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Fresh Channeling: The Law of Attraction

“A man is what he thinks about all day long.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson, 19th-century Essayist & Poet

Sending out Thoughts

This channeling is fresh, from my secondary guide Astra. Astra is ascended and has a unique way of keying into popular topics in order to deliver universal insights that are timely. This one is a little brief but very informational.


I want to talk to you about the cause and effect of your thought upon your path. I can’t say that this is the “Law of Attraction” per se but is more like the law of opposites. What you think you make that is well known but what folks don’t recognize is the opposite truth that accompanies that: what you don’t think you don’t make. Don’t think about negative things and they will have a harder time manifesting in your life. The same is true for positive things.

Sometimes people say be in “the now” as if thinking about the future is a bad thing, or a waste of time. What is bad about not being in the now is the dwelling on the past. In your place and in your realm of existence the past is not changeable so why dwell on it? Sometimes you must face it and change it’s effects in your mind (if not in reality) in order to progress beyond some of its programming, but in general the past is just that…passed.

Back to the real reason for my visit to you today. The law of opposites is that you must be in the now, experiencing it fully, in order to maintain happiness but in order to make your tomorrow contain what joys you want it to contain you must think about it, you must empower it with positivity to call out to the universe your intent to have that positivity in your life. That which you don’t think about, and don’t empower, doesn’t happen.

It is the manner of your thinking about it that matters most… Don’t think “I want” don’t think “I need” just think “I will”. If you sit around in a brooding and longing fashion thinking about what you don’t have or what is impossible then it is impossible for you to have anything but continued longing, it is a wistfulness, almost like a nostalgia for the future if you get my drift. Nostalgia is a longing for what is lost, wistful longing is basically a longing for a future that you see as lost. Get it?

Instead think that exactly what you want to happen will happen. It is not just about thinking a thing and then it goes out and becomes an intention and the universe just delivers…it is about BELIEVING a thing, about putting the energy behind it that says “Here this is an intention already. Now, it WILL be.” And it is about not negating the thought with dismissal or banishment, “Oh that is basically impossible.” or “Gosh I doubt that will ever happen.” You do not get a beneficial response from the universe by challenging it to a duel. “I bet you can’t make this happen” will not get the universe to respond with “Oh yes I can, watch me.” The universe is highly evolved, far beyond your conceptualization and it is not a ten year old human child.

The universe has a creative life force tendency to ignore negatives, or more particular to turn them into positives but it is also unpredictable in how it applies this tendency. So speak to it in affirmatives, in positives and you are already on its wavelength, thus leaving more energy behind your thought to feed the intention and make it stronger.

I know that all that you can think, you can create. But working in a respectful way towards that universe, towards the life force and towards your own self is the best policy for achieving the best means.

The law of attraction is a only a part of a much larger set of concepts, of principles for creating absolute happiness, absolute spiritual achievement on this plane of existence. By understanding fully the whole of each concept, we as spiritual beings can better understand how best to function in a physical reality. The Kybalion gives you a more complete set of principles and if you wish to know more about how you are indeed a part of the divine whole, give it a read online.

Keep looking forward but keep being NOW, keep connecting to all life and what you desire will come. I guarantee it!