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Resources for Spiritual and Intuitive Development

“Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.”

~Marianne Williamson, Inspirational Author

Butterfly SpiritThe universe works in mysterious ways.

The invitation for this article simply arrived in my scope of vision. A relative of mine asked for a bit more info on intuitive development which made me realize that this is indeed most likely to be what draws people to this blog. It is not just simply my stories of spirituality and psychic experiences, but a desire to have these things become an integral part of your own lives.

Now, this person asked for more info on developing intuition. I, of course, read way too much into things and become over excited, always wanting to help increase the vibration of this planet by guiding others to spiritual awareness and enlightenment. (Total Light-worker Syndrome.)

Anyhow. I have decided to create a multi-approach and multi-subject list of good reading materials for moving you along your path toward intuitive abilities and spiritual awareness.

There are beginner, intermediate and advanced books here. They deal with many facets of energy and spiritual awareness. Some will be too weird or too heavy for the absolute beginner. This does not, however, preclude you from being able to read them. The beauty of reading in these subject areas is that you know when you are ready for a book, by whether or not you like and understand what you are reading when you pick it up.

This is about intuitive development so, as Serge suggested while I was writing this, just scan the list of subjects and titles. Use your own intuitive vibe to choose which few books you’d like to read first. Then see where that reading leads you to next. I suppose you could call this “going with the flow.” When something is right, you just know.

My belief is that two things are essential to the development of intuitive gifts:

1) Meditation, lots of it, in many and any forms.

2) A shift in awareness, a willingness to look at things from a new point-of-view, I would call this “mindfulness,” the act of becoming consciously aware of all the multitude of things that we do mindlessly in our modern world. (Such as speaking, eating, bathing, buying, judging others and being entertained externally, in ways that disengage us from our spirit and our environment.)

Have a look below and see how you can begin developing the necessary spiritual awareness to connect you to our natural energies and intuitive abilities…

Spiritual Awareness
The Power of Now
The Book of Secrets
There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem
A New Earth
Being in Balance: 9 Principles for Creating Habits to Match Your Desires
The Way of the Wizard
Awakening: A Daily Guide to Conscious Living

Beginning Intuitive
Developing Intuition
Trust Your Vibes
The Time Has Come to Accept Your Intuitive Gifts
Personal Power Through Awareness
Living With Joy

Intermediate Intuitive
Psychic Pathway
Awakening Your Psychic Skills
Living in the Light
Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self

Contacting Spirit Guides
Ask Your Guides
Opening to Channel
Contact Your Spirit Guides To Enrich Your Life

Meditations: Creative Visualization and Meditation Exercises to Enrich Your Life
Wherever You Go, There You Are
Meditation for Beginners
The Miracle of Mindfulness
How to Meditate: An Illustrated Guide to Calming the Mind and Relaxing the Body
Teach Yourself to Meditate in 10 Simple Lessons

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Oneness and Divinity Today

“There are souls in this world which have the gift of finding joy everywhere and of leaving it behind them when they go.”
~Frederick William Faber, British hymn writer and theologian


This article is a repost from our old blog – originally dated February 2007.

You are my brother one. I am your sister one. The divine ALL from whence we came is calling upon us to ascend, to raise our personal vibration along with our awareness and begin to come together to show others the way of healing, of community. We must take our awareness, which is still rather a rare gift, and use it to heal the planet, to save whomever we can by helping them to awaken to their own true divine connection and to accept the truth on a very real level, that we are all ONE. That each of us is just a simple expression of one tiny aspect of a larger, limitless whole. We are like molecules in the body of eternity, but molecules with all the creative and loving powers of that whole.

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Exploring Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings

“The wide world is all about you; you can fence yourselves in, but you cannot forever fence it out.”
~ J.R.R. Tolkien, British Author & Linguist, The Fellowship of the Ring


We have recently published our newest ebook, Medium Adventures: Exploring the Lord of the Rings.

Exploring the Lord of the Rings is the second book in the Medium Adventures series. In this installment, we connect with spirit guides and Universal Record in order to investigate the concepts and truths behind the magnificent and epic story woven by J.R.R. Tolkien.

