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Send Us to Tikal

Why would you want to send us to Tikal? If you have 5 minutes, we would love to explain :-)

We are lifelong spiritual seekers and we feel we have been tapped by the Universe for a unique mission: to bring more loving light energy into the modern world and to uncover ancient mysteries that belonged to our ancestors — to help us all during the transition to a more empathic future world.



Our souls are calling us to Guatemala, to unwind from our book writing marathon and to explore and collect the sacred wisdom lying dormant within some of the world’s most sacred ruins and ecological wonders — Tikal.

Vera will use her time at Tikal to enter a trance state and channel the spirits of Tikal’s original inhabitants, priests and builders. Having already created a channeled connection with an ancient Mayan priest, Sadayin, she seeks now to gain a better understanding of the mystical beliefs of the everyday Mayans who lived at Tikal. Vera will also ask for the Mayan priests to share their insights about the coming events for 2012 and beyond.

After our trip, we will share with you, our spiritual brother and sisters:

  • an audio podcast of our walk around Tikal, including the audio transcript of Vera’s channeling
  • a photo slideshow of the pyramids, wild life, Mayan locals and the magnificent jungle
  • an informative blog article detailing Vera Nadine’s intuitive impressions of spirit life at Tikal
Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan

As a bonus, we are also planning to publish a similar podcast and blog post from the surrounds of Guatemala’s beautiful volcanic Lake Atitlan.

It is our hope that this trip will be a spiritual inspiration, not just for ourselves, but for all soul seekers and lovers of channeling.

We have booked our flights and paid for our accommodation, but need your help to make our destiny of visiting Tikal become manifest. Your generosity and loving kindness can make all of this possible.

Simply donate any amount and each of our generous patrons will be entered into a drawing to win one of the 3 great prizes:

Click to donate any amount ($1 – $5 – $20 – $50 – $100).

May your journey be blessed!

  • awakenlight

    Well, we did make it to Guatemala, but not to Tikal. We have every intention of returning and visiting this ancient place at a future date when finances and workload allow.

    We welcome continued donations, as the dream of creating this channeled series remains alive and well.

    May peace and inspiration be with you all!