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Animals As Empaths

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.”
~ George Eliot, a.k.a. Mary Anne Evans, British Novelist

Fun With A Pet

As an empath and intuitive it gives me a little chuckle to notice that same gift in animals.

My cat is one of those elements of nature that constantly reminds me of the predominance of feelings as a mode of communication instead of words.

When she is in the same room as me and I think a positive thought she begins purring.

When she is in the same room as me and I think a negative thought she often gets up and leaves.

When I hurt myself, such as stub a toe or prick my finger while sewing, she comes running from anywhere in the house, sits at my feet and meows.

She’s just making sure that I am okay.

A recently publicized case of an empathic animal is that of Oscar that cat who resides in a Rhode Island nursing home.

Oscar’s regular job is to be a companion to the many residents who live in the home, providing companionship and entertainment (as all cats do.)

But he has also been widely noted for his continuing ability to “predict” death before it occurs. When Oscar senses that a patient is about to die, he curls up next to them in bed and refuses to leave their side.

One doctor was so moved by the accuracy of Oscar’s seeming prediction that he actually wrote about the animal in a prestigious medical journal.

The experts who have been commenting on Oscar’s story in the press think that Oscar must be reacting to chemicals given off by the body as the organs shut down or that he is simply responding to the changes in behavior that people often have around someone that they believe to be dying.

According to my guide Gretchen this is not how Oscar, or any other animal, senses the onset of death.

The animal is living in the same reality as you. The animal however sees a different portion of this reality than most humans are able to.

What you see is certainly not what they see.

Animals see in vibration, in energy form.

Yes death gives off a subtle chemical smell which some animals can surely recognize.

But what this cat is doing is viewing the energy body, the soul element of the individual, beginning to rise above and separate from the physical vehicle.

He is seeing the release and the crossing into eternal light, the realm of Oneness.”

Maybe Oscar is attracted to this energy, maybe that release vibrates in tune with his own vibration.

Or perhaps he is letting his purring lull these departing individuals into a peaceful sleeping death.

Undoubtedly, just as my cat comes running when I stub my toe, Oscar simply sees this final gift as another part of his duties as companion and healer to the residents of the home.

One thing we can be sure of is that animals are sensitive in ways that we cannot imagine or understand.

In some ways they are closer to the truth of vibration and manifestation than we humans are.

Perhaps it should really say something that my cat gets up and leaves the room when I have a negative thought.

Could it be that she is more in tune with the effects that these thoughts have on life and health and does not want to be around such low-vibration thinking?

I believe so.

So if you love your pets, as they love you, think positive thoughts.

It makes us all happier.