We find the answers to questions such as:

– Did Tolkien have a channeling experience when he wrote these and other novels?
– What percentage of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series is based on actual truth?
– Did any of his humanoid creatures, such as dwarves, elves and hobbits ever actually exist in a previous age of the planet Earth?
– Why do modern-day humans feel so drawn to, and inspired by, these fantastical stories?
– What can we as humans do to live closer to the ideals and magic expressed in Tolkien’s works?

With a bit of fun and a touch of mysticism, including intriguing revelations about the creative process and human motivations as well as surprising information about Earth’s multiple dimensions, our future evolution and the other beings who share our world, this channeled session is enlightening in more than one way and is a must-read for Tolkien fans and spiritual seekers alike.

Here is a very brief snippet:

    Some lovers of Tolkien’s works believe that he actually channeled a true history of former times and civilizations on this planet. Did Tolkien have a channeling experience when he wrote these and other novels?

    Of course. He would not have described it as such, nor would he have agreed to any suggestion that it was, but all great works of art, no matter their medium, are channeled from the true energies of the Earth, the Universe, the soul realms. They come from the Akashic Record. Some of them closer to truth than others. But the physical body, the painter, the writer — it is only a conduit for the great, vast fabric of knowledge that exists: past, present and future. The Akashic Records are not just the past, or a record of the present, they are the entire fabric of reality, every possibility for every time period and every soul, in every dimension, every planet.

    He was a wise man, spiritual, but not overwhelmingly so. A private person, but born with an openness, particularly to the environment, to the vibration of the country in which he was raised. He had what might be described as an ease of inspiration. He could find inspiration in any moment, in the smallest thing. And he had a mind like a catalogue. He could remember every moment of inspiration and every idea that it gave flight to, and call upon them at a moment’s notice to push his creations forward, to give them depth, meaning, life and, yes, truth.

    Never in his wildest dreams would he have even considered the notion that anything he had written was true. He was a lover of words, of stories, songs and histories. The myths that he wove together were just that to him, myths. Like any good lover of myth, he believed that there was a thread of truth, but that that truth was too distilled and obscured, it would never be able to be understood by the waking human mind. And he never fooled himself into thinking that he could find the truth and separate it from the myth, and therefore chose to love them for the pictures that they painted in his mind, for the songs that they had been turned into over time.

    He believed himself to have written a myth for the modern age. It was his love letter to language and history, to songs and culture, but no more real to him than Jack and The Beanstalk or Peter Pan.

Add it to your Kindle ebook collection for only 99 cents and help support our channeling endeavours.

Questions About Channeling & Mediumship

“Millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth unseen, both when we wake, and when we sleep.”

~John Milton, Paradise Lost

What is channeling?

Channeling is the act of entering an open spiritual state (ie. alpha) and allowing an incarnate energy to use your psyche and your mouth to express valuable messages to living beings. Very often these are not deceased spirits per se, but more global and universal energies such as light beings, angels, deities, personal guides, ascended masters, higher selves and elementals.

How is channeling different from being a medium?

A medium is not generally able to allow spirits to speak using his or her own mouth, but instead can hear or “see” deceased spirits and interpret their situation for others. Mediums deal almost exclusively with deceased humans, whether recently deceased or long dead. This is why I make a distinction between my work as an Historical Medium and my work as a Spirit Channel.

How did you learn to channel?

Haha. I wish it had been a process of self-application with the intention of reaching channeling as my goal. It was not like that however. I have always been a sensitive, telling stories as a child that I later realized to have been truths, things that I only knew based on my spiritual awareness. But channeling as a direct act is something that revealed itself after years of studying meditation, paganism, nature and magic. In many ways I am still “learning” to channel, in that I am yet to grasp all of the myriad ways that this gift can be utilized to bring about positive change in my life and the lives of others.

Do spirits ever show you frightening things?

