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The Knowing: Trusting Your Intuition

“All I have seen teaches me to trust the creator for all I have not seen.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, 19th-century Essayist & Poet

Intuition FloweringSo many people have asked me about building their own psychic connections that I thought I would begin an occasional series on techniques that can be used to develop the sixth sense. (No, not that Bruce Willis movie.) This is the human mind-spirit connection.

I call this gift “the Knowing” and it constitutes not only talking to spirits, or knowing the future but also a certainty, an acceptance of what you feel and hear inside of your heart and mind.

These techniques will not be requirements, you do not have to follow these posts in any order. These are simply possible ways to awaken your mind to the possibility of experiencing guidance, knowledge and visions that come from beyond the material world in which we live.

Trusting you own Intuition is a big door-opener for more intense psychic awareness.

Let’s look at “Intuition” in its strict dictionary definition. Oxford English Dictionary defines Intuition as: “immediate insight or understanding without conscious reasoning” it also uses the synonyms “instinct” and “inspiration.”

This is a very good definition indeed and it illustrates what I am going to be saying here.

Intuition is a natural capacity that we all have wired into us. Why? Because a saber-toothed cat can run faster than us. Our only hope of surviving in the environment in which our species lived for so long was to be aware of the presence of a thing before our eyes could see a thing.

Today this sense is dulled and often made into a joke. We have so much external to distract us, shopping and mass-media. What do we need our Intuition for now, knowing which outlet mall will have the designer purse that we want and getting there before the next lady?

In this exercise we are going to train the mind to suspend doubt and … Continue reading →

Intuition in Decision-making

“The only real valuable thing is intuition. ”
~Albert Einstein, Physicist, Philosopher and Author

Swirl of Thought

Intuition is the holy grail of the Self-Development movement. There are so many books out there promising to help you find your inner voice, trying to teach you how to trust what your inner self tells you.

But it is not always that simple. It can take years to distinguish what the Quakers call “that still small voice within.” And the hearer can go back-and-forth between believing and not believing that what they are hearing has real value.

We have all experienced flashes of inspiration from time-to-time: A quick knowing that tells us we should slow down while driving, only to come around the corner and happen onto a fresh accident scene. A twinge in our mind that someone is untrustworthy only to find out later that they stole our credit card when we weren’t looking. The little voice that says “Take your umbrella” on a day that was supposed to be sunny, to then find your lunch break smack dab in the middle of a hail storm. These are certainly not mere coincidences.

Our mind and, more importantly, the spirit that powers our mind, are rare gifts and possess abilities that we … Continue reading →