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The Psychic Elephant (or Ancient Memories)

“I have a memory like an elephant. In fact, elephants often consult me. ”
~ Noël Coward, English Playwright and Composer

The Psychic Elephant

Well there are several different types of Psychic and several different types of energy. I do not claim to know them all. But I get lots of questions about my experiences with energy and paranormal phenomena so I thought I would take a moment to explain one type of psychic ability that I often use. I am not aware of other psychics who have this same type of ability so please drop me a line if you have experience with it.

This gift has to do with time and in particular distant past, however all time is a continuum and the present and future are all occurring together along with the past. So our ancestors who lived in, say, a mud roundhouse are still living there in that mud roundhouse right now. Your unborn grandchildren who will one day run in the field beside their school are already running there right now.

The past is the future and the future is the past. Right now is yesterday and tomorrow is right now.

It may seem hard to grasp, like some big conspiracy of the philosophical people to sound deep and intellectual. But once you suspend confusion and disbelief for a moment it becomes quite easy to grasp.

Have you ever experienced Deja Vu? Have you ever sunken into a conversation with someone or been out shopping with your children or reached for a sweater to fold it and had that warm fuzzy awareness of exactly how the next twenty seconds would occur? It can be eerie but it can also be quite comforting, the knowledge of what the next bit of the conversation will be about.

Is it really so hard to believe that just as we are living in our third dimensional reality, there may be other humans living and striving in their other dimensional reality? Because that is the only difference.

I say that I am a psychic elephant because elephants are rumored to have amazingly long memories.

Some psychics say that they could hear voices as children or see ghosts or often knew the future. Well you could say that I would be one of those whose gift came in the form of knowing the future, but only insomuch as the future IS the past. Since a very small girl I have known the past.

I began by telling little playmates about what used to be where we were playing in our neighborhood. I am quite sure that I freaked out our third grade teacher one day while we were visiting a living history museum that depicted life 150 years ago, by telling her that I “remembered living back then.” She insisted that what I meant was that I remembered having visited the museum before.

Later on in college I studied history, drawn to the spiritual high that I got out of it more than any grand career I imagined it might bring me. During this time I was also working with a priestess of the Goddess and becoming more aware of my connection to the natural and spiritual realms.

My academic focus was on architectural history and its no wonder that I soon began developing a much more acute gift for psychic visions of the past. Buildings are boxes that filter light and light records things in energy form. Buildings are like books waiting dusty on the shelf for someone who knows their language to come along and read them.

People ask me how old their house is. I read its psychic energy, its aura. I give them a date, say, maybe 1778. Then they hire me or someone else to do all of the title and deed research. Inevitably they come back to me and say, “Hey you know my house was built in 1779. How did you guess so close?” I just smile and say, “Oh, I studied this stuff.”

My two best friends know what I can do. My roommate likes to listen to what I see when we go driving around or hiking. Amongst other things, I have seen sacred elders perform an initiation ritual inside Stonehenge, a 17th century ship sink off the New England coastline, an angry Mounty pacing back and forth in front of Niagara Falls and ancient Native Americans hunting just off of a forest hiking trail.

When I worked in museums it was a spiritual rush to go to work every day. To hear the spirits that once owned these artifacts, to feel their energy and often see the scene of when it was made, or gifted or how it was used…these were special moments indeed.

Maybe this is why spirits, living and dead, from other time periods are a lot of what I deal with in my psychic work. They know that I do not believe them to be “long gone” or to be “delusions.” I am one foot in the past at every moment so having a woman who lives in a cave and hunts saber-toothed cats come to me because her young child is dying and ask me to see him safely to her ancestors is not weird at all. I do what I can with my gifts to help the young soul cross over, give the mother some comforting words and then come back to popping microwave popcorn or whatever I was doing.

I must say though that the people around me must sometimes think that I am bored by what they are saying or that I am just a serious daydreamer. When I studied for my Masters in England my professor commented that I had a low tolerance for listening to anyone who wasn’t as clever with words as I am. But he was mistaken.

Our classes were nearly all held on site so to speak. We took long bus and train rides to medieval abbeys, defunct castles, 14th century cottages, pagan monuments, places older than I had ever visited in my life. Then he would walk us around and try to talk about science and conservation. “Ahhhh…sorry, I’m currently watching the 300-year-old monks plant their garden, dude. I’ll, like, be back with reality later…M’kay?” I mean what was I supposed to say?