Well yes, but at the same time, not really. People are often afraid to ask for channeled advice or to hear about spirits of any kind because the fear being told or shown something horrific. “Do they show you their gunshot wounds?” “Do they tell you that you or someone you love is going to die?” In most instances they do not. Spiritual guidance is just that, guidance, it is meant to point you in the right direction, to communicate to you something of value. If you are scared out of your wits, are you going to … Continue reading →

The Calling: A Spiritual Manifesto

“May our heart’s garden of awakening bloom with hundreds of flowers.”

~Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist Monk, Author & Peace Activist

Heart of LightI have heard the calling. It made no sound except perhaps a swish of warm air through the core of my being. But nonetheless, I heard it.

It didn’t say my name, for my soul is nameless. But it was meant for me, as sure as birds were meant for the air.

Listening. I had quieted myself. Deliberately. I had released the struggle and simply sat. For years. But the song that I knew was there remained elusive.

I languished, wallowing in my egoism. And the loud clatter sank back in. It deafened my soul.


Then I heard it! It was silently beautiful, my soul song. The universe within, humming like a waterfall. Pulsing. The heart of love.

And I connected to it. I embraced my uniqueness without a qualm.

I am the voice of eternity. By mouth and pen. By my actions. I tell the stories of ancient truths.

The calling sang to me. It whispered as well. It’s loving guidance pouring upon my open mind.

And now I sing. I sing to the seekers. The listeners.

I am pouring myself into a healing. Healing one gentle spirit at a time. With acceptance and free will.

I embrace the lonely path, enlightened for my journey.

I am strengthened. By the touch of divine creation.

I will relinquish self-doubt. It is returned to the Source.

I know myself. The conduit. Come and speak to me. Let your positive light pour through me. I am willing to share.

I no longer take comfort in waste. I am comforted by self-restraint. And you will be too. I live closer to my Mother planet. I am unprocessed and wise. Natural woman.

I will live wild. Live free. Unburdened. For fear is fruitless. Peace. Joy shall be the way.

Let me be the seed. A future bright with community. Self love. The seedling and the flower.

May the prosperous fountain overflow. Leaving behind all need. Thankful. With gratitude, I share. My spirit, my truth, my bounty.

Entwined and clasped. Hand me your hand. We sing.

And it calls to you. The Oneness. Your heart beating for Source. The race never was.

A breeze whistling, a brook trickling. You have been called.

Begin now.

Global Sadhana with Spirit Voyage

“We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection.”
~ Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama

Transforming Negativity into LoveSadhana is a Sanskrit word that pertains to spiritual practice. It has been translated and used in many different ways but, in the modern Western usage, it has come to mean a dedicated spiritual practice, something done mindfully with the object of achieving a specific result. Most often this takes the form a 40-day practice involving certain mantras (words), mudras (hand gestures) and yoga poses.

At the beginning of August, I was inspired to join in a global sadhana being offered by Ramdesh Kaur at Spirit Voyage. The aim of this sadhana is Transforming Negativity Into Love, something we can all use, both personally and globally. I have never taken part in something like this before. Of course I have had personal spiritual pursuits that involved carrying out a certain meditation or dedication every day, but I’ve haven’t ever joined others in a sadhana of this type.

This 40-day sadhana consists of two different practices. The first is a series of four kundalini poses, each of which must be held for at least 1 minute. The second practice involves reciting an affirmation designed to bring about self love.

The affirmation, … Continue reading →

Blessings from the Cosmic Family

You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.

~Desmond Tutu, South African Bishop & Social Activist

Family of LightHope is coming to you from all sides. It is pelting at the Earth from beings and planets unknown to you. Each beam of sunlight, each fresh breeze, they are carrying to you warmth and tenderness from your energetic brothers and sisters throughot the cosmos. We have no agenda. We have only love for you.

Some of us choose to come and offer you guidance, but in general we are simply desirous of celebrating our kinship with you. Your world is in a time of great change, great awakening. This is signaled by the newfound open-mindedness of your specis, but also by cataclysm, social upheaval and fear. That is why we are here, offering you love, embracing you at the heart level, mingling our divine spirit energy with your own. Such times call for togetherness on all levels, for a strengthening of community and for creative answers to age-old questions.

