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Animals As Empaths

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.”
~ George Eliot, a.k.a. Mary Anne Evans, British Novelist

Fun With A Pet

As an empath and intuitive it gives me a little chuckle to notice that same gift in animals.

My cat is one of those elements of nature that constantly reminds me of the predominance of feelings as a mode of communication instead of words.

When she is in the same room as me and I think a positive thought she begins purring.

When she is in the same room as me and I think a negative thought she often gets up and leaves.

When I hurt myself, such as stub a toe or prick my finger while sewing, she comes running from anywhere in the house, sits at my feet and meows.

She’s just making sure that I am okay.

A recently publicized case of an empathic animal is that of Oscar that cat who resides in a Rhode Island nursing home.

Oscar’s regular job is to be a companion to the many residents who live in the home, providing companionship and entertainment (as all cats do.)

But he has also been widely noted for his continuing ability to “predict” death before it occurs. When Oscar senses that a patient is about to die, he … Continue reading →