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Surround Yourself With Positive Messages

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”
~ Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist Monk, Peace Activist and Author

Positive Messages

As you walk a deliberate path of awareness, opening yourself to your higher nature and a deeper connection with the waking and non-waking worlds, you develop an increased sense of compassion and sensitivity to the needs and vibrations of your own spirit and of other living beings.

You also may find that this increased sensitivity manifests itself in unexpected ways. Perhaps you begin to experience psychic abilities, reading the thoughts right out of your loved ones heads, only moments before they are spoken. Perhaps you are becoming more attuned to nature, knowing what the weather will be without needing to consult the news or getting “warning” feelings just before a large natural occurrence such as earthquakes and floods. Perhaps you simply find yourself unable to hear about, or witness images of, human suffering, on large and small scales, without bursting into tears or getting tense in your body.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, you are not alone. Quite the contrary, you are experiencing a place in your spiritual awareness that is common to seekers and those who walk the path of deliberate ascension or self-development. For much of my life my sensitive nature has been a source of both frustration and suffering, sometimes for me and sometimes for those around me. Being aware on a spiritual level may put you at ease while putting those around you on edge, making them feel as if the slightest conflict, criticism or stress will cause you greater upheaval and upset than it would cause them. It can be difficult to understand and more difficult to embrace, both from within and without.

By no means an expert, I nevertheless have found some tools and approaches that seem to benefit both myself and my loved ones, whether they are folks who embrace spiritual awareness or not.

My number one piece of practical advice is a simple one, yet may be hard to implement as it can require some level of sacrifice and change on your part. It is to surround yourself, at all times if possible, with positive and uplifiting messages. This can be as easy as posting uplifting quotes on posters around your home or as involved as limiting what books, newspapers and television programs you expose yourself to.

This approach works and will benefit you as much as you take the time to focus on it. It will not lessen your sensitivities. It will lessen your distractions and allow you to focus on the inner peace and human compassion that you have within you. In the process it may just help to clear some mental clutter from your loved ones as well.

But, for you to free yourself of all negative messages, you must also be willing to free yourself of negative entanglements and relationships. Anything that makes you feel more negative than it does positive, be it a job, a family connection or a personal habit, is something that you would do better without, both energetically and psychologically.

What makes a zen master impeccable? It is their absolute dedication to the path of spiritual peace which they have chosen to walk. Nothing else is paramount to it. Your own peace is no less sacred and must be afforded the same reverence and preeminence if you are to use your awareness and its gifts to the best of your abilities.

Some may call this self-indulgence, and many have labeled it “escapism.” Yet those are their words for their external understanding (or mis-understanding) of something that is a deeply personal, internal experience. What bliss one follows comes from within, and any tool that allows more peace to flow into the world, through each individual’s free will, is a tool that is worthy of being tried. Peace is in every step, if the one walking the path chooses to embrace it.

Some ways that I have chosen to surround myself with positive messages:

1. There is no television in my home. We choose our viewing selectively, purchasing or downloading movies, documentaries and news programs that we feel attuned to and enriched by.

2. Our phones, generally internet based, often are not set to ring but, instead, go to voicemail, where messages and their energy can be accessed at times we feel are appropriate.

3. Family members and old friends who live in a loop of self-created negativity or who are critical of our beliefs/relationship/diet/lifestyle are no longer contacted or communicated with, but have been let go with a peaceful and loving heart to follow their own bliss as they choose. Our caring for them is not lessened, though not all of them may see it this way.

4. Songs, books, artwork etc., that have negative undertones or bring up negative memories, are being slowly removed from our walls/iPods/bookshelves etc…

5. Foods which lead to ill health, tiredness or gluttony (Mmmm, pasta…) have been minimized, though not ruthlessly axed, in our diets.

6. When myself, or my lovely husband, have a negative thought, regretful or otherwise, the other does their best to bring them out of it. We remind each other of our positive intentions, our true existence as a divine piece of the Universe and the power of positive thinking, (ie. The Law of Attraction.)

7. I try to spend some time every day in meditation, whether by breath, mantra or visualization.

8. I am aiming to read, or listen to, the soothing words of a monk, guru, priestess or wise person for a few minutes every day. On the days that I do this it often sets the tone for the ensuing hours. :)

What experiences have you had with increased sensitivity and bringing positive messages into your everyday life? Do you have more suggestions?

  • Naia McCoy

    I meditate in the garden in the mornings…with the background singing of a mockingbird and the blessed bees going about their busy work! When I spend time in the garden>I become in tune with God and harmony.

    • Mathew

      I love listening to bees & the birds myself, it’s quieting!!

  • Mathew

    Sitting quietly & imagining that I’m the whole of existence itself or imagining that I’m an insect or a bird flying about & so on.
    I sometimes dream that I’m some sort of an animal & wake up quite positive & alert.
    Most of the positive message thing I have been doing for a while now, it’s amazing how I did this with no fuss.