Most cosmic societies have already undergone this process. We have already walked the flames of awakening and been birthed out the other side. As will you be, in whatever way your species evolves.

Still, it is not enough for us to say to you that more beautiful things than you can imagine are awaiting you, beyond all of the gloom, fear and suffering. You cannot see that yet and so you will likely not believe us.

Just know that there is immeasurable, divine joy surrounding you, that you are being loved and guided, even as you walk unware of your own magnificence and your own divine opportunities.

Everything will unfold as it should.

You are already blessed.

Movement as Sacred Action

“Movement never lies: it is a barometer telling the state of the soul’s weather to all who can read it.”

~Martha Graham, American Dancer & Choreographer

Soul in Motion

Not all of us are triathletes. And, not all of us are couch potatoes. Most of us fall somewhere in between.

I tend to label myself in the category of homebody intellectual, meaning that most of my pursuits require brain or some occasional hand-eye coordination but few of them require me to get off my butt and leave the house. Yet, I still consider myself a well-rounded person.

Until recently I saw no problem with this arrangement, but have suddenly come to understand that to be active and breath fresh air is just as important to a spiritual life as are faith and meditation.

Those of us who maintain an active spirituality often eschew physical exercise and physical labour in favour of chanting “Om” and reading about the power of attraction or the life of the Dalai Lama. Yet getting spiritual must also mean acknowledging the divine nature of your physical body.

Our family recently lost a beloved pet. From muscular and energetic he sickened and went down hill so suddenly that we very clearly saw what happens when a spirit leaves this physical existence. As he got closer to passing away his eyes lost their sparkle and his spirit slowly became unmanifest. He fought and fought, following us and meowing, laying with us and attempting to swat at his old toys. His spirit was not willing to leave, it wanted to live more. Then, when he crossed over, his little furry body, which had been so sleek and beautiful and cuddly, just looked like an empty shell – a puppet.

Seeing this process with a loving eye, I had to then stop and look at my own life, my husband’s and my baby’s. Could neglect of our bodies, our environment and our natural world take one of us from this physical plane before we truly were ready to go? Could our lovely little soul family be separated so easily and so rapidly?

Spirits come to this world to experience the magic of being a spirit and yet being able to act and create and learn on a physical, solid level. Some are taken back to spirit long before … Continue reading →

Ebook: Of Orange Aliens and Crop Circles

“Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.”

~Neil Armstrong, Astronaut & First Man on the Moon

Orange Crop CircleThe following is excerpted from our ebook of the same name…

From time to time, in the course of my channelings and meditations, I get a piece of psychic history that shocks even me.

This is rare and usually comes in the form of first-person experience of a topic or time-period which I was not even expecting or intending to contact.

One such occasion was in the course of a personal meditation, a few years ago now, where I was receiving guidance from my higher self. All of a sudden, she told me to look into a puddle on the ground and that she would show me something of great importance.

I did as she suggested and was immediately transported in a direction that I can best describe as upwards. I rose up through a misty haze and was instantly transported back down again, backwards in time, into an endless lush jungle.

The covering or canopy was thick and green, damp, tall and dark. I knew that there were tribes of people living here, though how I knew this at that point I don’t really understand. I walked through this ancient, untouched place, pushing branches and large fronds out of my way as I went and eventually came to a small clearing amongst the trees and vines.

There, in the clearing, was a sight that I could never have dreamt, not in any vision, dream or meditation had I ever seen anything even remotely like it. There, in the middle of the clearing, stood a speechless (as in not able to produce what we think of as speech) wild man.

He was similar to, though more magnificent than, our textbook illustrations of Neanderthal man. Behind him, towards the edge of the clearing, stood a small group of other wild people, half hidden in the jungle. It was obvious to me that he was their chosen leader, perhaps for his physique and strength or bravery. In front of him, in a huge, blinding beam of light, stood some kind of “alien” creature. It was flat as a piece of paper, tall, angular and orange-reddish of color, and dwarfed the wild man by as many as three or four feet.

