be just a twitch or a twinge. Here, in your center, do you suddenly feel a loosening or a lightness? Do you feel an opening within you? Do you feel that peace? This is a very good way of telling that this is probably a truth for your spirit, that your desire is in keeping with the energy of the divine that flows through you. It is in keeping with your spiritual purpose here on Earth.

If, however, you speak out an intention and the feeling that you have here in your chest or in your stomach is a slight twinge of nervousness, a ball of anxiety, even just a speeding of your heart rate, your temperature going up, a tension of any kind, this means that at this present moment your desire, your intention, does not match with your own spiritual energy, with the flow of the Universe that is trying to come through you into the world.

It doesn’t mean that this intention can never be for you, but it may mean that there is something else related that would be better for you in this time. And as you grow and develop and become more aware, you may find that the intention will eventually match your energy or that the intention, the desire will subside, it will fade, there is something far more inspiring will replace it in your mind or in your heart.”

“We think we will leave you with this for today. We bless you and your divinity, for we are all brothers and sisters in the light. Namaste.

  • Steph

    Thank you for the gentle message. I really need it. I need to only be absorbent to the memory of this wisdom.