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Time As A Spiral

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”
~ Albert Einstein, Physicist & All-Around Genius

Time Spiral

Channeling From the Universe:

If you watch time you will see that it is not a line or a layer cake but a spiral, long and winding, unending ever-repeating.

What is the spiral is the energy of creation and manifestation, the ebb and flow of all energies, all form.

What comes once will come again, and an opportunity missed will be offered once more, in time.

When you see time as a line you limit your self-perception and make your separation from the source even more definite.

When you embrace nature and time as the spirals for which they truly are you may be free from fear and worry, you may relinquish both desire and regret.

For what can be wrong in the spiral?

What is, simply is, and all is repeated so long as the energy vibration of their existence is present in the existence of All.

As each thing is born and dies, and yet is ever-present in one form or another, never truly GONE or DISSOLVED, the only way that a thing may not recur in the spiral is for it to be transmuted.

Nothing can be ended per se, only changed at the core essence and thence become something else.

If we do not manifest that which we desire at some point in time and yet find that we somehow are never given the opportunity again at another point in time, the only answer must be that we have manifested it in its transmuted state, as another thing.

Perhaps it may have been unrecognizable from its perceived essence and yet, nevertheless, we have accepted it into our life and it has played its role for us in transmuted form.

Thus all thought is manifestation and to bring light we must think light.

Only our actions, our energy and our thoughts have the power to transmute, to make darkness into light.

And if you cannot think it, cannot believe it in your core spirit essence, then it simply cannot be.