A guide who came from the Pleiades once told me that I was a recorder. That my gift was to remember all of the details and to have access to all of the lives that I had ever lived. He said that through those recorded moments and people and places I could access any and all other points in time.

People who know me well will tell you that my memory is more than uncanny, its downright spooky and even somewhat annoying. Ask me what shirt I wore on Christmas day when I was 12. No problem, a pink one with a bright orange stripe that said L.A. Gear in it. Ask me what exact words you said to me last Friday as we were coming out of the movie theater…”Man, when did hot dogs start tasting exactly the same as nail polish remover smells?”

Why I know the words to every movie and every character and every song and every comedy skit I have ever heard (much less how these are going to be helpful in some future life) is completely beyond me. I memorize words and pictures, it’s just what I do. I even memorize to a millisecond the pauses between the words and the inflection of peoples voices as they say them. (I do great impressions.) I don’t try to memorize this stuff, it just happens by default.

Like, I will always know if you have been in my closet because I can remember that the blue coat hanger had three white coat hangers hooked on top of it with a pink one on the left and exactly two and a half inches between that pink one and the scarf that lays over the rail at that end. It could be four days since I last opened that closet but if the white hangers aren’t tangled in the blue one anymore or the space has increased to four inches, I’ll know it.

So while I cannot imagine a reason for that spectacularly odd gift of memory, I figure that there must be a good spiritual reason why my newest guide, who is an ascended being and healer, is also a conduit for every female ancestor (both blood related and spiritual family) who has ever come before me.

I am an historical medium, that is the only way that I can describe it. I can often tell you what has happened in a place before, whether it is inside a building or in an open field. Maybe this explains my love of historic research and archaeology…we all feel the need to have our gifts validated from time to time.

The oldest thing that I have been exposed to was probably 35-40,000 years ago. I have had several visions and conversations with people who lived 6-8,000 years ago. And my most frequent communication is with peoples who lived about 1,000-1,500 years ago. Since I live in a relatively young country and see its history all the time (usually in very short but highly-detailed flashes) I consider 100-400 years ago to be basically like yesterday.

I know, you are asking yourself, “If the past, the future and the now are all happening at once and she claims to be able to see the past and speak with people from the past then why can’t she do that for the future too? The answer is that I can. But I do not have the same affinity for it. Human perception allows for only a linear understanding of time, at least on the conscious default kind of level. The past is something that just happens to me, the future is something I have to try to do and I feel lucky but doubtful when I do actually succeed at it.

Some people, rather than being sent forward as a recorder, I am sure have been sent backward as an eraser, to reset things that went too horribly wrong for the world. Perhaps they have a stronger affinity for the future than I do. But the few times that I have been able to look at a piece of land, or held a concept in my mind, that then triggered a view of future realities, they have all been very clear, but very isolated.

For instance, I can see my future home and its surrounding land but not anything that abuts it. I have no idea where the place is but I will definitely know it when I see it. As a matter of fact I call it home now, walk its halls and smell the flowers in its garden. This is because I have already been there. But I have been to my past homes as well, have looked at my past selves.

The past is something that I am just part of, that I just stumble into regularly. It is like an old trusted friend, tried, true and comfortable.

Anyone who has read some of my oldest posts has heard my primary guide Maggie. She is a tenth century healer and wise woman and she lived in Southern England. I have been to her home, MY home actually as Maggie is my own past self, my past life and my higher self as well. I have seen this house in visions and I have been there in the physical.

She told me what the town was now called, I took the train there from where I was going to school, I got off the train and I told her to take the feet (in other words, guide me to where we are going.) We walked about three miles out of the town center and through a modern housing complex. At the end of it sat a hilly field with nothing in it but high-tension electrical wires and a few ruts where people had driven their off-road vehicles.

She marched me across that field, with my eyes completely closed and I saw all of her neighbors huts, the children playing in the cart paths and the pigs in their paddocks. Suddenly she stopped and I was staring at the wooden door behind which was my (and her) former home. When I lifted that latch folks, it was solid and real, I felt it in my hand.

Now I know what HOME feels like and I know that this place truly was her home because I buried a simple mundane object there. When I let her take the feet again four years later, she walked me to the same exact spot in this vast, empty field and a few clawfuls of dirt soon proved it when I came up with my same old Powerpuff Girls key chain.

Beat that for tomorrow nights lottery numbers. :D