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Researching in the Akashic Library

“Nothing is there to come, and nothing past, but an eternal Now does always last. ”
~Abraham Cowley, 17th-Century English Poet

The Great Cosmic Library

This article is a repost from our old blog – originally dated July 16. 2008.

As a part of the channeling for our book manuscript I have been branching out and accessing new sources of information. Attempting new things is always a bit daunting, especially when you don’t know what to expect, but succeeding in new areas of channeling is always very exciting to me.

The most recent experience has been in accessing the Akashic Library. Of course, explanations of what the Akashic Records are abound so I won’t get too detailed here, suffice it to say that this wealth of information exists only ethereally. It is an energetic record of all that has ever been or will ever be in the universe. (Hey, you don’t have to believe it if you don’t want to, but really, what do you have to lose?)

There have been many descriptions of what this place looks like by those who supposedly have visited it. You will find that these descriptions vary widely and that those which bear a striking resemblance to one another do so because a person has read widely about the Library before attempting to go there.

I follow a different path, as I tend to absorb only the most perfunctory information about psychic phenomena before I attempt it. I just don’t want the wealth of other people’s opinions to cloud what I might experience.

With that in mind I have come to understand that the Akashic Library, or any positive psychic phenomena for that matter, always presents itself in whatever form will be most comforting and acceptable to the individual. This makes sense, as the Library can be whatever it wants to be, given its entirely ethereal and non-manifest nature.

So here is what I saw and how I experience the Akashic Library:

Firstly, I laid down and was tucked tightly in, like a wrapped mummy. I generally channel in a crossed-legged position, sitting in my meditation room. But when doing very deep work, such as past-life regression or anything requiring a disconnect between spirit body and physical body, I use this tucked-in technique. The object is to simulate the feeling of being in a womb or the grave, this makes you feel safer and signals to your psyche that the need for the spirit to remain firmly rooted in the body is no longer true.

Next I call to my higher self, whom I generally do not invoke in regular channeling (as she is very large, very strong and very far removed from our plane of existence.) I ask her to take me to the place between places, the realm in which all exists in energetic form and where all things past, present and future are recorded in the light.

At this point I begin to feel my physical vibration speeding up and the spiritual energy rising slowly up above my body.

Next, I ask my two guides, Gretchen and Astra, to guide me safely upwards into the other realms and lead me to the entrance of the Akashic Library. I begin to visualize us walking up a winding, white stairway, that stands unsupported in our ether. The walkway ends at a place that is universal, filled with endless wisps of cloud and starfields.

We float briefly in this formless place and arrive at a hovering set of marble stairs, leading up to a set of great oak doors. This looks a bit like the entrance to the New York Public Library, oddly enough. Once inside, I walk through a short, unlit entryway and then approach a reception area, a small space with a rounded desk in the middle. Behind this desk sits a woman, who asks what topic I am researching and then points me toward one of the doors that leads off of this space.

On my very first visit she asked my topic and handed me a key. This was not just any old key, but a key that was bigger than my hand. It was a huge solid gold skeleton key, which is encapsulated inside of an outer covering of clear quartz. Essentially, it is a quartz key with a solid gold core. At the end of my first visit I was instructed to keep this key and I remember storing inside of my own torso somewhere.

At each visit, after briefly reaffirming my topic to the person at this desk, I enter the same door that I first used and step onto a very small landing. I walk from this landing, down the three steps, and into a dark, round room. This appears to be a black room with nothing much in it.

I hold the key in my hand and state my topic out loud. At this moment a long circle of huge books appears just above my head, wrapping around the walls of the room. These books are simply hovering, not on a shelf of any kind. And they are not entirely solid, but seem almost like holograms, as they continually spin around me. Each of them is perhaps 7-inches wide at the spine and each book cover or book spine is a different color, no two the shame shade.

Sometimes, this array of books spins quite quickly – a blur of colors above my head – and other times quite slowly. It eventually comes to a halt as it reaches the chronicle which will contain the information that I need. It is at this point that the book I require becomes quite solid and it slides out from the circle and opens itself in the air before me. The book then hovers, open, but not yet within my reach.

It is then that a “person” who has been standing silently in a darkened edge of the room steps forward and offers to help me access the information. This person, who has told me to call him “Z“, is in fact very hard to distinguish as male or female and his androgyny is very changeable depending on the information that we cover. He can sometimes be very feminine and motherly and other times rather forceful and priest-like. But he is always there and acts not only as a reference librarian of sorts but also as a translator, a guard and a guide.

As Z steps forward, the book comes now within reach and I hold it as he interprets the information for me. Each of the pages is indeed covered in symbols that could be an alphabet, and usually these are accompanied by one or two relevant images, but I cannot read these texts. In the beginning I did try to understand them by just absorbing their energy, but the conscious mind (which filters all that we try to understand or communicate) was unable to function in this place.

Z, then, acts as an interpreter for the information encoded here in the Akashic Records and I believe that his job is not only to help you by translating the required information for you but also to keep you from accessing depths of information that may hurt you or someone else. I believe that the type of key you are given at your first visit is some sort of determining factor in what information Z is willing to translate for you.

At any rate, once the book is open and in my hands, I then nod and the person who I have asked to assist me with the channeling session begins asking our predetermined questions. Depending on the answers, my assistant then alters the questions accordingly.

This is a much deeper level of channeling, nearing a complete trance state, and is rather intense. Though my limit for most client channelings and other, simple, channelings is about an hour, the limit for these sessions in about half-an-hour. Each half-hour session results in about 4-5 pages of raw material and will eventually lead to a book about the untold history of humankind.

At present our focus seems to be mostly on human spirituality and our relationship to our planet via our food choices. We’ll see where it all leads.

Wish me luck!

Also, please feel free to submit your questions and comments for, or about, the Akashic Library.