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Voice of Peace, Within You

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”


Leverett Peace Pagoda

No one person, place or thing in this life is constant perfection. There is ebb and flow, give and take, constant change in all things.

Living in balance with the disappointment that we feel in any one particular moment of our life is the challenge that we all face as walkers on the path toward connection with spirit.

Remembering our true divine nature, even amidst the ravages of the modern world, is the compass that will guide us to a steady stride on a wobbly path. We have all chosen to incarnate NOW, here in THIS body, in THIS life.

The WHY is not a quest, it is a process. Living to our highest capability, with the most open and loving heart that we can, at all times, is the only thing that will bring us to the answer. And the answer WILL come, at the end of a life well-lived.

Only then can we know the true value of the grievances and graces that have been bestowed upon us by our creator/creatrix, the ALL consciousness that is universal love and awareness.

What guides us is our connection to that divinity, a connection which we each possess, every moment of our life. Nothing external, or internal for that matter, can diminish this sacred connection. All that is diminished is our AWARENESS of the divine connection.

How can we maintain this awareness? How can we be divine even in the most harrowing of moments? By consulting our own inner compass. By checking in with that small, honest voice inside of ourself. This is the spirit, the heart, the higher self, whatever you wish to call it.

This voice of truth, of universal love and spirit is always with us, always speaking. The trouble in hearing it lies only in remembering to listen.

This voice does not have any connection at all to the Ego, that self-preserving, self-aggrandizing voice that comes installed along with our physical body. This “Ego” is a standard option, one that we don’t necessarily ask for but which, nevertheless, we become dependent upon once we start driving the car, so to speak.

True inner voice speaks in tender ways. It is a gentle guide. It does not scream “No!” at us from every corner. True inner voice does not chastise or seek to employ fear as a means of manipulating decision-making.

True self, the inner compass, remains constant and balanced at all times. It is the conscience observer, the neutral witness to all the happenings on the path of your life.

It can understand how YOU think of things as negative or positive, but IT does not hold opinions such as these.

The inner compass can see the benefit in all things, can remain calm and still, remain whole, even when events transpire that attempt to rip the “self” -the Ego- in pieces.

This is why learning to listen, to tap into the voice of the inner compass is so central to spiritual development. Our seeking may be outward but, on a spiritual path, our answers lie inward.

When we act from Ego, without giving the true inner compass a say in proceedings, we are never sure of ourself, never know if the step we are about to take is the right step. Self-doubt, naturally, ensues.

But imagine if you could call on a friend, someone that you think of as wise and fair. Imagine being able to always have an objective opinion, uncolored by desire or emotion, someone who could give you a balanced, unbiased point-of-view on every decision that you were faced with. (A friend who never says “I told you so.”)

That would be so comforting, wouldn’t it? You would feel so much more secure in your decisions then.

Well luckily you have a friend like that, and I do, everyone does. It is the true self, the inner voice, the spirit compass. We can choose to let it guide us any day, in any situation, and it will.

STOP, for a flash of a moment, the troubles (whatever they may be) that are reeling around in your conscious, Ego-centered mind. Let the subtle, true voice of your inner compass say a line. Let the spiritual observer speak for just half of a half of moment.

That one line from your inner self may very well change circumstances, and point your energies in a whole new direction. A direction of peace and acceptance, a realization of the opportunities and options that the universe has laid before you.

Herein lies the lessons that you chose for your delicate soul in this physical plane. Take that inner peace and accept the true value of it.

That is the basis of freedom from suffering.

  • TusitalaTom

    ‘The Voice of Peace Within You’ holds a very profound message for all. With a will, everyone can tap into it. In crises it will speak, if you can only quieten your ego-mind enough to hear it. And if you’re really serious about your spiritual development, it will be there for you whenever and wherever you want to hear it.
    A very well written piece. Let us hope more people read it and understand its worth.