This creature, obviously also a leader of some sort, had a number of similar creatures, of varying heights and shades of orange, standing behind it. These two groups of beings were communicating with each other, exactly how I cannot work out, but the orange people did not speak in words, they spoke telepathically. The wild men seemed to only grunt and gesture, yet their “leader” was nodding his head and grunting in an understanding toward the orange leader.

The orange creatures were asking for something from the wild men, showing them pictures of their own reality in their minds. Once these beings had finished telling their story to the wild man, he paused for a few moments, just standing before this tall, flat being.

Then the man stepped backward a bit, toward the edge of the forest and seemed to hold council with his fellow tribes people. There was a lot of confusion, then some level of disagreement, followed by some type of … Continue reading →

Our First Ebook & Our New Baby

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”
~ Henry David Thoreau, 19th-Century American Author & Naturalist

Medium Adventures

Sometimes in life there are points of convergence, when several unrelated things suddenly come to a crossroads. These synchronicities are the way that the Universe acknowledges your right-footedness, the fact that you are following the correct path. Something of this sort has been unfolding for us over the past year.

During my recent pregnancy I became increasingly sensitive to any form of negativity, whether through social interactions, television or even in books. I also became rather sentimental about the past and my life experiences. These two things led me to dreaming about my youth in Massachusetts and to reading gentle, inspirational books. The one I most enjoyed in my early pregnancy was Walden, by Henry David Thoreau, written while the author lived separate from society in a small one-room cabin, it is a book that muses on a simple life and a personal connection with nature.

Not long after I started re-reading Walden, Serge and I went for a 3-D ultrasound to discover whether we were having a boy or a girl. We were both convinced that it was a girl. But, guess what? It was a boy! Well, I was shocked and emotional and it took some time to adjust to the idea. (What the heck do I know about raising boys?!? Nada.) The thing that really helped me connect to the concept of mothering a boy was our decision to name the baby Thoreau. I had taken so much peace and inspiration from Walden and Thoreau’s other works, like Civil Disobedience.

In my 6th month of pregnancy, we found ourselves visiting Massachusetts for my baby shower and, during our trip there, I thought it would be a fun exploration to visit Concord and channel Henry David Thoreau at the site of his Walden cabin. It seemed a good idea to know more about his true nature before giving birth to a child and naming him Thoreau. Our session with the author was touching and enlightening and we came away feeling that his forthrightness and his gentle spirituality were a perfect mix of energies to imbue our son with.

Then, upon our return to Nova Scotia, we began looking for a new house rental, something affordable for the time while Serge was to be on parental leave. Oddly, and with very little effort on our part, we ended up living in a small off-the-grid cabin with an outhouse and no running water. So quiet, and such a fitting place for little Thoreau to live after his birth.

Now, with our 4-month-old in tow, we are comfortably living back in the “modern” world, but the woods are definitely the baby’s favorite place to be.

All of these experiences converged and ran somewhat of a “Henry David Thoreau” thread through our lives. We feel a special affinity for him and his writings now and have decided to release our channeling with him as our first ebook.

Thus we introduce Medium Adventures: Channeling Henry David Thoreau — now available on Amazon as a Kindle ebook. Like all Kindle ebooks it can be read on your Kindle device, on your computer using the the Kindle application or online.

Here is a short excerpt:

“Finding a downed tree which could be easily sat upon and also offered a clear view of the cabin site, we chose this location to attempt a connection with the man himself. Channeling him was easy and he accepted the process willingly. I felt his energy to be both steadfast and soft, he emitted a bright, open-heartedness and sad sort of wisdom. There was a simple, gentle joy about his demeanor and also a weariness of some kind, no doubt from the knowledge that the world has continued on in the industrialized direction that he already saw it headed in his time. He was eager to speak and his words, channeled raw and spontaneously, are what follow —

You wish me to speak to you. But what more can I say than what I have already told? I ran from the world, seeking peace and solace. But you can see that that is not truly possible. The world has chosen the way of noise, they way of hustle and of bustle. The world will follow you. I could enjoy the last … Continue reading →