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Stardate: January 1st, 2010

“We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves.” ~Lynn Hall, Children’s Author

Numbers on Cupcakes

Numerology has always fascinated me — the way that numbers can predict the energy of a day or even the underlying lessons of a person’s life.

With a new year dawning and the vibration of great change in the air, both personally and globally, I felt I would share a bit of inspiring information on the upcoming date and year with you all.

January 1st, 2010 breaks down numerologically as the number 5. Five is always a number of completion, of a definite end to one thing, or phase, and the beginning of another. Number 5 says, “Hurry up and make a change, already!”

“Well, duh,” some might say. “Of course it is change, because January 1st ends one year and begins a new one.” But the five energy in this case is not only referencing something so mundane as the start of a new year. This particular instance of the 5 is signaling to us all the end of one long era in our lives and the beginning of a new era, with a fresh clean slate.

Don’t let yourself waste this opportunity by subscribing to the mundane aspect and missing the bigger divine message. Breath in the divine energy and take a moment to think now of what era or trend you would like to come to an end in your life. Harness the power of the New Year’s 5 energy to get moving on what you would like to become the new trend in your life.

Do you want to become a person who speaks more gently to others? Put it into action now and let it become the basis for a new era in your life!

Have you always wanted to be a painter but it has just been a distant dream? Grab some brushes now, or take a class and make it your new hobby… it could set a trend that unfolds a new meaning for you!

Has eating fast food and frozen dinners been having a poor effect on your health and vitality? Turn your attention towards organic and homemade cuisine now and don’t look back!

Of course, we can choose to make a change and institute a new habit at any time, any day. But what is happening now is that the Universe is offering to give you a hand, emitting powerful energy to help make your new change a permanent one.

It is nice when the energy around us is working with our intentions instead of against them. This is one of the occasions when the strength of the “new beginnings” energy is really up there and is available everywhere — empowering all humanity to become even better than they have been before.

I, for one, plan to harness the power of the new decade and the power of the 5 completion to put to rest my fear of working and channeling directly face-to-face with people. I am going to get over that hump and start offering workshops as soon as possible. First up, Beginner’s Meditation. After that, the sky is the limit!

Aren’t sure what you want to end or begin? Just let the five energy fill you and it will subtly guide you onward, so that when you look back you will think, “My goodness, my life has changed SO much this year!”

Blessings and light!