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Global Sadhana with Spirit Voyage

“We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection.”
~ Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama

Transforming Negativity into LoveSadhana is a Sanskrit word that pertains to spiritual practice. It has been translated and used in many different ways but, in the modern Western usage, it has come to mean a dedicated spiritual practice, something done mindfully with the object of achieving a specific result. Most often this takes the form a 40-day practice involving certain mantras (words), mudras (hand gestures) and yoga poses.

At the beginning of August, I was inspired to join in a global sadhana being offered by Ramdesh Kaur at Spirit Voyage. The aim of this sadhana is Transforming Negativity Into Love, something we can all use, both personally and globally. I have never taken part in something like this before. Of course I have had personal spiritual pursuits that involved carrying out a certain meditation or dedication every day, but I’ve haven’t ever joined others in a sadhana of this type.

This 40-day sadhana consists of two different practices. The first is a series of four kundalini poses, each of which must be held for at least 1 minute. The second practice involves reciting an affirmation designed to bring about self love.

The affirmation, recited with hands clasped gently over the heart centre, is:

My heart, I love you.
My body, I love you.
My mind, I love you.
I forgive myself for any words or thoughts I have made about myself which were unkind.
I release any emotional attachment to the unkind words others have said to me.
I forgive myself for anything that needs to be forgiven.
I recognize my own beauty.
I believe in myself and in my dreams.
I am bountiful.
I am beautiful.
I am blissful.
I am.
I am at peace.
I am whole.
I am loved.
I rest in the light of this truth.

The process of allowing this sadhana into my life has been loving and transforming on the most gentle and subtle levels of my being. I have been surprised by it’s energetic effects, so light and inspiring.

Some of it has been new to me, such as physical Kundalini poses and hand mudras, but some of it is familiar and comfortable, such as soft music and verbal affirmations. It took a few days to figure out the process and memorize all of the practice, but it quickly became a happy, soothing part of my day.

For myself, I chose to complete my sadhana in the evenings, after dinner and after my young son had gone to bed. Taking this time for myself and using it to connect with others around the world who I knew were doing the same practice really brought more light and peace into my life.

Today is day 37 of 40 and, as we are now coming to the end of this particular sadhana, I am reflecting on the practice and what it has brought to my own personal and spiritual development. Firstly, it has taught me to embrace whatever makes me feel good in my spiritual pursuits, as opposed to being locked into one belief structure or one way of doing things. It has also shown me, by utilizing the affirmation during various ups and downs, that taking a few moments to love oneself every day really can make you express your love to others more easily. And last, I can palpably feel how increasing your own vibration and mood will, collectively, increase the joy and happiness of humanity on a much larger scale.

Sadhana is not just for hindus or yoginis, it can be utilized as a growth tool by anyone, of any belief structure and for nearly any purpose. Sadhana can be any number of days and any practice that feels right to you. For more about the many ways to use sadhana in your life please check out this article at Yoga Lunchbox.

Now, having approached this 40-day sadhana through the ease and serenity provided by Ramdesh Kaur, I am hooked on the practice. I am looking forward to the next global sadhana and in the meantime will ask my guides for a suggestion of a personal sadhana that I can embrace for continuing the uplift of my own personal vibration.

Goodness spreads itself far and wide, plant one seed with love and watch it reach for the sky.